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School yoga is 'scary' to some. | photo credit: AP Photo/Gosia Wozniacka

Yoga is still causing problems in school. Actually, we'll restate that. Yoga is still causing problems for some conservative Christian parents worried that the meditation and "namaste"ing is soiling their children's beliefs. An elementary school in Georgia is currently putting out religious-related fires between concerned parents, their children and the school's mindfulness program. Bullard Elementary [...]


Movement frames much of our experience on Earth. We are constantly resisting the pull of gravity and making our way around the world to accomplish our tasks, whether that be taking a shower in the morning, training for a marathon or picking up a tired child to tuck them into bed. Our yoga practice challenges us to untangle the complicated strands of unconscious movement and then re-create a new normal


Yoga always places a high value on purification of body and mind at all levels, all the time, but especially in spring as we need to rid the body of the sludge and heaviness of winter, ridding us of any built up residue of the mind and body.

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A burning question. Let's examine the evidence. Hollywood actress, humanitarian, and walking LBD (little black dress), Audrey Hepburn, was rumored to have been a yogi. Exhibit A: Hepburn was photographed on the set of her 1959 film Green Mansions wearing head to toe red spandex practicing what looks an awful lot like yoga. The names of [...]


Getting my two kids out of bed in the morning is already like trying to rouse hibernating grizzlies. Convincing them that their wake-up routine is now going to start an hour earlier is going to be nearly impossible. I am not looking forward to this.


I’m a yoga teacher. It's a weird time to be a yoga teacher. Since watching that Republican debate, I can’t tell my students to breathe without feeling


Everyone loves a special delivery. When that special delivery arrives at your door full of wellness goodies every month without fail...that's a real treat. Actually, Yogi Surprise likes to fancy themselves a "retreat in a box" and we have to say, while it's not exactly like strolling along the white sands of Bora Bora, it comes [...]

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Sophie Gregoire giving a presentation in 2013. | phot credit: Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Prime Minister practices yoga. This photo is not new, but if you're just learning that Canada's Prime Minister is the fresh-faced Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party, and husband to the multi-lingual, yoga teaching, women's rights advocate Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, then now you know. And with today's volitical (that's violent and [...]

bernadette peters

Can we just start by saying we love...lurrve...<3 Bernadette Peters? She's a fab actress and singer, and she oozes that magical star quality and classy old time Hollywood glamour not easily found these days. On top of this, she's a staunch supporter of Broadway and is co-founder of a charity event called Broadway Barks to [...]