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Art Yoga

Well here’s a fun find. Salvador Dali, a strapping fellow, just getting some work done at his human yogi desk, like he does. And no office is complete without an upside down human art sculpture to tie the room together. Was Dali a yogi? Some could argue his art was a transformational mind meld (melt?) [...]


And now the next episode from the Yogi’s Believe It Or Not bizarro bin! It’s Nathalie Djurberg’s “Snakes Know It’s Yoga” a claymation art installation with images that speak for their creatively freaky selves. It’s always interesting to see how yoga is used in art. This particular case has us fascinated and wincing in a [...]


Art Museums have always given us a sort of ethereal feel, being amidst the hard work and multitude of stories and history soaked into the canvas, it’s kind of like stepping into a thousand artsy brains in a time warp. (Far out, we know). Art is a transformative medium, one that is both reflective of [...]

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