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How many gurus' feet have you kissed? Asana kissers are everywhere, even in yoga, but that's not what this is about. It is about power dynamics and student-teacher relations and cult-ish environments. And sexual harassment and boundaries, and integrity and dignity. In February, news broke about yet another sex scandal in the yoga community. A [...]


When circumstances, ruled by forces beyond the will of one individual, overshadow our personal experience of life, unconscious resentment and fear run deep. The coercive fuel of capitalism has conditioned and resigned us to manipulation that both obfuscates truth and reveals the inhumanity of entrenched power. Despite hopelessness, perhaps a kernel of our sacrificed fortitude and imagination can be redeemed.


We're on the edge of our mats here. It is with ultimate samadhi we can finally unveil to you our greatest contribution to the yoga community yet. Have you been thinking about yoga teacher training? Need to brush up on your asanas and pranayamas? Want to be inspired and unleash your badass rock star self [...]

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Is the first rule of Period Cramps don't talk about Period Cramps? Maybe we don't talk about them enough, but, oh, they are there. Like little miniature grape stompers gleefully going to town in your uterus. Besides cramps, periods are often associated with other aches and pains, especially in the lower back and pelvic regions. [...]


As if you weren't already crushing on Canada's near-perfect Prime minister, this photo of Justin Trudeau practicing mayurasana (peacock pose) on an assembly room table, no less, is enough to give you the steams, or at least double check that your passport's valid. Should we be surprised by this young buck's (moose's?) agility and skill? [...]

Teresa Giudice of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' | image via extratv.com

We only bring you real news, so when we learned reality TV star Teresa Giudice is training to become a yoga teacher, we had to ask, is this for real? And indeed, if Instagram holds any weight in the world of reality, then yes, it's true! There's photographic evidence from a real yoga studio. With Erin [...]


Bringing together yoga, empowerment, and accessibility, SHAKTIBARRE is aiming to be the women's collective NYC is missing. YD pal Jenn Pesce checked in with co-founder Corinne Wainer on the new initiative and the importance of accessible, affordable, and sustainable options for women and girls of all backgrounds. Jenn: Paying homage to our previous interview, in [...]


She's certainly made some interesting choices in her life, but being yogadorks, we'd have to say taking on the practice of yoga has been one of her best. Say what you will about the eccentric pop star, the liberal tongue-wagger, a mini Stevie Nicks sprinkled with pixies dust, Miley Cyrus is definitely a unique and outspoken [...]

School yoga is 'scary' to some. | photo credit: AP Photo/Gosia Wozniacka

Yoga is still causing problems in school. Actually, we'll restate that. Yoga is still causing problems for some conservative Christian parents worried that the meditation and "namaste"ing is soiling their children's beliefs. An elementary school in Georgia is currently putting out religious-related fires between concerned parents, their children and the school's mindfulness program. Bullard Elementary [...]