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This video has come to our attention via several tipsters and we have reason to believe it is legit and worthy of viewing in light of recent events and pardon the expression, ongoing shitfest. The original source and interviewer is yet to be determined, but we’re told it was someone who worked for John Friend/Anusara [...]


What in the what. More Anusara scandal coverage? Yes. Because you’ll want to read this if you’ve been following along. Weeks ago The Washington Post published a very informative and in-depth look at the melted heart of Anusara and the fall of Padre Grande John Friend. Amidst the avalanche of media coverage this past week (NYMag, The Daily Beast, Texas Monthly) we felt it necessary to point your attention to this article by Manuel Roig-Franzia, who provides an outsider perspective by a non-yoga typey person.


Curtain up. Light the lights.* Sad about Anusaraland going down with the ship? Wipe your tears, magic kingdom fans, because Wanderlust LIVE sounds like the awe inspiring revamped, redux version, a la ‘Titanic’ 3D. Wanderlust Festival, a nationwide yoga and music bonanza and yogapop powerhouse now frolicking into its third year of festiveness, is taking up permanent residence in the blossoming yoga community of Austin, TX.


Look out world! Anusara Yoga Daddy John Friend is getting ready to launch the Neverland Ranch of Yoga Compounds – The Center for Anusara Yoga in Encinitas, California, coming Fall 2011! Huzzah! What does this mean? The eagle has landed! Eager travelers to the 8500 square foot center in the magical mysticalness of Encinitas will [...]