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Africa Yoga Project

“Yoga saved my life” may sound like common hyperbole, until you hear the story of Walter Mugbe. Growing up in Kenya, his mother had little money to support her five children, so Mugbe took it upon himself to try and make a living. At 7 years old. Unfortunately, the fastest way to make a buck [...]


It’s what we’ve all talked about. There’s no denying it. They’re baaaaaaack…the holidays are here! We know, you’re either doing the happy dance right now or hiding your head under a pillow. But ready or not, the holiday season is upon us and we wanted to take the opportunity to shed light on some organizations worth your [...]


These are some wonderfully beautiful photos of yoga in Kenya. We’ve seen by now how yoga has affected people the world over, from the east to the west and back again, with non-profit organizations and yoga teachers alike helping it to make stops along the way.


Tis the season of giving and we were moved to share this fundraising mission in the event that you might feel moved to contribute. We received an email yesterday from a woman named Thandiwe Ogbonna. In it she explained how she is raising money to participate in Africa Yoga Project’s Seva Sefari yoga teacher training in Kenya this [...]


 Meanwhile, in Kenya, thousands of women, men and children participate in 350 free weekly yoga classes as part of the growing boom of yoga in Africa. The Africa Yoga Project, founded by Paige Elenson in 2007 started small, but has now expanded to over 80 trained yoga teachers from local areas providing classes to the [...]


UPDATE: Visit the Wanderlust Page for all updates, pics, videos goods. When we extended the offer to our Wanderlust Fest ticket winner the option to be YD field reporter (sadly we couldn’t make it), we hadn’t dreamed of such thorough and stellar coverage of the event! If you haven’t already seen Madame Kia‘s pics and [...]