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You may be having your own issues with the new $400 shoes from the prodigal sons of basketball, but the owner of a yoga studio in Canada is claiming they ripped her off…by stealing her logo design. Hana Engel, the owner of Modern Body yoga studio in Ottawa, says the Melo Ball 1 (the first [...]


Sure lots of pro athletes do yoga asanas, but how many meditate or consider themselves “mindful”…and are on a hot winning streak?

Enter the team with the best start to a season in any American professional sport ever! 2015 NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors.


LeBron James is teaching the youth all about the yog. LeBron, known to us as LeBrogi, seems he’s been keeping up with his Lebroga, and he’s been teaching it to the kids, too. (And by kids we mean up-and-coming basketballers, as well as some lucky little mini pre-adults.) According to Isaiah Taylor, a talented athlete [...]


In case there was any confusion, men practice yoga, too. And we’d be willing to bet there’s a bunch of skeptical guys out there who have tried yoga simply because they’d heard some of their favorite professional athletes have taken to the practice to better their game, as well as their bodies, their minds and [...]


In the latest round of yoga in sports news, Iowa State is next to incorporate yoga into their basketball team’s pre-season training. Granted, yoga in sports is nothing new, but it does elevate our prana to see more and more athletes enjoy the benefits of the practice. Coaches are always looking to keep pre-season training [...]


Basketball players do yoga, too! Have you been following the NBA Finals, Miami Heat versus San Antonio Spurs? Admittedly we’re not diehard sports fans, but there’s something about the championships that have us peeking over our b-ball loving friends’ shoulders to sneak a glimpse of what all the fuss is about. Also, we want to [...]


The Michigan Wolverines are favored to win against the Nittany Lions in the opening-round Big Ten Tournament game happening this afternoon, but Penn State did yoga the other day, so the ball is up in the air! Penn State’s Pat Chambers is a big believer in staying in the moment, he says. A helpful tactic when your season [...]


Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett is known for his passion and maybe even being “pathologically intense” on the court. And now, yoga. The almost 7 foot, 15-time NBA All-Star says he’s always been pretty flexible and certainly energetic, but yoga helped him harness it all and focus. “I was pretty decent when it came [...]


New York Knicks’ Kurt Thomas isn’t just the oldest player in the NBA, he might be the coolest on the court thanks to yoga. Known for tough defense, the 40-year-old, 6-foot-9 power forward is “a rebounder and a hustler” says our home office basketball expert who told us we can quote him. What does Thomas credit for playing strong in his 17-year career of hard-boiled hustle skills? Yoga!