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San Francisco, Dallas, Burlington...even Helsinki! Airports all over the world are adding yoga to their passenger-soothing amenities, which, for the most part, has really only been shopping and boozing. Today we welcome London's Gatwick to the growing list of airports with special yoga rooms. Ello, mate! The new "floga" lounge is open to the public [...]

Dear Kate yoga pants promise no camel toe.

In today's you're doing what to where? to wear what? news. Women are getting their lady parts physically altered to look better in yoga pants. There, we said it. Technically called labiaplasty, the operation is the equivalent of a facelift except for the lips of your vagina. While some of these procedures are done for reasons [...]


Now, this is some very serious business. Have you farted in yoga class? Wait! Before you answer...let us rephrase. Have you ever attempted to hide a fart in yoga class? Sure, we all do it, we're human, we eat food, air gets trapped, it's got to get out somehow! Yoga poses just happen to be [...]

CorePower Yoga | image via DNAinfo/Alisa Hauser

It's sad and frightening to think a yoga teacher who'd been physically attacked by a student wouldn't be supported or protected by the yoga studio they work for. This appears to be the case in Chicago where a yoga teacher is claiming exactly that. CorePower Yoga teacher by the name of Yogi Danny B says [...]

Yoga Sculpt | image via CorePower

Everywhere you turn your head, more dumbbells. Weights, that is. What were you thinking? Body weight isn't enough anymore, and without getting too far into the CrossFit Yoga territory, we do keep hearing about how using weights in yoga class is the new cool trend. But maybe it's more about health than looks? “Weights add [...]

Hillary Clinton | photo credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Longer than any yoga marathon, the Benghazi hearings were a test of extreme endurance and a measure of patience. And also, insanity. Though maybe you've felt like you've held a yoga pose for 11 hours, we're pretty sure being in the position of scrutiny for that long would be a tough feat for anyone. Apparently, [...]


The Yoga Service Council needs our help. And, hey, we know about asking for help. The YSC, the group responsible for gathering together today's yoga service leaders in the first of its kind annual Yoga Service Conference, the organization highlighting the need for yoga service and encouraging social action and responsibility, is asking for a [...]

image via rainierbeachyoga.com

You'd think more diversity in yoga would bring us together, not tear us further apart. But what is inclusivity and accessibility to some is being seen as separation and alienation, even racism, to others. When a yoga studio in Seattle set out to create a safe space for people of color, they had no idea [...]


by Charlotte Bell In the past few days, I had the good fortune to attend the Parliament of the World’s Religions. I presented both a yoga class and a musical performance there, and attended quite a few panels and workshops. Leading panels and workshops were Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists, Agnostics and [...]


Heads up tattooed yogis. A man's Hindu goddess tattoo got him into some big trouble over the weekend. Australian tourists Matthew Gordon and his girlfriend were out for lunch in Bangalore, India when locals began harassing him after seeing his large shin tattoo of Yellamma the Hindu goddess of the fallen and India's lowest caste. [...]


In any given yoga class, we are bound to practice an abundance of poses which stretch our hamstrings and relatively few that actually strengthen them. This rarely-discussed imbalance in yoga sequencing tends to occur for two main reasons.

Steve Carter, Tantra Yoga teacher. | photo via ecstaticliving.com

This is a tragic story. Three people have been charged with the murder of 67-year-old Tantra Yoga teacher Steve Carter. Carter had been out walking his dog along a hiking trail in San Francisco's Marin County when he was fatally shot multiple times. A hiker discovered Carter's body on October 5th with his hand still holding [...]


Update: Giveaway extended and, thanks to Rodmell Press, we're adding one more! We've often been told that having a ritual of self-care is an important part of keeping the work/life or, well, life balance. But, really, how much time do we spend on tending to our own anatomy? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and if [...]


by Jillian Pransky The short story is...I'd been teaching yoga for about six years when I’d had my first panic attack. My 34-year-old sister-in-law had died recently and I’d gone to help pack up her possessions. On the way home, I felt like I, myself, was about to die. Driving from Maryland to New York [...]