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Alec Baldwin

This is New York City, public displays of yoga are everywhere, but every once in a while you’ll catch glimpse of a famous face, or in this case, a famous face snapping the yoga “selfie” of his famous wife and child in a now infamous stroller-supported Warrior 3. Alec Baldwin isn’t shy to assist his [...]


Let’s be honest, there’s hardly a news story in recent history involving actor Alec Baldwin without the words paparazzi, harassment and twitter. And we know that when it comes to supporting his new wife Hilaria and her yoga endeavors, it seems there’s nothing he won’t do. BUT, we’re pleased to see that Hilaria, a NYC [...]


Is the student suing yoga teacher Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s wife, one of those obnoxious and dogged handstand guys who just have to kick up even when the teacher tells him not to? Possibly, and yes it sounds like it, according to a witness. As an update to the well-debated ‘student claims yoga teacher’s negligence [...]


Uh oh. Is suing yoga teachers the new suing fast food chains? Who’s to blame? Yoga teacher Hilaria Baldwin, who also happens to be the newly pregnant wife of actor Alec, is being sued for ‘negligence’ among other things, the NY Daily News reports. According to the papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the accusing [...]


In this Hollywood Reporter clip from Cannes, ’30 Rock’ star and Jack-spired guru, Alec Baldwin, shares his problems getting started with yoga and how being in a health-compatible relationship has helped him feel and live better. Baldwin’s fiancé is NYC yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas, whom he recently defended from yogarazzi ‘slime’ and whom he credits for his better nutrition via “the cracker face.”


It was big news yesterday that meditator Alec Baldwin (or at least he plays one on TV) and his special lady, yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas are engaged. Our warmest congrats to the couple! We’re fans.

Unfortunately, the yogarazzi team from The Daily News took it upon themselves to crash Hilaria’s class at YogaVida yesterday afternoon in order to snap a photo.


Last night on NBC’s ‘30 Rock‘, Liz Lemon, the smart, witty, dorky and often totally awkward character come to life by Tina Fey, sought to find the answer to end the monotony of her everyday life with, yes, meditation! Liz with her “off brand Cheetos” fetish and endearing day of the week underwear took to [...]


Some of you have hit the snooze button on this already, but, wait! Hear us out. Could 30 Rock’s “Jack” and Beetlejuice‘s breakout star Alec Baldwin become mayor of the greatest city in the world? There’s been talk. Subjectivity and hometown pride aside, this could spell some big changes for the Big Apple. First off, [...]


And just when you brushed it off as another gossip-fueled older celeb dude dating younger hot piece of asana… The rumor mill keeps a churning! This time onto the set of reality TV. According to the Daily News, Alec Baldwin’s publicly paraded new squeeze Hilaria Thomas, a yoga teacher, was spotted chatting up an IMG [...]