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Ambassador: am·bas·sa·dor ; noun: an authorized messenger or representative. Eat your heart of Lululemon, Athleta just announced their new list of sponsored athletes for 2013. Normally, we don’t give a flying crow about these sorts of things, but sprinkled in the group of swimmers, climbers and ‘fitness enthusiasts’ we found 94-year-old yoga heroine Tao Porchon-Lynch, who, we might add, has been having [...]


Athleta is quickly closing the gap on Lululemon (pun absolutely intended). Athleta, the company adopted four years ago for $150 million as the down dogging leg of big poppa Gap Inc. is steadily closing in on butt-snuggling, wallet-slimming Lululemon’s turf. Not only are prices cheaper than the luon-y competitor, Athleta is pulling a single white female and stalking the hell out of the yoga chain.


Manhattan’s Upper West Side welcomed it’s very first Athleta store this week (just a few blocks up from Lululemon), and the Upper East Side gets its very own as well. Fancy! If you didn’t know, Athleta a San Francisco based company was snapped up by Gap, Inc. just about 3 years ago and has been [...]


Uh oh. We saw this coming! Gap Inc. is setting its sights on conquering Lulumania! That monster clothing chain we oft love to hate, hate to love, acquired fitness clothing co. Athleta two years ago-ish (for $150 million), causing a bit of an ‘oh dear’ across the market. Until now, Athleta was strictly online retail [...]


Lulu lollies what is the deal? You are NOT getting NAKED ENOUGH! Alert! Despite being up today, Lululemon stock has received a “distressing” two-star rating! That’s not so good, Al. Just a few months back investors were singing the shiny happy praises of the overpriced yoga outfitter. Oh, but that was such a long time [...]


“Everybody remain calm. Our comfy, stretchy yoga pants are here. Our guru thinks you’re lulu if you spend $90 for yoga pants.” POW right in the kisser. Kind of a playful little ad, no?  “Go Yoga-ing” is all fun and bouncy, makes us feel like  “Go Spelunking” or something. The ad falls in line with [...]


Because of the swift slope of the economy, it’s no surprise profits are down, even Lululemon’s, but the yoga/activewear market still seems to be sprouting. With more people super stressing out in a recession, it appears yoga is the soother of choice.  But it’s a funny thing, “activewear” retailers don’t really have to depend on [...]


We learned a few weeks ago that Gap Inc. announced plans to buy Athleta Inc. for $150 million cash, subsequently validating the yoga/fitness apparel niche market. Since then we’ve discovered that perhaps things could have been very different. We surmised that Gap must’ve considered Lulu in its deliberations and perhaps even approached them. As it turns out Lululemon was actually getting pretty [...]


The active wear market is on fire! And now the big kids are coming out to play. Looking to break into the $31-billion market, Gap Inc. has announced plans to buy Athleta Inc. for $150 million, a bargain when you consider how much cash they can end up making in this deal. And since Athleta has been around for 11 years [...]