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Ashley Dupre

Oh sure it’s the first day of Autumn, but bet you didn’t know this was pseudo-celebriyogi awareness day! Some may remember Ashley Dupre and her scandalous business dealings with ex-NYC gov Elliot Spitzer, but that’s all in the past. Ms. Dupre is living in the PRESENT, now that she’s found yoga salvation with help from [...]


Welcome back from the lonng weekend! Here’s some celebriyogi goop to start your short week off right. Oh you remember Sarah Larson right? The lucky Vegas waitress who dapper moviestar George Clooney swept off her feet and then dumped just as swiftly. sniff. Anyway, who cares about all that, she’s so over him and has [...]


NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer’s  scandalous call girl, Ashley Dupre, was charging the obscene sum of $4,000 an hour for services at the height of her prostitution career. But those hard-living street days are long gone, thanks to yoga, and Celebriyogi mentoring from Russell Simmons! “The past year has obviously been very difficult for me,” Dupre [...]

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