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Uh oh, are we about to have a 'Thriller'-esque showdown at the cemetery? TMZ reports, Devotees of Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) are intending to make their pilgrimage to the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, CA for the regular prayer ritual today. Namaste! But the structure is also home to the resting body of late pop [...]


Oh no Robbie has to stop his footie! Because he's joining Take That for a reunion tour after 15 years and can't be injured for his big dance moves, so he's taking on yoga instead! Say what? Hold on. If you're American you may remember Robbie Williams best as one of the four studly gentleman [...]


And the beat goes on! It's the third straight and full weekend in a row of teacher training action - which, mind you, is different from movement. More on that later. It's been a whirlwind trip on YD express lately so it felt fantastic to go back to basics for this week's YTT theme "teaching [...]


If we thought last week was showing signs of the yogapocalypse, we'd been blissfully under prepared for what The New York Times had in store! Seriously, where was the in-flight safety card demonstration? To borrow a word from the most talked about NYT-On-Yoga article from last Sunday - that one about the state of yoga [...]


Times Square is a circus! Talk about a Public Display of Yoga, these guys wrote the rule book.  Presenting the Acro Yogis of NYC!  If you've been to any yoga parties/hooplas/broohahas, in NYC especially, you've encountered at least a couple of these yogi daredevils hoisting folks into the air with the draw of Cirque du [...]


OK here goes... The New York Times 'Yoga’s Serious. Except When It’s Not.' Official response: HOLY MOLY!


OMG Sarah Silverman. With all of her facetious wisecracking on touchy taboo topics like racism, religion, lesbian kisses and f**king Matt Damon, it's revealed via twitter (where else?) that the potty-mouthed comedian takes her sass to the mat! Considered one of the "hottest" female performers in her genre we imagine yoga practice only helps to [...]


On July 19th The New York Times published an article in the Sunday Magazine entitled "The Yogul Mogul", an in-depth look at Anusara, Inc., it's leader (the mogul) John Friend, and essentially framing the overall big picture of the thriving state of this modern day yoga industry. It was not a fluff piece, and many [...]


Oh hello there Mr. Sexy Eyes! We hope that's just your post-yoga grin, not your post-yoga 'that blood smoothie was delicious!' face. That handsome fellow there is one Mr. Ian Somerhalder, who broke more than a few hearts as Boone on Lost. Remember that show? Sadly, his character died, but fear not, he is alive [...]


So we're going to guess you have all been appraised of the latest media blitz on yoga in America - 'yoga moguls'! it's all posers! commoditization and Star Wars Yoga! Well if you're curious at all how we got from point A to point Brandname then you may be interested in reading Stefanie Syman's book [...]


We love Beth Lapides! The queen of turning that frown upside down...dog. hm. We've been fans of Beth since posting about her witty collection of essays “My Other Car Is a Yoga Mat” in which we decidedly deemed her the "indelible upward-facing madame of comedy." And don't think we just go around saying that about [...]


Yoga candy! For simply no other reason than your viewing pleasure (and historical context?) here is Marilyn Monroe, from 1948, yoga posing. These photos, some of which were featured in LIFE mag, have been floating around for a while (obviously, they're from over 5 decades ago!) but we thought it only fitting to add Miss [...]


The latest in the 'NYTimes on Yoga' file (they love it!) is an urging message to all American yogis: If you're going to continue redefining to the world what yoga is, can y'all stop being (just) posers? In the article "Posing for Fitness" the author accentuates his cause by comparing two recent books on yoga's [...]


There's been plenty of outcry and response on the interwebs over the less than lovey-dovey 'Yoga Mogul' NYTimes article. Yet, John Friend himself has remained commentless, er mostly. JF is a bona fide twitterbug dispatching tweets from the road; the road being all over the planet as he spreads the Anusara seed. We know he's [...]