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You’re about to buy a new car. But WAIT…can you practice yoga in it? Buick is hoping you’ll ask yourself that very question. Banking on the swelling wellness trend, Buick plays to the yoga-loving crowd in their latest campaign to sell their cars and their message of “happiness,” inspired by said cars, to folks who [...]


If you needed a reason to check in with your breathing, this is it. As in, you can stop holding your breath now. Also, feel your feet on the ground, the very level, not-at-all-super-high-up-and-dangerous ground. The yoga spectacle takes its show on the road, this time 600 feet up in Moab, Utah. This drone-rtainment stunt [...]


It’s the Herbal Essences “Be Everyone You Are” campaign, which is basically to say each of us are made up of many facets and we can not, should not, be defined by just one of them. Also, that we are all utterly confused as to who we are and we just want to look like [...]


Reebok’s new ad wants us to get rough with yoga. Because “easy does it” is for weak people who don’t know what experiencing real life is like, apparently. “There are two ways to do things in life; the easy way or the hard way,” so goes the tagline. “Reebok Yoga Collection challenges you to take [...]


When he’s not busy as the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning is apparently managing a gas station and making customers do yoga for Gatorade. In this ad, a woman is trying to buy herself some hangover juice when the store clerk tells her she’s not sweating enough and doesn’t having a “winning attitude,” earning [...]


Heads up New Yorkers, if you blink you could miss Tara Stiles doing yoga in a glass box on wheels. You heard that right. Celeb “rebel yoga” teacher, Tara Stiles, is promoting her new “FIT with Tara Stiles”


What’s the rule again? Everyone say it together now: No cell phones in yoga class! You’ve seen this one, right? Boy that little pink yoga pig is really tapping on our last nadi. Everyone knows it’s not OK to be checking your phone in the middle of yoga class (barring emergencies, of course) but all [...]


This yoga is so ancient! How ancient is it? People were monkeying around with it before we were people! This cute ad series comes via the creative minds of Seagull Advertising in Pune, India. They developed the ads for the Divyayog, where, according to their website, the focus is on “Traditional Scientific Yoga, as practiced [...]


“Can our flexible waistband survive the upward facing bottom pose?” is the question every yoga pants company in the world should be asking. At least diaper brand Huggies has the chutzpah to do so in this adorable Baby Yoga commercial featuring a bunch of munchkins and their munchkin moms rolling around on yoga mats to [...]

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