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Alison Hinks

Benefits of Yoga? But there are so many! Are non-yogi friends always asking why you do yoga all the time? (yogadork!) Well here’s a handy guide for your reference,  and/or to print off and hand out to your curious pals, neighbors, grocery store clerks, dentists, chiropractors, dry cleaners, librarians, accountants, plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, car [...]


Curious what style of yoga you’re into? Think you already know, but curious to test your bent? Feast your eyes on this phantasmagorical yoga quiz! If there’s anything we dig in infographicsland it’s a well done flowchart. Click to enlarge. Thanks to Alison Hinks and the awesome machinations of her yoga mind. —– Earlier… 10 [...]


We were impressed by this ‘overly brief and incomplete history of yoga’ chart before, but creator Alison Hinks has made some updates. Enjoy the little less-brief, tad more completeness!* Click the image to enlarge or click here for pdf Originally at Alison Hinks Yoga. Yes you may bug her for the poster size. *this is [...]


It’s Patanjali’s 8-limbed path in beautiful chartastic form! AKA our new wallpaper. Pretty yoga history (ch)art brought to you by the same graphic goddess of ‘An overly brief and incomplete history of yoga’ Flowchart, Alison Hinks. Click the image to enlarge or save the pdf. More about Alison at her blog. —– Earlier… ‘An overly [...]


Presenting ‘An overly brief and incomplete history of yoga’ in flowchart form! Oh, how we love charts, especially flowy ones about yoga history. Via an overly generous and amply free time-blessed Alison Hinks. Brief? Incomplete? We think she did a pretty bangin’ job. And we love how it breaks into some modern day yogis. Which [...]