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Happy Solstice, yogsters! As is tradition, thousands of yogis have taken their co-sponsored mats to the mecca of creative chaos, New York City's Time Square to beckon the sun on the summer solstice. It's cloudy skies in NYC today, but we have hope there will be enough sun salutations to bring about a glimpse or [...]


Speaking of defying "yoga body" stereotypes. Meet Phyllis Sues. At 85 she walked into her first yoga class and it changed her life. At 92 she's got us so inspired we feel like dancing the tango. (More on that later!) Phyllis Sues, born April 4, 1923, got the dance bug early. Before she was 20, [...]


image via @MyNameIsJessamyn Sadly, we're still at a point where we need photographic reminders that yoga is for every body. The good news, however, is there are some folks out there who are dead set on proving it. Thanks to Instagram (thanking Instagram? this won't happen often), images of yogis with bodies of all shapes [...]

'Shripad Naik, India's first minister overseeing yoga and traditional medicine, practicing yoga in the garden at his residence.' | photo: Kuni Takahashi for The New York Times

International Yoga Day sounded like it could be all happy one-love, but it is just not sitting well with everyone. The Indian government has been putting out fires ever since the UN declared June 21st International Yoga Day. Are they promoting a Hindu nationalist agenda? Are sun salutations religious? Does yoga amount to worship? All [...]

B.C. Premier Christy Clark announcing "Om the Bridge." | image via globalnews.ca

If you're not from Canada, or specifically Vancouver, you might not be aware of the huge kerfuffle over an International Yoga Day event that threatened to divide the city and the local yoga community. In short, the event, titled "Om the Bridge," was a massive yoga class planned by British Columbia Premier Christy Clark, sponsored by [...]


We're sorry if you're just beginning to lay that earworm down for savasana, but this was too cute not to share. Meghan Trainor's catchy tune gets a new spin and a kick of prana with the help of some yoga peeps who know it's "all about that base"...AKA your foundation. Get it? This is some [...]


Yoga and cats? Genius! Let us explain. An animal shelter in Illinois recently teamed up with a local yoga studio to have a very special benefit/adoption event/kitty cat yoga class - which is a pretty fantastic idea considering that quite possibly the cutest cat poses we've ever seen ever are those from our feline friends. [...]

Indian schoolchildren practicing yoga at Delhi Public School in Hyderabad. photo credit: Mahesh Kumar/AP

International Yoga Day may seem exciting for the world, but it's not making everyone happy, especially in India. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it his mission to lead yoga's cultural rebirth, or at least reclaim its roots, there have been some critics on the sidelines questioning his methods and intentions. For the Muslim [...]


Every year the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York puts on a yogathon. A yoga what? It's not exactly what you think. And it's probably not exactly what you think of when you think of Iyengar Yoga. This Yogathon is more of a benefit event to help raise money for the Institute's regular programs and [...]


Hey, we're giving away this book! Goldie Hawn is not just a famous Academy Award-winning actress, she's also an author and a huge advocate for mindfulness. (If you don't know Goldie as an actress, please put Overboard, Wildcats and The First Wives Club on your queue right now.) Goldie Hawn's books, A Lotus Grows in [...]


"The military is very good at training you for combat, but what happens when it's over?" C.J. Keller is a U.S. Marine Corps. veteran still trying to recover from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder 10 years after his deployment to Iraq. Despite taking anti-anxiety medication, nothing seemed to help enough to bring him peace from [...]


by Charlotte Bell I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1990. During that year Aadil Palkhivala frequented the Big Island to teach workshops. I was fortunate to get to work with him a number of times and very much appreciated the depth of his practice and teachings, even way back then. One of [...]


Salty dog gets a whole new meaning. Say hello to halotherapy, the latest trend in yoga. No, it's nothing to do with angels, but for allergy sufferers, it's touted to be heavenly. Halotherapy, which is the fancy name for salt therapy (halos means salt in Greek, by the way), is actually pretty old, like millenia [...]

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Yoga is ancient, but that down dog? He's just a pup. Journalist Michelle Goldberg says that we're all speaking with our feet in our mouths when we say our yoga practice, particularly asana, is thousands of years old. "Probably the greatest myth is when you do these poses, when you do sun salutations or the [...]