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by Kelly Benshoof A 2016 study found that 36.7 million people practice yoga in the US. Let’s say the average cost of a class is $15 (a steal in most yoga-dense areas). If every practitioner donated the cost of a single class to charity, well, that would be a lot of money. More than $550 million to [...]

photo via InYoga Center facebook

The yoga landscape is eternally changing and we're losing a lot of good-ness through the cracks. Are we being too dramatic? Maybe. But when it comes to "mom and pop" yoga studios trying to make it through the mud of the yoga business like the little lotus that could, it's hardly an overstatement. As it [...]


"Just giving [a] banana doesn't work." - Mingyur Rinpoche Meditation is intimidating to a lot of people, and likely the reason many don't even attempt try it. How can I possibly STILL my mind and think of NOTHING? But, hey sad eyes, don't get discouraged. Here's the trick, you don't have to! We've seen and [...]

Waking up is hard sometimes. | image via YogaWakeUp instagram

Wake up to yoga. Literally. A new yoga alarm could change the way we greet the day. Most alarms get a pretty bad rap — it's their job to be annoying and disruptive — and no matter what beep bop boop or blaring siren you choose, they're usually met with some form of ughhh. But [...]


The yoga community is mobilizing. Or more accurately, the wellbeing community. If you didn't think yoga or wellness can get political, you might be surprised by the newest movement to meld practice with politics. CTZNWELL describes itself as "a movement committed to democratizing wellbeing" whereby they are asking wellbe-ers, as it were, to come together [...]


What do you buy someone who has all the yoga gear? It all started out as a hunt for unique gift for his yoga-loving wife. And then everyone wanted one. And so...YogaCoaster was born. Luckily, you don't have to be a professional stonesmith to enjoy these beauties or gift them to a friend. The creator of [...]


What were you doing to celebrate the United Nations’ International Day of Peace? Did you miss it? Don't feel bad. It was September 21, and is actually an annual day declared by the UN as "devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples." This year's theme was "The [...]


by Lana Friesen Is the idea of maintaining your self-care list overwhelming? Sometimes it can be overwhelming and exhausting for me just to think of the list of things I want to do to take care of my overall health. I know that yoga is good for me, but I’m just tired and want to [...]


by Kayleigh Miller In the last few years I have moved from being a yoga teacher to becoming a human movement enthusiast, meaning that I am interested in the function and structure of the human body as related to movement, even beyond yoga asana. One of the most powerful concepts I’ve been exposed to during [...]