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If yoga is truly for everyone why does it lack so much in diversity? Yoga is booming in America, which means more and more people are getting on their mats to practice - that's great! - but there's something missing. You don't have to look far - the nearest yoga class, yoga magazine, yoga festival [...]


Singer Kelly Rowland has kept her pregnancy fairly quiet and MAYBE that's because she's been meditating through most of it! OK, not exactly, but she is definitely enjoying some prenatal yoga and meditation, posting this lovely me-time photo on her facebook and instagram just under a month ago. According to Celeb Baby Watch aka People [...]


Emoga=Yoga+Emojis. If you didn't think yoga has already jumped the metaphorical shark with its trendy combos, then wait til you hear the latest tech-savvy mashup. Welcome to Emoga, where yoga classes and poses are dictated by the little emoticons aka emojis on your smartphone. We know! You're all like  :roll: 8-O :evil: We're not joking [...]

Yoga Tax protesters in Washington. | Lance Rosenfield/Prime

A new budget plan that would add 5.75 percent sales tax to fitness centers including yoga studios in Washington D.C. was approved Monday despite veto efforts from Mayor Vincent Gray. Gray vetoed the $12.64-billion spending plan on July 11, but that didn't hold against the D.C. Council who voted for the new plan 12-1. Gray, who's in [...]


Yoga and pets! We've seen some pretty special pet-enhanced yoga sessions, and by special we mean hilarious, adorable, mischievous and ouch! worthy. (see: classic cat yoga fail). Now we've got a collection of funny pet-terrupting yoga videos in one happy compilation, thanks to the Huffington Post. Prepare to laugh your tails off. ------ Earlier... Yoga [...]


  - Sign up for the YogaDork newsletter to receive all your updates automatically! - Yoga in America is super white. There are several theories for this. But is it racist? “Racism is so implicit that you never even notice that it’s a white girl on the cover every single time,” added Amy Champ, a PhD [...]


Both my rigorous academic training, laden with feminist analysis, and my yoga practice played equal valuable roles in my personal liberation and my social justice work in both the classroom and the wider civic community.


Taking yoga off the mat doesn't necessarily mean doing it in public in your underwear (unless you're Lady Gaga). Unfortunately, for one Ocala, Florida resident her demons took her too far past her edge and into the danger zone. Michele Cernak, 51, was high on drugs when cops responded to calls about a woman in her panties [...]


Meet the Yoga and Body Coalition, an alliance created to unite individual efforts in promoting inclusivity, active transformation, and physical, spiritual and mental empowerment in the yoga community.


This is not the first yoga pitch we were waiting for, (was anyone waiting for it?) but no doubt it's weird and interesting, and pretty uncomfortable. Honestly, we saw this in our news feed and ignored it long enough and finally had to watch it. "Striptease"? "Suggestive moves"? "Yoga"? All more than questionable, but one [...]

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