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Beth Israel

Undue stress is a dirty old thing, but damn it if it doesn’t keep getting younger. Kids are feeling the effects of stress more than we think. Luckily we have a superpower for that! Well, we have yoga. And awesomely it also helps get kids moving, get them focused and get them feeling altogether better [...]


Fashionista and longtime yogi, Donna Karan, has made it her mission for over a decade to help usher in holistic wellness to the medical world. When she lost her husband in 2001 to lung cancer DK was inspired to build a program that fostered support and care for patients not just with technology, but with something [...]


We’ve seen countless reports on what yoga can do for people with so many different conditions and dis-eases. New York’s Beth Israel hospital was so convinced of yoga’s healing power they set up a Zen wing! (courtesy of Donna Karan and Urban Zen). Cancer patients are offered recovery techniques like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, reiki, and [...]


Just when fatwas were getting you down…good news! Sorry for the lengthy post…but it’s good news! We need good news! The NY Times reports today that Donna Karan (yep the DKNY fashion designer Donna Karan) is donating $850,000 to Beth Israel Hospital in New York City and taking over the cancer-treatment floor to turn it into [...]