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Bernadette Birney

With official correspondence silenced and the Anusara news front eerily quiet the past week or so, murmurs are still being heard from corners of the interwebs where pockets of yoga teachers (some still Anusara-licensed, some not) are gathering to talk next steps, as well as sharing true confessions of their experiences, whether or good or bad.


Two letters have gone out to the Anusara community over the last 24 hours. One is from “founder, student and teacher” no-longer CEO John Friend describing the reorganization of Anusara, Inc., with an introduction to new CEO Michal Lichtman, while the other is from Mrs. Lichtman herself.


Amidst the allegations, the apologies, the assumptions and awkwardness of business as usual, Anusara teachers are finding their voice and many are speaking out to express their disappointment, sadness and, for these teachers, their resignation. Noah Maze, Bernadette Birney, and others follow the early departures of Christina Sell, Elena Brower, Darren Rhodes, Amy Ippoliti who resigned a few months ago before the sexual misconduct or accusations of corruption came to light.