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How do we deal with physical limitations holding us back in our yoga practice? One approach is to push through them - keep training until you've overcome the limitation. However, this is not the best approach to safely making progress in our practice, says Clinical Kinesiologist and yoga therapist Dr. Gill Solberg. Training is not [...]


There are times when helplessness and despair are the overarching themes of our existence. We've wanted to share this wonderful "Peace Mantra" recording from Tina Turner, and now seems like a good time (we've seen others sharing it around lately, too). Many might already find the music from the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll powerhouse to [...]

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A new gadget promises to keep you in a happy breathing place and let you know when you're not. Developed by 22-year-old mechanical engineer and yoga teacher, Cindy Gu, the device works like a belt wrapped around your abdomen that tracks your breathing patterns thanks to the help of sci-fi, er, technology. Gu originally created the [...]


Pema Chodron, a Buddhist monk best known for her work in keeping us all sane, publicly addressed the country's current state of frustration, sadness and confusion. Up there with Rumi, Chodron is one of the most quotable inspirational and spiritual teachers we know, so when she has something to say our ears perk up, especially [...]


What pairs well with updog? How about a nice crisp pinot grigio. Headstand? An old fashioned. And sun salutations? Tequila sunrise, of course.
These are interesting times, friends. The yoga boom is strong. So maybe we shouldn't be surprised that yoga now has official drinks, and by drinks, we mean adult beverages. Or that yoga teachers are getting paid for mentioning brands on social media and shilling for a fatter paycheck and a potentially cushier lifestyle than yoga teaching alone could ever afford them.


A confluence of conversations has emerged in the yoga world regarding purpose, safety, and abuse of power. The politics involved are playing themselves out, and the sides of the debate are being formed along disparate lines.


He's furry, he's cuddly, and he loves to meditate. His name is Meddy Teddy, the meditation Teddy Bear, and he's Instagram's next yoga star. Like a Teddy Ruxpin for the modern age, this little closed-eyed yoga poser is intended to help parents and teachers talk to kids about heady stuff like mindfulness, self-trust, and confidence. Meddy [...]


by Terry Littlefield I was recently listening to J. Brown’s podcast with guest Ann Votaw. Ann was talking about the time she got to go to NYU and get an actual tour of their cadaver lab.She was interested in going there because she had been really sick and the possibility of death hit close to home. She [...]


Anneke Lucas is a survivor. When she was six years old, she was sold into a child sex-trafficking ring. By age 12, she had witnessed and experienced what you hope no one would ever have to in their entire life time. In a recent episode of his podcast series, J. Brown talks with Lucas about her [...]

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