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Helpful tips and important points to remember post-Hurricane Sandy and every day this Autumn season. by Jillian Pransky Tragedy, disaster, our deepest challenges, leave us feeling strangely present. They force us to stop, immediately. Seizing our attention. Convincing us, instantly, to open our eyes, ears, mind and eventually our hearts. Oddly, this is very similar [...]


As doctors, healers and delegates from all over the world gather together for the 4th annual World Ayurveda Congress & Expo in Bangalore this Thursday, December 9th, we have to wonder, should we be preparing ayurvedadork.com? Ayurveda, literally “science of life” in sanskrit, grew its roots thousands of years ago in, seeping into the Western [...]


News from New Delhi, India: Presenting…Planet Health! A yoga museum? Yes, a yoga museum! It’s actually a fully-dressed health museum designed to promote natural ways of healing like yoga and ayurveda, in entertaining digital-interactive form. Because learning about health is boring! Why study lamo texts when you can go explore digitized representations of yoga mudras [...]


While many Western yogis perish the thought of locking down an absolute definition of yoga – why pigeon hole the practice as physical, spiritual, or religious? And discount all the crazy hybrids and spin-offs with rollerblades and 105 degree heat franchise opportunities? Not a chance! Also, that government licensing issue gets pretty sticky when we [...]


Persevering in Preservation: In continued a effort to effectively preserve the booty of Indian culture, from pillaging pirates of the West, the event, er the four-day mega event called ‘Arogya Mela’  is underway in Ludhiana, India. For the second year in a row, the fair is intended to promote awareness of traditional Indian medicine systems, including [...]


Being yogis we’re familiar with the idea of detoxification or cleansing the body of toxins – we feel like we do it every time we practice – and everyone should be familiar with it each time they go to the bathroom! (sorry to get a little gross there). Obviously there are natural cleansing procedures doing [...]

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Alan Finger has a long history in the yoga world as one of the founders of YogaWorks and creator of his own style of yoga called Ishta. And so it is no big surprise that he has made the move to open a brand new studio, naming it after his own method. Ishta is described [...]

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