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Ashley Turner

It’s when yogis get locked into the museum after hours and all the animals and exhibits come to life and wreak harmony in artifactual yoga! Just kidding. It’s yoga at some of the coolest museums in the country led by some of the name-droppingest yoga teachers of today. Hosted by none other than Flavorpill, the [...]


Hey YD-ers, Wanderlust is back! We didn’t get out there ourselves last year to the Music and Yoga bonanza, but we did get to giveaway tickets and send the amazing Miss Kia as a correspondent! (check out her Wanderlust ’09 page full of recaps and pics!) Well, we have news: the 2010 lineup has just [...]

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And now for another installment of Good idea/Bad idea? We mentioned the newly founded YAMA (Yoga Artist Management Agency) back when it was just a murmur, a side note on a press release. Well, the babe has been birthed! With a fancy new website and full roster of yogis, yoginis, and yogapreneurs alike, YAMA a [...]


Why hasn’t anyone done this before? Yogamatic, the crew behind the customizable yoga mats have come up with an all-star video series, a “yogamentary” called “POSERS: Yogastyles of the Movers and Shakers” in which they grill celebriyogis like Michelle Branch, Mariel Hemingway and LA “Yoga King” Vinnie Marino with the eternal questions: “What defines your [...]


Not content with competing on price point alone in the yoga garb race, Gap Inc. is ready to take a bite out of the “free yoga” in-store lulu model. Pretty soon all they’ll have is obnoxious window displays to set them apart! Oh and creepy training. In a move to become even more of a [...]


So much hard hitting news this past week, we’re kind of overwhelmed, and distracted. So…ah, what’s going on this weekend? If you’re in NY you may be aware of a little thing called the Yoga Journal Conference, which started today and is om-ing on through Monday the 18th. While we are in NY and are [...]

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