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There’s a great story out of Boulder, CO about yoga being used as a tool to help kids in the autism spectrum. We’ve seen yoga play a therapeutic role for people living with a variety of conditions from cancer survivors to rehabilitating vets to stressed out teenagers. Yes, yoga is for kids, too!


As an update to our post on Yoga for Autism, our favorite specific needs yoga heroes at ARedLotus kindly alerted us to special yoga teacher trainings for special needs kids. If you ask us, these trainings are particularly good because they focus on working with a specific population, and can really help fine tune your [...]


There’s a theme this week and we’re gonna go with it. Our hearts are already feeling pretty toasty. Whether you’re a parent, have a family member, or know someone who’s been diagnosed, we can bet you realize living with Autism can be a bumpy ride laden with obstacles. And we’re pretty sure most of you [...]


Jenny McCarthy’s been touring the press rounds this week in promotion of her new book, “Healing and Preventing Autism,”  a subject matter both personal (her son was diagnosed) and seriously pertinent to many other parents out there.  But what everyone really wants to know is,  how does she keep her buff bunny bod?? What does [...]


In the form of donations to charity or remarkable efforts for people with special needs, we feel it’s important to recognize the work of karma yoga in action. Here are just a few of the recent stories deserving of the honorable spotlight in the past week. Connecticut: Greenwich Yoga is kicking off its new series [...]