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airport yoga


Have a kink in your jet lag? A snag in your schedule? Get thee to Helsinki! The new super chill 24-hour Kainuu lounge is now open at Helsinki Airport and its peace-inducing decor is designed for exercise and relaxation and passing the time with some layover yoga. The new space features mossy green carpet and wooden [...]


Attention air travelers, your new favorite yoga studio is now in Chicago O'Hare International Airport! That's right, Chicago is the next city to step up their customer service and open up a yoga space, following San Francisco, Dallas and Burlington, VT. As many frequent flyers know, Chicago is a major midwest hub for connecting flights [...]


Well, whaddya know? This airport yoga thing is really taking flight! Haaa. Following the lead of San Francisco and the surprise efforts of Dallas/Fort Worth, Burlington International Airport in Vermont is the next to join in on the passenger friendly yoga room. Perhaps more shocking than Vermont having an international airport (!), a free yoga [...]


Didn't get in your Airport Yoga? No worries! We've got it in-flight.

A Gawker tipster, who was nursing a hangover from the previous night's bachelor party, recounts his American Airlines flight from Chicago to Madison, WI where the standard flight attendant banter turned into a "spiritual heart to heart."


And while we were hemming and hawing over the hippies in San Fran with their fancy new yoga room, the folks in Texas - Texas! - went ahead and hopped on the yoga train, or we suppose that'd be plane.


Those California hippies have done it again! Oh, we kid the westie yogsters (with blatant envy). Have you ever broken out your yoga stretch in the airport or pulled a header waiting at your gate (when you're not tossing them back at the bar)? If you're flying in or out of San Francisco any time soon you won't have to withstand the ugly carpet or funny looks from bystanders. Nope, not anymore, because the folks at SFO have created a special Yoga Room just for you!