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4th of July

It’s a time for celebration! The summer is officially here and with July 4th festivities upon us, we thought we’d send out a few suggestions and safety tips to remember when practicing your yoga during the holiday weekend.


Look at all the pretty vrttis! Happy Independence Day! Let us join together in bbq’d celebration, and heed the words of the great BKS Iyengar: “Do not forget that all fireworks come with strict warnings as they are dangerous.” [really! (citation: Light on Life pg. 222)] You heard the man! True he was referencing the [...]


As we yanks set forth in celebrations of Independence let us recall the week in Yoga, and lift our glasses in a toast to freedom! (aand…fireworks, barbecues and days off!) Here’s a quick little recap of what happened ‘This Week in Yoga’, followed by your favorite, Yogini Martini, patriotic style. This Week in Yoga: Explosive! [...]