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A Year of Living Your Yoga

YogaDork Giveaway: ‘A Year of Living Your Yoga’ by Judith Hanson Lasater, #365Yoga Anew


Greetings fellow #yogadork crew and the amazing #365yoga sangha!  Can you believe we have reached a quarter of the way into 2011 already? Thought it might be time to check in with my peeps and see how your yoga is so far this year and report how my progress has been. I started this adventure [...]


Our latest #365Yoga dispatch, from the lovely, intrepid, (sweaty) yogi Darla Magee (with her pal Rose, above): I first decided to participate in #365yoga when Nancy Alder suggested it on Twitter. I thought it would be a fun way to have something specific to tweet about and to talk to my friends about online. I’m [...]


Thanks to Sarah for our 1/12th check in! #365Yoga – How are you doing, Dorks? Can you believe it?  We’re nearly 1/12 the way through our #365yoga journey!  How are you doing? Personally, I’m a little fuddled.  I’ve been doing yoga for years.  I thought I was living my yoga pretty accurately and consistently.  I [...]


It’s that time of year again…the beginning! A new opportunity! Do you have 2011 New Year Resolutions/Intentions/Dogged Dedications/Persistent Promises? Aw, come on, we could all think about what we can do better in the new year, for ourselves, for others, for the world around us. Consider this: What if you practiced yoga, every day for [...]