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Spooky Spidey! With an overwhelming 33 percent and 162 votes, we have our 2014 Halloween YogaDork! Congrats to Spooky Spidey! The lucky winner will receive a $100 gift card to Drishti and a YD Prize Pack! Thank you to all who participated, either by sending in photos or casting your votes. ALL photos will be [...]


by J. Brown News that the saving grace CEO of the Yoga Alliance, Richard Karpel, is leaving after only two years was met with little more than a collective: “whatever.” But to anyone who wants to see the reformation that Karpel ushered in continue, his departure is both surprising and concerning. The reason for Karpel’s [...]


Happy Election Day! This day is always exciting for two reasons, we get to exercise our right to vote for our political leaders who will make decisions affecting our very future...and we get to vote for our favorite Halloween YogaDork!!! It may not be as effectual longterm, and we're pretty biased here, but that second [...]


In our YogaDork Ed series we seek to shed light on anatomy and safe practices in yoga and in our bodies. Today's article addresses the best options when recovering safely from injury. by Maya Talisa, Certified Yoga Tune Up Instructor To ice, or not to ice? This is a question recently being discussed regularly among [...]


Yoga is a wonderful tool, but "it hasn't all been roses" as author, yoga teacher and prominent yoga blogger Matthew Remski points out in his promo video for the forthcoming book, What Are We Actually Doing in Asana?. Modern Postural Yoga (or MPY as Remski refers to it) is what we know as our contemporary and [...]


Happy Halloween! In the spirit of the holiday and pumpkin-carving season, we have for you a downloadable OM so you, too, can test your yogi's patience while trying out your knife wielding skills. This one isn't TOO difficult, but just remember, if your pumpkin turns out looking like an avant-garde art project done by a [...]


It's just Pema Chödrön and Oprah chatting and chillaxing on a Sunday afternoon sipping from their coffee mugs like gal pals do. Pema was a recent guest on Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday" which is basically the Super Bowl for spirituality, where the two conversed about "what to do when your life falls apart," "why fear is nothing [...]


Dearest yogoblins, yoghosts and yoghouls, it's Halloween week which means it's time for the Annual YogaDork Halloween Costume Photo Contest! This is our FIFTH year running and each year your creep-asana creativity keeps getting better and better. Above is our 2013 winner: Edgar Allan Crow! The devil AND the details: We are now accepting your [...]


I am often asked, "What does kids' yoga look like and how do kids do yoga?" I thought it would be helpful to share a video of me and Davis, a three-year-old Yogi Bean, practicing pranayama, asana and meditation. One of the many aspects of teaching yoga to kids that I love is that it helps me cultivate a deeper understanding of the first yoga sutra: Atha Yoga Anusanasam - Yoga is NOW! Children are not generally concerned about the past or worried about the future: they live in the present moment. For adults, this often proves to be a difficult task, as we tend to anticipate the future and dwell on the past. Working with children takes us out of that mindframe and directs our focus on the moment at hand.

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We love to do everything while sitting in chairs!

Once you’ve spent enough time studying the body and movement, you begin to develop refined anatomical eyes that can see patterns in the way people move that they can’t sense in themselves. One of these patterns that I see is that yogis tend to move where it’s already easy for their bodies to move while avoiding the work required where true positive change is needed.


This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on Power, Privilege and Responsibility in Yoga. Read Part 1 and Part 2. by Kerrie Kauer As Hala Khouri said during our panel, if you are not working against racism individually and in the world, then you are actively supporting racism and racist systems. And we have [...]


Yoga on Jeopardy! Friday night's Jeopardy! episode had a special category just for us yogadorks. Did you catch it? Did you nerd out as much a we did? Our favorite long-running, Canadian-hosted game show challenged its contestants to meditate (quickly!) on their yoga knowledge and their thumb-to-buzzer reflexes with the "Strike a (Yoga) Pose" category. The yoga category was so [...]


We are truly honored and delighted to share this interview with Bobby Clennell, Senior Iyengar teacher and author and illustrator of Yoga for Breast Care: What Everyone Woman Needs to Know (enter the giveaway!). Below, In this first interview about her new book, Bobby explains her inspiration behind writing it and explains why all women should be [...]


This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on Power, Privilege and Responsibility in Yoga. Read Part 1 here. by Kerri Kauer  Privilege is complex. Because while I have white privilege, I do not have heterosexual privilege. Many images of yogis in popular press, and in advertisements often reflect soft pornography that serves to (hetero)sexualize [...]