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Mmm...algae. Slimy, sticky, creepy algae. Believe it or not, it's the newest ingredient in your yoga mat and not only is it extremely renewable, it is in abundance, sometimes annoyingly so. While algae isn't always our friend, it does play an important role in aquatic eco-systems, and not just when it's a spirulina add-on for [...]

image credit: Mahafreen H. Mistry/NPR

"Yoga saved my life" may sound like common hyperbole, until you hear the story of Walter Mugbe. Growing up in Kenya, his mother had little money to support her five children, so Mugbe took it upon himself to try and make a living. At 7 years old. Unfortunately, the fastest way to make a buck [...]


by Ann Purcell This term “self-realization” is used and asked about quite often. I see no wrong answers to this question, however there are certainly different layers to its meaning and understanding. The term “self-realization” is often related to the concepts of self-actualization, self-discovery, self-reflection and self-exploration. In this article I will be expressing what [...]


Did anyone else catch this last night? We happen to love Hollywood Game Night, and of course the Emmy-winning beloved and hilarious host Jane Lynch, so we were already tuned in when celebrity guest Amy Smart gave the whole room a yoga lesson. It went like this (please pardon our excitedly-snapped screen grabs): During guest [...]


{YD’s Who Said It? where we post a yogadorky quote and you guess who who said it.} "Yoga. It's like my church," says today's mystery celebriyogi. Nope, it's not our meditating mad man Jon Hamm/Don Draper. One of these Mad Men stars is a super yogadork and actually worked the front desk of a yoga studio when she [...]

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Many of us look to yoga to soothe what ails us. And now there's a prescription for that. Welcome to Yoga Rx. Along the lines of an urgent-care center, the yoga walk-in clinic is now in session. Going beyond Tara Stiles' book "Yoga Cures" which was controversial for choice of language and antidotal claims, Yoga [...]

Sparks of Divinity

It is one year ago today B.K.S. Iyengar left his earthly body at the age of 95. Though he left us in form, he certainly remains for many of us in spirit, and for even more of us through his long legacy of teachings. We might not have all been able to study with him in [...]

Chandukutty Vaidyar examining a patient in Kerala, India.

by Timothy McCall, M.D. Despite having gone through medical school where I studied human anatomy intensely, did a month-long rotation on the orthopedics service and another month on rheumatology, I had no idea my spine was anything other than normal until I started to attend yoga classes. None of my professors, classmates or primary care [...]

Casey Hayden, left, Kristin Towers-Rowles and Espiridion Magana star in "Sex, Love, & Yoga." | photo credit: Bren Coombs

Yoga, something to sing about! All the yoga mat's a stage. There's no business like nadi shodhana business. The yoga must go on! OK, we're done (for now). Yoga might not be ready for its TONY award quite yet, but it has found its way to the theater stage through "SEX, LOVE, & YOGA," a [...]


Miley Cyrus, a "yoga superstar"? Sure, if the media says so! But that's how they talk about every celebriyogi posting yoga pics on Instagram (and there are more than a few). We happen to like this photo the wild child pop star and avid yoga practitioner recently posted of herself bound up in Marichyasana D, [...]

Thomas Gilbert, Jr. | image via NY Post

Just a quick FYI: Rikers Island is NOT a yoga resort. In case you had your doubts. The story is an interesting one. Son of a hedge fund founder reportedly receives regular allowance of $400-600 weekly. When said allowance is downsized to $100, the 30-year-old Princeton grad allegedly flies into a rage and murders his [...]


The top of the Empire State Building is famous for its specially themed lighting (green for St. Patrick's Day, rainbow for Gay Pride, etc.) but recently we've been treated tp much more of a show, along with a deeper message. Last week, huge images of endangered animals were projected on the building's facade as part [...]

"Who will forget his grand laughter?"

It's been almost one year since the passing of B.K.S. Iyengar, a man who has no doubt left a legacy that will far outlast his earthly years. Remembered through his teachings, his books, and the Iyengar Yoga practice, many of us did not get to meet him, but it is also through photos that we [...]

Cecil the Lion | Photo credit: Andrew Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Unit

by Charlotte Bell I grew up in a mini menagerie. At various times my parents, sisters and I shared our homestead with parakeets, a goat, a horse, chickens (pets named Sam and Henry), tropical fish, rabbits, turtles, mice and cats, always cats. For years, my dad shared his basement workshop with a tarantula that came [...]