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Incorporating partner poses in your kids’ yoga classes is an excellent way to teach concepts of teamwork, trust and communication. I’ll be the first to admit that when I am in a yoga class and the teacher asks us to find a partner my initial reaction is to tense up and think, “Oh man, really?” Yet, once I open myself to the experience I find myself playing like a kid and I am able to connect with a person I may otherwise never have spoken to.

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It's time to face your yoga. Literally. We're hearing about face gyms popping up and you know what that means: we must brace ourselves for the face yoga craze. Yes, we said face gym. And this could potentially lead to the next biggest thing in yoga outside of secret underground meditation sessions and detox/retox brewery-asana. [...]


This may (not) come as a surprise, but around these parts we wear little more than yoga pants and comfy, cozy, cute shirts whenever possible. (We know, you're not surprised.) Lucky for us, our latest 'Dorkasana' shirts designed by the fabulous Emily Laflin totally fit the bill. We debuted this adorkable design at the end [...]


We know that health is typically a biggie when it comes to New Year's resolutions, but this infographic shows how yoga, specifically, was a buzzworthy topic this year. Through the very group therapy-sounding method of "social listening" - basically crunching social media chatter -  online marketing agency Meltwater was able to deduce that health and better [...]


We've come across some interesting yoga teacher bios in our days but these are really something of a modern yoga masterpiece in a trademarked utopia of enlightened yoga capitalism. Is it a cheeky New Yorker article or the roster for the next Wanderlust Festival? Maybe hard to tell! Reading like a piece from The Onion, Sarah [...]


You're not hallucinating, people have willingly chosen to do yoga on a thick sheet of freezing cold ice. It may have had something to do with the presence of strapping Vancouver Canuck Shawn Matthias, along with fellow handsome teammates Alex Burrows, Bo Horvat, and Zack Kassian, yogaing, getting twisted, and breathing hot air steam clouds [...]


Transformation is a catchword in yoga circles. Wanting to see things change, both personally and societally, is often what motivates people to practice. But the ability to bring about change does not always correspond with things getting better. Life has a curious way of balancing our desire for something new with the obstinate reality of the way things are.


If you're in the market for a new mala and just can't decide between the rose quartz and the gilted logo of a major brand of yoga clothing, then this is your lucky day. Hear ye, hear ye...you can now purchase your very own Lululemon Practice Patience Mala for $108 which includes such beautiful features as [...]


by Nikki Gloudeman It always happens during Warrior One pose. There I am, happily Downward Dog-ing, when the instructor begins the directive I know all too well—and have come to fear. "Now, move your foot up to the front of the mat . . . " Oh god. No. Please no. " . . . and [...]


For many, the drop of the ball has long been an alarm bell to "fix" what we don't like about ourselves so we will feel better. We resolve to be thinner, healthier, wealthier, more ambitious, more confident, etc.

However, our urge to "change" ourselves, or our conditions, is often driven by a deeper unconscious desire to avoid, cover up, or numb out what we are really feeling. For instance, let me tell you a little bit about my annual urge to cut bangs.


Folks, this what NOT to do with your yoga flexibility.Today's New Yorker cartoon by Joe Dator takes a crack at the subway "Manspreading" problem, starring a frustratingly flexible businessman with an impressive upavistha konasana. Well, either that or a Manspreading homage to Jean-Claude Van Damme. Manspreading: When a person, usually a man, sits with his knees [...]


This post is part of our YogaDork State of the Union series sharing reflections on 2014 and holding intentions and predictions for 2015. by Neal Pollack A couple of nights ago, my dear friend YogaDork sent me an email asking me to give my prognostications, predictions, resolutions, hopes, and possibly dreams for yoga in 2015. In other [...]


This post is part of our YogaDork State of the Union series sharing reflections on 2014 and holding intentions and predictions for 2015. by Jill Miller Ah, you can smell the 2015 in the air. Especially if you are doing alternate nostril breathing. But before I jump silently into the year, I’d like to take a look [...]


Here's Johnny Depp all dressed up and in practically unrecognizable makeup for his role in Kevin Smith's highly yogadorkably anticipated, "Yoga Hosers." The movie, which just finished wrapping up filming, stars Depp as Guy Lapointe, a reprisal of his Montreal man-hunter character in Smith's "Tusk." In the film, Lapointe steps in to help the Colleens (also [...]