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When many new health trends help you detox this one encourages the opposite. We can’t even blame America for this. Well, not entirely. More on that in a minute. BeerYoga, or rather BierYoga, is not the yoga in a brewery craze you’ve seen frothing up everywhere. Nope. It’s yoga with beer. And if you haven’t [...]


The moment we know you’ve all been waiting for…Super Bowl ads are here! Already hopping on the yoga boat is none other than Michelob Ultra in their new ad spot called “Breathe.” Yeah, we were wondering wth ourselves, but as a low-cal light beer, they’ve always tried to appeal to the young “fit” crowd with [...]


Bottoms up: a yoga instruction or drinking term? Or both? In the case of Smart Beer, New York State’s very first certified organic, non-GMO beer, it may very well be the latter, because…wait, what? It’s taken THIS long for NY to have an organic beer? For shame. Anyway, now we have one. This is sort [...]


Is it hot in here? If you would’ve asked our 90s teenage selves what we thought then boy band 98 Degrees would be doing in 2015, leading a hot yoga class would not have even made “the hardest thing” list. And yet, there they are, the Lacheys – Nick and Drew, half of 98 Degrees [...]


And then Lululemon put out their own branded beer. Why? With all the company blunders, public gaffes and marketing eff ups, we guess they figured why the hell not? Debuting this summer, Curiosity Lager a “crisp, bold session lager” (4.6% ABV) is Lulu’s first foray into the craft beer market. “Just because you’re a yogi, doesn’t [...]


Need beer after yoga, but no way to carry it? We’ve got your solution! Sure it looks like a yoga mat bag, but unzip and  – surprise! – it’s actually a cooler for six cans of ice cold beer to enjoy with your friends (or, you know, by yourself…it’s been a long week.) Created by [...]


It’s a time for celebration! The summer is officially here and with July 4th festivities upon us, we thought we’d send out a few suggestions and safety tips to remember when practicing your yoga during the holiday weekend.


It’s summer, it’s hot out and you’re craving a cold one. But FIRST, yoga. THEN beer. There’s a class for that™ – our new catchphrase for all the crazy yoga+ everything-you-could-ever-think-of combos springing up all over the place. For instance, when you want beer AND yoga, just go to a brewery! Yoga, it’s not just [...]


While beer makers are battling it out over the use of ‘Namaste’ we at YD Brewery got inspired to come up with a few new yoga-inspired brews of the bubbly. Here are 6 new craft beers we expect to be coming to your microbrew pub/yoga studio very soon! (Thanks in part to creative and crafty [...]