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Er, nice stick. Here he is, Mr. pro golfer Camilo Villegas, naked as a birdie! Camilo is one of the cover stars for this year's ESPN the Magazine's "Body Issue" where a bunch of athletes dropped trou to bare their assets...cause it's all the rage, don't you know! What do you think, yoga pose? We [...]


It's a new moon! Rejoice! Whatever that means for you, let it mark a new awakening to life, love, happiness, laughter at YogaDawg getting naked for Bud! Seriously, if you've been feeling the tug of cosmic frustration like an astronomical pain the asana, we feel you. Hang in there. Just take a good glance up [...]

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Here we go...More controversy over yoga and religion! And now it's making major headlines, but, nope, this is not new. The NY Daily News has a bit about Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler and his vocal anti-yoga evangelizing, positing that Christianity and yoga are incompatible. This was all brought to light after an interview [...]


September was National Yoga Month! Remember? And the NYM organization put together a mighty video of 25 anointed yoga masters to help promote awareness and also raise money for Yoga-Recess, but had us wondering about these "TITANS", those that were omitted, and how we hear a clap of thunder every time the word is uttered...strange. [...]


YogaDorks Around the World: If you haven't already viewed this, it's a sight! Earlier this week the 2010 Commonwealth Games kicked off in India (kinda like the Olympics, but for the Commonwealth of Nations aka former British Empire). Among the opening ceremony spectacles was a 'Padma Asana' yoga presentation performed by 900 Delhi school kids! [...]


More yoga in the army news! Great pic above - and no the soldier is not standing on his back! Look closer. (yes they are wearing socks, but that's a purple mat...baby steps) This is straight from Army.mil so you know it's serious. Not only is yoga now included in basic training, we're seeing it [...]


YogaDawg joins the naked yoga trend with his latest RARE bare dawg bottom shilling for brews. Where's your beer yoga mat dawg? ------ Earlier... Are Yoga Ads Too Sexy? Have Your Say on Judith Lasater vs Yoga Journal, ToeSox Nudegate Jivamukti Teachers Get Naked for PETA Six-Pack Yoga: Presenting the Beer Yoga Mat!


Ack. Peggy had a "Yogi" moment on Sunday night's Mad Men (season 4, episode 11) and it was...super awkward! Fully swinging in the '60s now, we're seeing all the evidence creeping up at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce, where Peggy's spiriting the beatnik/hippie culture. We love this yogi reference as a sign of the changing times, [...]


Hey, guys do yoga too! A recent article in The New York Times highlights once again the manly approach to yoga practice, and an increase of men eschewing the stereotype that yoga has to be a strictly feminine and/or wussy thing. Is it because now even athletes like LeBron James, Amani Toomer, Lance Armstrong and [...]


The latest YD article for YogaCityNYC: An Eating-Listening Experience NYC is a mecca for international culinary delights. So it's not unusual to get wafts of exotic spices or hear ethnic music piping from the speakers while waiting in line for your falafel. But have you ever wondered if what you're listening to affects your food? [...]


And that's a wrap! National Yoga Month 2010 has come to a close, but it doesn't mean we have to lose our team spirit! What did you learn or experience that will continue to be a part of your yoga practice? A new favorite pose? A semi-regular home practice? (hey we know how tough that [...]


Well this just made our week. Check out this adorable animation from Harold's Planet. Thanks to fellow yogiblogger Jenn over at JennPesce.com for the heads up!


Hey, it's the BIG BOOK OF YOGA! Every once in a while we come across some fabulous yoga resources on these vast interwebs, and we had to share this with you! Author Andrew (we don't know his last name) Reece compiled a phenomenal book on Hatha Yoga and put it online for each and every [...]


Yoga for good! This event is happening next week, so we need your help! Come out for 108 Sun Salutations with Elena Brower, yummy snacks, raffles, live performances and other fun stuff! YD is joining forces with Jenn Pesce of yogadeals for the Yoga Blogger Team. Join us! Or if you'd prefer, please donate what [...]