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By Sarah Wells Kohl Summer is over, Autumn is here.  The days are getting shorter, the evenings are getting cooler, and the school busses, lunch boxes, and backpacks are everywhere.  It’s September! September is National Yoga Month. It’s also the beginning of the final quarter of #365Yoga.  How have you been doing, yogadorks?  Have you [...]


By Darla Magee You know how they say “flexible mind, flexible body”? I’ve really taken this maxim to heart as I’ve been working my way through the #365Yoga project. Today — day #266 — I can honestly say that having an open mind about my yoga practice has been the only reason I’ve been successful and [...]


As someone who teaches yoga teachers, I am always asked how I keep up with my own asana practice. I typically answer the same way each time, “with moderation and interest.” I realize that that might not be the kind of response they were hoping to hear. Often times its followed by other questions like, [...]

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YogaTuning: Where the genius of passionate songwriting meets the sanctum of our yoga mats. Om Nama Mariah. —— “Free your mind and the rest will follow” En Vogue-ing the Yoga —— Earlier… Jennifer Aniston Vows to Do Yoga and Stay Hot Forever Swami Ramdev, India’s Corruption Fighting Yoga Super Hero Will Fast Til Death This [...]

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We were thrilled to feature a giveaway of Bruce Black’s Writing Yoga: A Guide to Keeping a Practice Journal, and now we are simply honored to post a piece from his blog right here on YD as part of the #365Yoga series. Are you new to journaling? Want to know more about the process? If [...]


In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna, “On this path no effort is wasted, no gain is ever reversed.” A comforting thought when we’re nose first in crow pose – dust off the schnoz and try to fly again! But what about when those wings get a little damaged in flight? Yes, injuries are difficult [...]


living yoga everyday I wish I could say that I have a set routine for living out a yogic lifestyle. Every single day while there are definite constants, as a parent and full time yoga teacher, there are far more variables to contend with. When I focus on what I can accomplish within reason, I’m [...]


Greetings fellow #yogadork crew and the amazing #365yoga sangha!  Can you believe we have reached a quarter of the way into 2011 already? Thought it might be time to check in with my peeps and see how your yoga is so far this year and report how my progress has been. I started this adventure [...]


OK, that’s it! We’ve considered suggestions, pondered requests and have made our decision. We’re on a mission.  Are You The Next Top Yoga Journal Cover Model? Maybe! But for those of you who aren’t chosen for the glossy spotlight we’ve got your rockin’ cover op right here on YD! sort of. It’s the YogaDork (Shadow) [...]