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Yoga farts, crazy mats, kooky oms, oh my. The makings of a yoga class punked, but maybe not too far from reality? In this case, Australian radio host and punk master Jackie O aims to pull a silly prank on an unsuspecting yoga class, enlisting the help of British actress Sophie Monk who undauntingly plays [...]


Yoga injuries: a hot to trot topic lately. And it's for good reason. No one wants to get hurt. One could say it's especially counterproductive and counterintuitive in yoga class. Body destruction is not one of the eight limbs, doncha know. But, believe it or not, we are human and we do have destructible bodies [...]


The following is an excerpt from  The Shakti Coloring Book by Ekabhumi Charles Ellik. Stay tuned for the giveaway! Exclusively through our TWIY newsletter. Not on the list? Better fix that!  By Ekabhumi (“Eka”) Charles Illik Creating our own devotional art is like eating from our own garden; we are nourished by the process as well as the [...]

image credit: Leo Uribe via CBC News

And then Lululemon put out their own branded beer. Why? With all the company blunders, public gaffes and marketing eff ups, we guess they figured why the hell not? Debuting this summer, Curiosity Lager a "crisp, bold session lager" (4.6% ABV) is Lulu's first foray into the craft beer market. "Just because you're a yogi, doesn't [...]


Not a festival. Not a retreat. Summer Camp. Like you did maybe when you were 10. Except this time there's more grown up stuff like adult beverages and adult interactions. The concept of adult sleepaway camps - no kids allowed - is a growing trend conjuring up all kinds of images of what it would [...]


That time the ocean reaaally wasn't so into your beach yoga. Seriously, if it's not cats sabotaging your on-camera yoga moment, it's oceans. Beach yoga fail? Maybe, but they definitely succeeded in giving us a good belly chuckle! Watch and learn. No yogis were harmed in the making of this video. We're not sure about [...]

image via Change.org petition

Should body positivity be a required part of yoga teacher training? A group of socially conscious yogis thinks so. A Change.org petition, started by Jeniffer Zimmerman of "All Bodies Rise Yoga," is calling for body positivity training to be a required part of all Yoga Alliance-registered schools' yoga teacher training programs. While Yoga Alliance's influence has been [...]

Illustration by Tara Jacoby via Jezebel.com

In case you needed a reason to be even more creeped out, turned off, astonished by Lululemon, an anonymous employee's account of the wacky behind the scenes will surely give you that extra push. Entitled "Lululemon Diaries: My Life in an Exploitative Libertarian Happiness Cult" the post appeared on Jezebel Wednesday and has been met [...]


An update on Thich Nhat Hanh, beloved Zen Buddhist monk, teacher and author who is recovering from a stroke that left him unable to speak. An announcement from Plum Village informs us Thay, as he is called by those close to him, was transported to the US earlier this week "to receive a more intensive rehabilitation program [...]

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image via Santa Fe Yoga Festival facebook

Something smells foul in yoga festival land and it's not your neighbor's downwind. Even that we can laugh at, but what's happening in the wake of the Santa Fe Yoga Festival is no joke. As thoroughly reported by It's All Yoga, Baby, yoga teachers who taught at the 2014 event are left with a bitter taste [...]


by Sara Kleinsmith For those of you who adore all things yoga, you may have discovered one or two social media phenoms whose practice you admire and aspire to. One such popular icon is Kino MacGregor, a prominent Ashtangi whose rigorous practice is nearly Cirque Du Soleil-esque, as impressive as it is glittery. MacGregor recently suffered [...]

Couples Yoga 2

A new way to recycle your old yoga mat? Make art! Alex Ebstein is an artist whose use of unconventional materials - such as yoga mats - to create her cut-out pieces is turning some headstands. Ebstein originally studied photography but after being diagnosed with uveitis, an inflammation of the eye which required multiple surgeries affecting [...]


Putin-asana? Wait, did yoga just get a glowing endorsement from Russia's most virile and intolerant leader? In a showing of uncharacteristic fallibility, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted to India's Narendra Modi that he's never tried yoga (never?!) but that he would finally face it boldly and give it a go (and conquer it handsomely, obviously, [...]


World got you down? Meditation practice not cutting it? F*ck that. Send the children out of the room for this one. From the creative mind of Jason Headley, 'F*ck That: A Guided Meditation' is a no bs take on letting go of all the craziness and giving yourself a moment to say eff all that. [...]