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Ava Taylor

Has your curiosity been piqued by the latest Yoga TV show news? Perhaps you’ve already answered the casting call and sent in your head shot (they have guest yogis as part of each episode). Sadie Nardini, star of new show “Rock Your Yoga” on the Veria Living network, connected with Jenn Pesce over email to talk about the new show and just what sort of ‘reailty’ TV rockingness this is all about.


Can yoga teachers make a living? Ha, what a silly question. Oh, you’re not charging $400 a session? $2000 for a 5-pack? That’s how much private yoga with


Read our first article for YogaCityNYC! A little slice of YAMA pie. Not familiar? Read on, yogadorks…and check out related links below. It’s ethical discipline you say! One of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, the ‘Ren’ to niyama’s ‘Stimpy’.  It’s also known as the god of death: the postmortem judge of nobility, ethics and [...]