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In case you were wondering what yoga looks like from a dog's eye view. An updog's eye view, that is. Talk about going to the source. We can't wait to see the "humans interrupting dog yoga video" soon to go viral on Youtube. ------ Earlier... At-Home Yoga DON’T: Woman Accidentally Sends Dog Flying As She [...]


The following is an excerpt from The Mindful Way Through Stress by Shamash Alidina. Yoga as a Mindful Practice: Being Present in Your Body Yoga is a superb way to mindfully train yourself to live in the present. And sometimes, when you practice yoga in a mindful way, you may experience a state of flow. Flow is [...]


Cracking joints. We all do it. Sometimes unintentionally, sometimes out of habit, and sometimes to annoy our squeamish friend who equates popping knuckles to nails on a chalkboard. As yogis, you may find your joints crack even more or less than usual. But what's really happening when we do it? And, maybe more importantly, is [...]


When you have correct posture, your body efficiently resists gravity in the least stressful way on your physiological and structural systems. Posture is typically thought of as a static and statue-like position. How boring! In truth, posture is dynamic in nature, and managing it is a constant interplay between your moving body and the things you do with your body.

@yogabyhillary profile pic - "President Ascendant and First Yogi"

However you might feel about the Hillary Clinton email to-do, there's one thing we know we just can't let slide. Mrs. Clinton told the public in a press conference on Tuesday that she shared all of her work-related emails with the State Department, but she went ahead and deleted personal emails that were of no [...]


In the past few days, an article by a yoga teacher named Hemalayaa has been making the Facebook rounds. The author of the article expresses shock and disappointment at the use of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications by yoga teachers who, she opines, are just taking a “happy pill” rather than doing the hard work of dealing with their issues. She then offers suggestions as to how to get yourself over the hump of depression, such as practicing yoga, taking baths, dancing around your space, and going outside and breathing in the light.

Third graders at Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School do the Triangle pose during one of their bi-weekly yoga classes, Dec. 18, 2012. (photo: Kyla Calvert)

Yoga and kids, like crayons to coloring books, or is that Elsa to Frozen, or strategy to League of Legends? We're such olds these days. Anyway, yoga and kids go great together! And even more kids are practicing yoga today, according to a new study. Published in National Health Statistics Reports, the study surveyed 17,321 adults [...]


by Lucy Jay You’ve probably heard by now, Chinese New Year was on Thursday 2/19 and it’s now the Year of the Sheep. Well depending on your network, it is some version of the sheep, goat or horned animal, maybe with some green wood thrown in. Which one really depends on the culture interpreting the [...]

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Hi! We're celebrating International Women's Day with a flash giveaway. Honoring the women of yoga is important to us and we know it should extend to more than one day so we've teamed up with Rodmell Press to give away two fantastic books of female wisdom to last a lifetime: The Woman’s Yoga Book by Bobby [...]


If this doesn't get you out of your seat we don't know what will. OK maybe this (the greatest dance flash mob of all time). This fascinating and downright sobering video from Murat Dalkilinç, via TEDEd, digs into the effects and risks of sitting for long periods of time. The spine in particular really gets the shaft when we [...]


March 6, 2015. It’s YD LOTW! Our semi-regular weekly post sharing all the linkies we might have missed or didn’t post about but are worth a mention. Check in every Friday for your weekly catch up. Sign up here for our weekly newsletter bringing you all the yogadorkiness straight to your inbox. Human man actor Chris Hemsworth [...]

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Need beer after yoga, but no way to carry it? We've got your solution! Sure it looks like a yoga mat bag, but unzip and  - surprise! - it's actually a cooler for six cans of ice cold beer to enjoy with your friends (or, you know, by yourself...it's been a long week.) Created by [...]

Snowga in Bozeman, Montana. |  Photo credit Lynn Donaldson for The New York Times

We've joked about snowga before; it's been such a snowy winter, what else are we to do? But the snowga is real. For the uninitiated, or living in warmer climes, snowga = yoga + snow. Because neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night stay these yogis from the swift completion of their [...]


This is a public service announcement: At-home yoga is great. At-home yoga can be one of the most wonderful practices and habits one could pick up for overall health and wellness. At-home yoga should be practiced in the clear of sharp objects, furniture and living breathing creatures who could get the kibble knocked out of [...]