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American Apparel

HOT Dog! Not only is yoga the new rehab, it’s the new sexy! Yep, once again American Apparel borrowed those sextastic yoga poses for their dance line (which you think doesn’t make sense until you realize yoga IS a dance. right? oh and because they don’t have a separate “yoga” line on its own). “Authentic”? [...]


OMG. Check out behind the scenes from American Apparel’s new transgendered campaign. NSFW! But really, how much of American Apparel ads really are? (ps. before you get excited, it’s from funnyordie.com). The funny part is, our yoga teacher was just joking about how Vishnu’s couch pose (anantasana) is a perfect way to prepare for an [...]


Ouch! OK we’re going to start this out by giving you our first “good sport” reaction: hilarious! Someone’s being cheeky here and we suppose we can find amusement in the “artistic” vision of the photographer (if that was the intention). All right, now back to YD land, this is fairly annoying! There’s so much to [...]


Well this is off-beat news for a Thursday and actually quite appropriate for the week we’ve had here. You feel a draft? Mohd Abdullah is a 48-year-old university level computer science teacher in Kamaloops, BC Canada. He’s also been a pilates and yoga instructor at a nearby fitness center for the past year, which was [...]


Hm, not sure how we feel about this. We caught the ad of stretchy Tara over at elephantjournal, and honestly our gut reaction was eep. True story. American Apparel has been a yogis’ choice for practice attire for a while now. It just seems that all of sudden they’ve decided to make a go for [...]


“Everybody remain calm. Our comfy, stretchy yoga pants are here. Our guru thinks you’re lulu if you spend $90 for yoga pants.” POW right in the kisser. Kind of a playful little ad, no?  “Go Yoga-ing” is all fun and bouncy, makes us feel like  “Go Spelunking” or something. The ad falls in line with [...]