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It’s no coincidence that it’s been 108 years since the Cubs won a pennant. The number is as sacred as it gets. As Grant DePorter pointed out in a Sept. 23 Chicago Sun Times column, there are a weird amount of 108 coincidences with the Cubs:


From Texas Rangers to Boston Red Sox, Robbie Ross the 25-year-old left-handed pitcher got the news he was traded to another team right in the middle of yoga class. Did you catch that? (pun intended) Two things: Firstly, Robbie Ross is a young pitcher who enjoys the benefits of yoga which is super cool. Secondly, he [...]


This is not the first yoga pitch we were waiting for, (was anyone waiting for it?) but no doubt it’s weird and interesting, and pretty uncomfortable. Honestly, we saw this in our news feed and ignored it long enough and finally had to watch it. “Striptease”? “Suggestive moves”? “Yoga”? All more than questionable, but one [...]


What happens when two baseball teams playing each other in the World Series both have classy branded yoga pants AND yoga classes inside their stadiums? A right yoga rivalry! It’s true, both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox have offered yoga in their home stadiums and shwaggy yoga pants. BUT, will that have [...]


“Ever dream about taking a Yoga class at America’s Most Beloved ballpark?” the FenwaYoga website asks. Well, no, but now that you mention it, maybe? Buy us some peanuts and cracker jack and you got yourself a deal. We admit we’re by no means avid baseball fans but we do appreciate yoga for a good cause. [...]


Take me out to the ball game. But first! Yoga practice, boys. Line ’em up. Before all the swing batta battas and peanuts and crackerjacks, the Oakland A’s do their pre-season yoga practice. Even manager Bob Melvin joins in as evidenced by this short video clip (Bob is somewhere in the second row). Yoga in [...]

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hey! If we told you there was a chance you could meet superstar LA Dodger outfielder Andre Ethier, practice yoga with him and get your own Dodgers yoga mat would you pay $100 for it? We received an email from the head office of the LA Dodgers and are feeling super cool and sporty, and [...]


It’s true, we’re yogadorks, not sports dorks, but we can’t help get excited about America’s favorite pastime, youtube baseball! Well, we mean especially now that the LA Dodgers have added yoga to their spring training. And who do we have to thank for his? Er, the mainstream? Trainer Stan Conte said that if he had [...]


Hey now, we got all excited yesterday about yogis in the Superbowl and today comes news of yoga in baseball! Russell Martin is catcher for the LA Dodgers and new yoga convert: “I’ve never felt better,” he said. Fear not baseball fans, the soon-to-be 26-year-old isn’t planning to trade in the tools of ignorance behind [...]