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Calling all yogadorks! We need your help…Vote for YD! Once again we've been nominated for Intent.com's Web Awards for Best In Yoga. Huzzah! And maybe we even have a chance of winning this time, but we need your help! Please show your love. Click here and vote for YD! We're truly honored to be in [...]

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It's the Great American YogaDork Road Trip. We made it to the West Coast! First stop: Portland, Oregon. Thoughts? Super! Portland welcomed us yanks with open arms and espresso (these northwesterners are serious about their espresso. more on that later) Our first yoga stop was the lovely Bhaktishop in Portland's southeast quarter. We took class [...]


Happiest of happy birthdays to a legend of modern yoga, Sri K Pattabhi Jois. The student of T. Krishnamacharya and founder of Ashtanga yoga, the vigorous vinyasa practice we know today (and Madonna's fave), would have turned 96 this year.  Guruji passed away in May 2009, but his legacy lives on on the mat, and in his famous words, "Practice, practice, [...]

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The chakras are kind of like the sweet spots of yoga: a rainbow of fruit flavors that are magically delicious!  If you caught those references you had way too much sugar and/or TV growing up in the 80s. Here we have the Ultimate Chakra Chart, once again from the talented, puzzle-solving mind of Alison Hinks. Luckily for [...]


It is sweltering hot! But hey, it's summer, are we not supposed to be sweating like heathens in an ashram? We salute the sun after all, so let's show that bright shining ball in the sky that we are grateful for all it does, but for the love of ice cubes, we could use a [...]


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The physiological effects of Abdominal Breathing (belly breathing) is a gift we’ve been given, but too many of us have become accustomed to Thoracic Breathing (chest breathing) and end up living in a state of fight or flight. Watch this video below for your how to guide for abdominal breathing, but first, let me explain….


Another for the 'Yoga's Not For Wussies File'... "I also did some yoga, which sounds kind of funny. I actually didn’t know how much it was going to help, but it helps balance out your body. They try to find weaknesses in your body and work on them so they catch up with the rest [...]


First order of business, rose-colored pop star and aerial artist, Pink, had a baby! Her name is Willow Sage. Congrats! And then she tried to take little Willow to yoga. It seems the two are inseparable, but maybe mama's girl is "trouble" just like her mama. Or perhaps baby Willow just wanted to "get the [...]


It's July, it's summer, it's hot. We know! What else is there to do, but yoga and lounge about? (in your dreams) How about yoga-ing and lounging whilst shopping for new yoga gear on beebliss.com with your shiny new $75 gift card? (er , code, whatever. it's the interweb era) WIN: The lazy hazy days [...]


Not to be outdone by the peace lovin' yoga festivus circuit, the Ashtanga community is joining together for their very own yoga showdown. And none of you yella bellied posers are invited! Just kidding, they didn't actually say that. They did, however, make sure we're clear this is not a "festival" necessitating fire eaters on [...]