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Aseem Shukla

Oh so much fuss! Who owns yoga? Who will save yoga? Who will stop yoga demons from taking over the world? Holy Hanuman! Do we even know what we’re talking about anymore? Jeepers. The latest yoga article in The New York Times spotlights the newest stirrings in the “I had yoga first” historical debate. It’s [...]


And the dialogue continues! If you’re following along at home wellness superstar Deepak Chopra and Professor Aseem Shuklah have had some words about the origin/”theft” of yoga and its ties to Hinduism. Check out the earlier discussion to catch up.  Well, with Deepak all “Yoga isn’t Hindusim, and therefore not in bed with religion” etc [...]


Uh oh, it’s a rumble! Here’s the yoga beef: – Professor Aseem Shukla says: Yoga is Hindu, and it’s a total sham Western fools don’t recognize! – Deepak Chopra says: What you talkin’ bout, Shukla? Yoga did not originate in Hinduism, it’s so way older than that. If you haven’t read the comments over at [...]