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We could have seen this one coming. That is, if we'd known there were such a thing as the "Dickipedia." Yes, the Huffington Post went there and their weekly The HuffPost Show has bestowed upon one Bikram Choudhury the distinction of being the newest entry in their "wiki of dicks" - AKA assh*les, jerks, scourges [...]


Yoga on a cloud. Sounds pretty nice, right? This may be the most spatially conscious and curvaceously elevating yoga studio we've ever seen. Designed by the aptly named Clouds Architecture Office, CRS Studio in New York's Union Square was transformed to create a yoga and meditation space with the feeling of floating in the heavens where [...]


We love finding art that gives us all the warm and fuzzy feels. And every once in a while we come across an artist's work we love so much we have to share. Chicago artist Laura Berger illustrates beautiful and playful meditations on life's whimsical moments. We happened upon her work while putzing around on Etsy and fell [...]

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Here's something you don't see every day. With $108 and a dream, this yoga studio could be yours! This isn't a joke. There's actually a yoga studio that is basically giving away their business through an essay contest. Yogapreneurs, this is your Shark Tank moment. Holistic Movement Center is a 1400 sq ft. "yoga and [...]


The first ever UN-approved International Day of Yoga is fast approaching. And now it's been reported that India's leader will be publicly yoga-ing in celebration come June 21st. According to Reuters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will "practice physical poses and breathing control" at the country's main event, government spokespeople confirm. Apparently it's not just for show, [...]


New science! The universe works in mysterious ways, people. Amy Schumer, with the help of Bill Nye ("the science guy") have some hilarious new revelations for us on Inside Amy Schumer. As modern yogis, we put a lot of stuff out "into the universe," right? The universe is so often the cause, culprit, and commander [...]


The weather is heating up and pretty soon we'll all be doing hot yoga right on the pavement! Some of us love the heat, while others could do without the heavy shvitzing. Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself for hot yoga, or summer yoga, depending. No freezing water nearby? Lugging a cooler [...]


Some people hate yoga. Some people hate it so much they need to do it in the back of a bar against the soundtrack of death metal music and devil horns in order to enjoy it. For the author of this piece about Metal Yoga, that hatred ran deep, and the cure was just a [...]


"Every Body is a Yoga Body" reads the latest message from the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. The YBIC has made it their mission to support and encourage inclusivity in yoga and has been working to expand the image of yoga to truly encompass everyone and every body. Their latest "Every Body is a Yoga [...]


Filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mall Rats) took to facebook Thursday to air his poetic thoughts on the secret of happiness, the pursuit thereof, and why we all need to notice that in the present, in the chase for "happiness," we are actually the happiest. We've already won, people. "The good news is that the pursuit of [...]


I really want to practice yoga. God knows I do. I don’t want to practice to be super trendy, or the clothes provide a little slimming effect. I want to practice because yoga, for me, represents a connection between my mind and my body. Yoga represents peace, tranquility and concentration.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 2

Janelle Monae performed her "Yoga" single live on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Monday night with the help of The Roots and some flexy backup dancers. And you know what...we might be done trying to figure this one out. Because, honestly, while there have been some interesting analyses, including one about female-empowerment, we're catching [...]


By now all the spoilers are out. In the age of the interwebs, it's pretty much unavoidable. Still if you haven't watched the season finale of Mad Men and don't want to know anything about those photos of what appears to be Don Draper meditating, then we warn you, read no further. Do not pass [...]


With an Om...and a coke...and Don Draper in lotus pose. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't already watched the series finale of Mad Men you might want to skip this, unless you really want to know what happens to Don Draper in the end. Still with us? We're sad it's over, but OMG what a finale! We're fans [...]