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Yoga and pets! We've seen some pretty special pet-enhanced yoga sessions, and by special we mean hilarious, adorable, mischievous and ouch! worthy. (see: classic cat yoga fail). Now we've got a collection of funny pet-terrupting yoga videos in one happy compilation, thanks to the Huffington Post. Prepare to laugh your tails off. ------ Earlier... Yoga [...]


  - Sign up for the YogaDork newsletter to receive all your updates automatically! - Yoga in America is super white. There are several theories for this. But is it racist? “Racism is so implicit that you never even notice that it’s a white girl on the cover every single time,” added Amy Champ, a PhD [...]


Both my rigorous academic training, laden with feminist analysis, and my yoga practice played equal valuable roles in my personal liberation and my social justice work in both the classroom and the wider civic community.


Taking yoga off the mat doesn't necessarily mean doing it in public in your underwear (unless you're Lady Gaga). Unfortunately, for one Ocala, Florida resident her demons took her too far past her edge and into the danger zone. Michele Cernak, 51, was high on drugs when cops responded to calls about a woman in her panties [...]


Meet the Yoga and Body Coalition, an alliance created to unite individual efforts in promoting inclusivity, active transformation, and physical, spiritual and mental empowerment in the yoga community.


This is not the first yoga pitch we were waiting for, (was anyone waiting for it?) but no doubt it's weird and interesting, and pretty uncomfortable. Honestly, we saw this in our news feed and ignored it long enough and finally had to watch it. "Striptease"? "Suggestive moves"? "Yoga"? All more than questionable, but one [...]

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What happens when three pro wrestlers try to practice yoga in the ring? Tight bods, wobbles, and farts, apparently! Yes, their form is a bit off, but it's somewhat charming these TNA wrestlers are earnestly demonstrating what they've learned in yoga class - "Down Dog" one dude says...."Yeah, Downward Dog," another dude corrects. Hey guys, it's Downward [...]

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If you’re a yogi and you know it, clap your hands! I hear a lot of e-claps out there, as I do when I sing this song to the beans at my kid's yoga studio. I am Lauren Chaitoff, the Founder and Co-Owner of Yogi Beans, a children’s yoga program based in New York City.

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And every so often we're inspired by a story of yoga for good! Sam Chelanga is a distance runner living in New Hampshire, though his roots lead him back to a remote village in Kenya where clean water is scarce and can be cause for disease. But Chelanga wants to change that. So far he's [...]


In the pursuit of health through yoga, the challenge is often more about shifting ingrained sensibilities than addressing physical limitations. Attempting to tune, fix, quantify, purify or explain a human body, as though it were more a piece of equipment in need of optimization or repairs than a highly temperamental organism, is not likely to heal the wounds or set a necessary course for well being.