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This post is by contributor Ben King, an Iraq War veteran who returned home in 2007. With his blog Armor Down, Ben began documenting his journey to finding relief from stress and physical discomfort through mindfulness and yoga. From armoring up his mind and body for war in the army to finding ways to armor [...]


But of course! It was meditation all along that will bring peace to the Middle East, not war! Alas, a kooky possibility? Yes we said it. But it’s only because of this article from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal about the Sola Yoga Project, started by Amandine Roche, a French aid worker who was briefly detained [...]


Hup two, breathe, three, four… In the Naaavvvvyyy. Yoga is. We keep hearing more stories about yoga in the military –added to basic training, integrated into rehabilitation programs – and it seems they’re getting really serious (uh, militant?) about it. Thanks to a tipster who gave us the heads up about this job posting. Not [...]


In case you were wondering, being a soldier ain’t easy! And this is before any kind of deployment into action to defend freedoms, with liberty and justice for all. You know the drill. Yes, drill sergeant! But for service men and women returning from duty it’s not only physical injuries they incur, but layers of [...]


Drop and give me 20 chaturangas! From the department of Yoga Isn’t for Wussies comes news that our very own US Military has adopted yoga as part of their new fitness regimen. Great! you say. Peaceful warriors! you cry. Well, kinda sorta. OK not exactly. Will the new recruits look less like Rocky Balboa wannabes [...]