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We've said it before and we'll say it again, they're going to have to add a special "Yoga Parody" category to the Webby Awards pretty soon, due to their sheer ubiquity on the internets. While there's no drought of silly yoga spoofs, the cup has yet to runneth over because, we gotta admit, we like [...]

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This morning I woke up and saw a crescent shaped prism right before my eyes. When I closed them, it was still there. This has happened to me only once before - the prism grew until I couldn't see, setting up a massive panic attack and a trip to the ER. All I could imagine was “brain tumor.”


It's summer, it's hot out and you're craving a cold one. But FIRST, yoga. THEN beer. There's a class for that™ - our new catchphrase for all the crazy yoga+ everything-you-could-ever-think-of combos springing up all over the place. For instance, when you want beer AND yoga, just go to a brewery! Yoga, it's not just [...]


This is what happens when Fox News attempts to do yoga in Times Square: a staged stunt, half-assed effort, blatant sexism and still enough time to slip in a homophobic wisecrack. OK, this video of Fox commentator Bob Beckel starts out entertaining enough -  super non-yoga dude in white suspenders and a sweatband has his second [...]


This guy has a yoga mat for sale. Used once but it's seen A LOT. Any takers? This hilarious gem has been surfing interwebs for a little while, and we have to say really never gets old. Buckle up for a wild ride down the sweaty, slippery slope of this man's hot yoga experience recounted with [...]


Mermaid Yoga. Folks, DO NOT try this at home. UNLESS you have a partner with an oxygen tank and a life preserver nearby. Note: If you'd just like to see the pretty pictures cause you're tired of words, simply scroll past our two cents of social commentary. These eerily enchanting photos of underwater yoga come [...]


Gambling and yoga, go together just like piña and colada, no? While a casino may be one of the last places you'd think to find the mind-body practice, it's becoming more and more popular for these gambling meccas to offer yoga to their patrons and the public. The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, for example, [...]


Ellie Goulding is not about to let a busy performance schedule (said in the English way: shed-yule) get in the way of her yoga. The British pop singer-songwriter takes her mind-body fitness routine seriously, and daily. "My training is part of my life. It's something I need to do every day, because it affects my mood, my [...]


There's more trouble in lululand and founder Chip Wilson is the crouching tiger, hidden dragon poised to reel it back in. He's not happy with how things are going (and, frankly, neither are shareholders) so he's hired investment bank Goldman Sachs to strategize on how to reclaim control. The options are: make a deal with [...]

Times Square Yoga

On Saturday, June 21, 11,000 yogis descended on New York City's Times Square to salute the sun and sweat it out between the skyscrapers and ESPN Zone. It was a spectacle for the senses. They say participants came from far and wide and no one even cared about their neighbor's stinky armpits. It was a very [...]