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acro yoga

Gawker complains it’s “dumb and obnoxious”, calling out the homeless ‘joke’ at the end of the performance, continuing that “Lululemonheads like these have ruined [yoga] for the next several decades.” Huffington Post likens it to the “endearingly bizarre people” you see on the subways on a regular basis. it’s all yoga, baby‘s Roseanne admitted to [...]


Something new is something old is something new again. Apparently this is part of the 1938 film featuring Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, BKS Iyengar and others practicing yoga with grace and splendor. Behold… [via NY Acro Yoga Queen Mary Aranas] ps. if you haven’t spent at least 2 lunch hours huddled round your screen marveling at [...]


Times Square is a circus! Talk about a Public Display of Yoga, these guys wrote the rule book.  Presenting the Acro Yogis of NYC!  If you’ve been to any yoga parties/hooplas/broohahas, in NYC especially, you’ve encountered at least a couple of these yogi daredevils hoisting folks into the air with the draw of Cirque du [...]