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by Kayleigh Miller Yoga offers a multitude of benefits to practitioners, from improvements in stress related health issues* to improved joint movement and strength, and potential changes in behaviors**. Both yoga and other movement styles can have a profound positive effect on the relationship between the brain, the body, and the somatosensory experience. To start [...]


How many times in your life have you been reminded or guided to “just take a deep breath” in a moment of panic, frustration, anger, pain, etc? As reassuring (or sometimes annoying) as this suggestion can be, there is a fundamental truth to this piece of advice on how we can calm ourselves down and sooth our nervous system in times of distress or strong emotional upwelling.


Is the first rule of Period Cramps don’t talk about Period Cramps? Maybe we don’t talk about them enough, but, oh, they are there. Like little miniature grape stompers gleefully going to town in your uterus. Besides cramps, periods are often associated with other aches and pains, especially in the lower back and pelvic regions. [...]


Movement frames much of our experience on Earth. We are constantly resisting the pull of gravity and making our way around the world to accomplish our tasks, whether that be taking a shower in the morning, training for a marathon or picking up a tired child to tuck them into bed. Our yoga practice challenges us to untangle the complicated strands of unconscious movement and then re-create a new normal


In today’s blog post I’d like to address this same alignment issue again, but this time from a surprisingly different perspective. Since the time that I wrote these two pieces, I have noticed that this pelvis-tucking message has grown much more widespread in the yoga community, which is a wonderful progressive step for us. However, this shift in perspective has brought with it a large population of yogis who are now taking a stand on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the original issue.


By Amanda Winkler Have you heard the old adage, “no pain, no gain”? This culturally pervasive idea has made its mark on virtually everything – our jobs, our personal lives and very prominently in the way we treat and move our bodies. If you don’t wake up the morning after an intense workout or practice [...]


by Lisa Sanson “Sitting is the new smoking”? Yes, I am suggesting that sitting negatively affects your deep low back muscle, the quadratus lumborum (QL), just as smoking negatively affects the lungs, and both can create dis-ease/disease in the body. In this analogy, the QL can be thought of as the lungs of the lower back. [...]


In any given yoga class, we are bound to practice an abundance of poses which stretch our hamstrings and relatively few that actually strengthen them. This rarely-discussed imbalance in yoga sequencing tends to occur for two main reasons.


by Timothy McCall, M.D. Despite having gone through medical school where I studied human anatomy intensely, did a month-long rotation on the orthopedics service and another month on rheumatology, I had no idea my spine was anything other than normal until I started to attend yoga classes. None of my professors, classmates or primary care [...]