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Airplane Yoga

As far as we know, flights have not been grounded due to yoga-practicing passengers…yet. (Maybe yoga practicing peacocks.) While plenty of airports welcome yoga now, it’s not so common on airplanes, mostly because you have barely enough room to breathe let alone bend your body into various shapes. Also, no passenger wants to be the [...]


Air Travel Yoga: 5 Stress Relief Tips When Traveling By Airplane


Didn’t get in your Airport Yoga? No worries! We’ve got it in-flight.

A Gawker tipster, who was nursing a hangover from the previous night’s bachelor party, recounts his American Airlines flight from Chicago to Madison, WI where the standard flight attendant banter turned into a “spiritual heart to heart.”


Those California hippies have done it again! Oh, we kid the westie yogsters (with blatant envy). Have you ever broken out your yoga stretch in the airport or pulled a header waiting at your gate (when you’re not tossing them back at the bar)? If you’re flying in or out of San Francisco any time soon you won’t have to withstand the ugly carpet or funny looks from bystanders. Nope, not anymore, because the folks at SFO have created a special Yoga Room just for you!


Are you one of those brave souls traveling this holiday season? Perhaps by crampy airplane, facing meager “snacks” and potential weather delays stranding you on the tarmac for hours? No worries, just make like Ashtanga devotee Madonna and dance your downward dog through the airplane aisle! But be prepared for a few snarling Scrooges.  Passengers on a recent flight from NY to [...]


Today in science… Talk about high-tech awesomeness, pilot Andre Borschberg just made history with the first overnight flight in a solar-powered airplane. Congrats! Because he had to stay wide awake for 24 hours, Mr B. was fitted with a special suit with vibrating sleeves that would alert him if he nodded off or strayed off course. [...]


Barely allowing us to inhale after uttering the Q: Is there too much yoga coverage? the New York Times goes and lays another one on us. Though we gotta admit it tickles us that this yoga news is in the ‘Business Day’ section. This one’s about yoga: serious business for frequent travelers. Meet Steve Boerema, [...]


Ms. yoga traveler demoing the “traveler’s triangle” safely removed from any potential neighboring grumblers Oh what a coinkydink. We were just mouthing off about Jeremy Piven, celebrities et al, having the room and audacity to turn a down dog in the middle of an airplane mid- flight. Because clearly they are in first class…punks. Well [...]


We mentioned the Piv a few months ago after paps snapped a freshly yoged Jeremy, purple mat in tow, fast on his rebound from mercury poisoning. But, if only we’d known how deep that yoga river runs. Oh, it is deep! (and not “forced” due to illness as some are reporting)