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There was once a time when Lindsay Lohan was rumored to become a yoga teacher. Alas, this turned out to be false…or did it? For those familiar with Ms. Lohan and her troubles with the law, drugs, alcohol, addiction, not showing up for acting gigs and being an all-around living (almost) worst case scenario for [...]


Taking yoga off the mat doesn’t necessarily mean doing it in public in your underwear (unless you’re Lady Gaga). Unfortunately, for one Ocala, Florida resident her demons took her too far past her edge and into the danger zone. Michele Cernak, 51, was high on drugs when cops responded to calls about a woman in her panties [...]


There are many reasons why we have a fascination with Russell Brand and deemed him our 2012 YD mascot. Here’s one. Perhaps not exactly the most likable character, that Rusty, but what loudmouthed, opinionated comedian in show biz is there to please everyone? In this interview with the sweet-mannered Ashtanga yoga teacher Eddie Stern (who [...]


We’ve heard the connection and success yoga has had in improving the lives of people with addictions. This is the first time we can say we’ve seen it. ‘Addiction, Recovery and Yoga’ is a documentary film that takes a realistic approach to telling the stories of recovered addicts, through 12 steps and other outreach programs [...]