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Baba Ramdev

What good is history if we can’t learn from it, right? Lots of experts, and non-perts, are pontificating on comparisons of today’s financial meltdown to 1930’s Depression Era America. And they’re finding plenty of similarities in the political and financial departments – big banks, bubbles, unemployment, New Deals – but what of the nation’s health?  [...]


Yoga Day Canada, Feb 28: Well it doesn’t quite have the ring of Yoga Day USA, but yogadorks of the great white north can still have their own day of yoga awareness and free studio marketing too. Indeed, Yoga Day Canada 2009 is set for this Saturday February 28. Hadn’t heard about it? No worries, [...]


India Wins Big at the Oscars! Winning top awards in Best Director, Best Original Score AND Song, and the coveted Best Picture category, a total of 8 statues for the fantastic flick Slumdog Millionaire. In his acceptance speech for Best Sound Mixing, Resul Pookutty gave thanks, “I come from a country and a civilization that [...]


We were surprised to read Saturday that Ramdev was “joining the debate over Valentine’s Day,” mostly because we honestly weren’t aware of other countries’ outcry over the observance of Valentine’s Day, which all in all seems to be a generally harmless, albeit “hallmark” holiday for lovin’ and lovers (singles may feel differently). Nevertheless India’s yoga [...]

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In light of recent yoga ban news in Indonesia, the world’s foremost yog spokesguru Swami Ramdev has been quoted in his support of a non-religion encroaching practice. While some Islamic scholars and government officials say just do yoga without the chanting, Ramdev goes the fill-in-the-blank route: Yoga guru Swami Ramdev had earlier said that one [...]


There are some lucky city workers up in Attleboro, MA! (well, we’re not sure they think so, but aanyway…) The state has given the Department of Public Health a $4,000 grant to fund exercise programs, and over 50 percent of the workers surveyed suggested yoga! The $4,000 award from the Department of Public Health is [...]

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Wasn’t Swamster Ramdev just in the news about keeping his yog out of poilitics? Right, so, in his response to the attacks on Mumbai Baba Ramdev declares the tragedy worse than 9/11 and urges retaliation attacks on Pakistan. “If Government has no funds for the war against Pakistan, I will collect it,” he said. Oh good, because if we’ve learned anything about [...]


Big News from Mumbai: TV just won’t cut it anymore folks, famed Yoga-Televangelist Baba Ramdev has taken to the internets! It’s no surprise Ramdev is, like many other yogis, finally beginning to grasp the internet as an auspicious means of communicating the yog. We already got a taste of the swamster’s geek-smarts with that Google billboard ad, and now he’s gone and released every bit of [...]


Yoga Balls in the Classroom: Lucky kids! Minnesota middle schoolers are benefiting from research concluding that students have better memory and retention when movement is part of the curriculum. Instead of chairs they sit on balance balls! Meanwhile, we eagerly await the yoga-in-the-classroom research. [Star Tribune] Bikram Endorses CA Desert: In an apparent effort to outdo Swami [...]

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