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Atlas Shrugged

Stephen Colbert, on ‘The Colbert Report’ gives a tip of the hat to Lululemon over the Ayn Rand predic-ridic-ament. This is pretty priceless if you appreciate a bit of poking fun. Nation, with Lululemon’s endorsement it won’t be long before Ayn Rand’s philosophy makes its way into yoga classes across the country and we start [...]


The Ayn Rand/Lululemon predic-ridic-ament is gathering steam, with people in the yoga world outraged (and probably the same amount unfazed) over the “Who is John Galt?” shopping bags and subsequent alignment with what some deem controversial, or “non-yoga” philosophies. The quote is from Rand’s 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged, which is considered by some as the “bible [...]


The seasons change, our down dog evolves (always…what is the deal?) and yet Lululemon just downright refuses to cease in their mission of ruckus-causing and awkward affirmation-making. Tis the quest for greatness. Goals do not die easy! This time, with a literal attack on the antagonistic of mediocrity, Lulu has launched another controversial ship into [...]