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Friday is Inauguration Day . ::breathe in, breathe out:: We can still practice yoga. ::breathe in, breathe out:: We may NEED to practice yoga. ::breathe in, breathe out:: There’s a special yoga event happening in NYC for those who need yoga this Friday. ::breathe in, breathe out:: It’s called Swear In, Breathe Out* and it’s being held at the Rubin [...]


The top of the Empire State Building is famous for its specially themed lighting (green for St. Patrick’s Day, rainbow for Gay Pride, etc.) but recently we’ve been treated tp much more of a show, along with a deeper message. Last week, huge images of endangered animals were projected on the building’s facade as part [...]


A new way to recycle your old yoga mat? Make art! Alex Ebstein is an artist whose use of unconventional materials – such as yoga mats – to create her cut-out pieces is turning some headstands. Ebstein originally studied photography but after being diagnosed with uveitis, an inflammation of the eye which required multiple surgeries affecting [...]


Yoga on a cloud. Sounds pretty nice, right? This may be the most spatially conscious and curvaceously elevating yoga studio we’ve ever seen. Designed by the aptly named Clouds Architecture Office, CRS Studio in New York’s Union Square was transformed to create a yoga and meditation space with the feeling of floating in the heavens where [...]


We love finding art that gives us all the warm and fuzzy feels. And every once in a while we come across an artist’s work we love so much we have to share. Chicago artist Laura Berger illustrates beautiful and playful meditations on life’s whimsical moments. We happened upon her work while putzing around on Etsy and fell [...]


Because the Incredible (man) Hulk shouldn’t be the one having all the green yoga fun. There are definitely some days when we’re feeling She-Hulk-ish on the mat. Plus, now we can’t wait to finish our next practice with a powerful SMASHASANA! Thanks to illustrator Megan Levens for bringing She-Hulk the yogi to life. [h/t @ForYogi] [...]


What do you say, new addition to your fall fashion wardrobe? WANT! We found these down dogging kitty cat heels the only way one discovers hidden gems of interest and bizarrity, by randomly surfing the interwebs. The kitties are stretching and your toes and squooshing. Oh, the irony!   The purrrfectly named Miao 2010 were [...]


How does the Incredible Hulk relax back into human form? With yoga, of course! Funny, this is kind of how we feel after yoga practice. This super adorable Hulk Yoga poster is part of illustrator and comic artist Maris Wicks‘ superhero sports series. No prints are available online…yet, but you can get one from Wicks in person at one [...]


Haven’t made it to see Yoga: The Art of Transformation? After NYC and San Francisco, the exhibit is now at its third and final venue, the Cleveland Museum of Art. Whether you’ve had the pleasure of visiting or not, curators of the Smithsonian have put in some effort so we can experience the historical retrospective from [...]