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Alison West

New York yoga studios are facing a crucial question that could make or break their business: are yoga teachers employees or independent contractors? This has been a hot topic not only recently, but drawn out over the past few years, stemming back to the tax audits which took place in 2011 and 2012. At the [...]

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How did you spend your September 11th 10 year anniversary? An interesting article in TIME magazine highlights the difficulty in hosting an event or hawking knick knacks without coming off tacky and tasteless, cashing in on a national tragedy. But this is NY afterall! The land of opportunity! And the quickest to make a buck. [...]


Yesterday the Who’s Who of steamed and concerned NY Yogis gathered together in a cramped midtown Manhattan yoga studio to grill hear from freshly appointed Yoga Alliance President John Matthews, an even-tempered gentleman with a slight drawl and southern-bred manners, who had no idea what he was getting himself into. Mr. Matthews stepped up to [...]


Just minutes after announcing the official new World’s Record (urdb.org) for largest registered yoga class, cheers! Down came the rain and washed the yogis out!* Elena took the stage around 7:30 accompanied by the one and only Dharma Mittra and fellow yogi demo-ers (including Sadie Nardini and Alison West).  There was a wave of “om’s” [...]


In what seems to be the most difficult time for a studio to introduce teacher training, what with the sunken economy and all that licensing beeswax, Pure Yoga turns up its luxurious schnoz at all that and is sallying forth with a brand shiny new teacher training program! Excited? We imagine those of you outside [...]


Licensing issues have got many yoga studios across the country chanting obscenities, but NY is leading the way for ACTION. We are delighted and honored to once again present our guest and noted yogi-blogger, Joelle Hann of Yoga Nation, who will catch us up to speed on the latest in The State vs. Yoga Licensing [...]


Last week we mentioned the memorial being held in Guruji’s name, Sun June 14, hosted at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen foundation. If you were washing your yoga mat that day, or perhaps seeing the final performance of Guys and Dolls on Broadway (narf) and couldn’t attend, head over to YD pal Yoga Nation for some [...]

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It is with great pleasure, and gratitude, that we welcome a guest post today! Blogger Extraordinaire, Joelle Hann, of the illustrious Yoga Nation, will take you through the treacherous twists and turns NY State has strewn out for teachers and studios trying to provide training. It is so Action Time! Read on for significant updates [...]