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CELEBRIYOGI SCOOP! Lady G Does the Y O G A! There she is, the Gag after the yog! Just taking time out from her grueling tour schedule to get in a little down time, like literally DOWN off those milk crates she calls shoes. Photo fresh in from Ms. Sandy Gross (left), founder/director of Evolution [...]


Look everyone, celebs! Recording music for yoga! A new cd series volume 1 is about to drop, and profits will go towards supporting yoga and fitness programs for underserved youth. It's The Yoga Revolution! And who are these charitable (superstar) citizens contributing their gift of music? Why none other than the peace-loving likes of Sheryl [...]


No weapons? That's funny, we always bring our guns to yoga class! *ba-dum tish* 'The Office' star Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute, learns the hard way and lives to twitter about it. We could imagine the goof getting carried away with Warrior poses...please say it was a samurai sword!  (thanks to @johansigurdson for the yogadar [...]


With all these world record yoga events and baited sun breaths waiting for the Eat, Pray, Love merchandising avalanche, have we really forgotten about the Fatwa? The wha? Hey, watch your language! No, really, at the end of 2008 and early '09 we had fatwas flying out from every direction. OK, mostly the east. To [...]


Serena, the Williams sister as famously known for slinging expletives on the court as swinging a tennis racket wants you to know she no longer considers her "big boobs and massive butt" matters of profanity. It's been a two-decade long journey to embrace her own curvy body and stop comparing herself to big sister Venus, she explains [...]


This week was one for the history books. If you're a Northeastern American you know what we're talking about! America's birthday ushered us in from fireworks to a triple digit heat wave providing us all with free hot yoga classes right there on the pavement! Oy. Hope y'all are staying hydrated! A Yoga Master was [...]


OMG there's a fashion collection! Fashion designer Sue Wong has created a special Eat, Pray, Love - inspired line to go on sale at your local Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, and some exclusively on Home Shopping Network during their EPL fest in early August. Also part of the merchandising bonanza, Naeem Khan and [...]


Burning Q from the interweb pipeline: Should parents bring small children into Bikram class?? A blogger at MomLogic had a WTF moment this past weekend when much to her shock there was a pint-sized yogi practicing on the mats in Bikram class. Apparently a mom had brought along her 4-year-old daughter to sweat her little [...]


Today in science... Talk about high-tech awesomeness, pilot Andre Borschberg just made history with the first overnight flight in a solar-powered airplane. Congrats! Because he had to stay wide awake for 24 hours, Mr B. was fitted with a special suit with vibrating sleeves that would alert him if he nodded off or strayed off course. [...]


Homicide Confirmed: As an update to the sad news of the death of 70-year-old Berlin, PA yogi Sidharman, the latest police reports reveal it was murder. Not sure why it took forensic science, but after an autopsy they found cause of death to be multiple gunshot wounds from a small caliber weapon. It gets worse: [...]


Greetings yogadorks! We're super excited to announce that we will be interviewing Stefanie Syman, author of yoga tell-all The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga in America, and we'll be asking YOUR questions! So please submit any and all Qs below in the comments (or you can email at yogadork(at)gmail.com). Doesn't matter if you've read [...]


Awesome, so can you wrap your feet over your head? We've heard that one before! (cue: eye roll) Which, if you're in the right crowd, unfailingly leads to the inevitable freaky sex position exchange, either verbal "Are you into Tantra? Like Sting and Diddy??" or the unspoken, raise of the eyebrows etc - it's debatable [...]


From New Berlin, PA: In odd and disturbing news, Sudharman, director of Integral Yoga Center, 428 Market St., New Berlin, was found dead Monday evening in the studio. Right, we know people dying isn't news, but the fact that authorities are "still trying to determine how he died,”  and will be running an autopsy, not [...]


Is this the face of happy baby er what? We've heard our share of  '[insert celeb] Loses ALL Her Baby Weight with [insert trendy exercise fad]!' headlines. (said in our best Paris Hilton...) Like OMG, you look totes fab girlfriend! Truth be told, a healthy portion of credit lately has been dished out to a [...]