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From the celebriyogi rumor mill: Jessica Biel kicked out of yoga class for etiquette taboo #9,0210 - verboten blackberry offense! Drat! And we just got done talking up her yogadorkiness and JB goes and pulls the contraband smuggler maneuver. Everyone knows cell phone use in class makes for frowny yogis, even in Hollywood, where smiles [...]


While Yoga at the Great Lawn got washed out by nature's sprinkler system, Times Square Solstice Yoga was bathed in sunshine and sun saluters. Over 5,000 pre-registered this year from 31 different countries. Check out the awesomeness in pictures below. More at The Huffington Post. Earlier...Watch Summer Solstice Yoga LIVE in Times Square via Webcam! [...]


Just minutes after announcing the official new World's Record (urdb.org) for largest registered yoga class, cheers! Down came the rain and washed the yogis out!* Elena took the stage around 7:30 accompanied by the one and only Dharma Mittra and fellow yogi demo-ers (including Sadie Nardini and Alison West).  There was a wave of "om's" [...]


Can't make it to Yoga at the Great Lawn? Bummer, we'll miss you! But don't fret yogis and dorks, you can join in or just gawk online thanks to Yogaglo who's hosting the live feed. yay. Watch it LIVE below! Maybe you'll see us...we'll be the ones wearing black :P The purported epicness, and possibly [...]

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Do you watch 'Party Down'? You should, it's hilarious! The show's now in season 2, but it's on the Starz network, so we forgive you if you have no idea what we're talking about. Lucky for you, though, we've scouted a super funny clip from a few episodes ago for your viewing entertainment. And it's [...]


Happy Summer everyone! Happy Solstice! Couldn't make it to celebrate the Summer Solstice in Times Square? Watch it live on the webcam! It's pretty trippy. afternoon classes 3:30pm and 6pm EST. (this message brought to you by the internet is awesomeness) Hey! If you're there in the middle of sticky midtown on this super sunny [...]


A new international trailer! It's actually quite similar to the first one released back in March, but now with 90% more Javier Bardem (he speaks!), but sadly no James Franco. thanks to /flim Also...in case you've been keeping tabs, the 'Eat' movie poster debuted a few weeks ago, but we spied the 'Love' one at [...]


We haven't even seen this one on TV yet, but maybe that's because we're wrapped up in B-boy yogis, not racing cars. Attention yoga dudes, it's an ad for a fancy new face-chewer (as our Dad would put it), featuring NASCAR stars! Somehow yoga class + NASCAR's "Young Guns" Kyle Busch, Clint Bowyer, and Joey [...]


We have such news! And enormous amounts of gratitude to pour forth to the entire #yogadork community. We're in!* The 300hr training is so on and we really can't thank everyone enough for digging into their pockets and/or couches for contributions of support. Amazing! Just about a month ago we put out the call for [...]


OK we admit it, we're suckers for So You Think You Can Dance! Getting our fill of televised competitive dancing is a regular requirement around here. And you can imagine the excitement when our YD radar went off during last night's episode! B-boy Jose Ruiz aka "full deck", who describes himself as both "smooth" and [...]


Speaking of staple tunes for yoga playlists, one miss Sarah McLachlan is pretty much the self-reflecting singer-songwriter anthem queen! She's penned more soulful ballads than tissues in our tissue box, and has just released (yesterday) another album "Laws of Illusion" full of heartfelt elucidations, this time inspired by her 2008 split from hubs of 11 [...]


Hey India, shake what your mama gave you! Or as a Wall Street Journal article points out, at least start by taking a big bite of this gazillion dollar yoga sandwich, eh? After all, you started it, right? And everyone else is eating the cookies out of your jar. (is it lunchtime?) Lindsay Clinton takes [...]


Breaking! Video gamers trade blasting bad guys for virtual yoga class!* Ha, just kidding. Microsoft held a big fancy launch party on Sunday night to kick off, and show off, Kinect, (previously known as Project Natal) and their new Xbox 360 contribution to the fitness gaming world, Kinect Sports (think Wii Fit). As part of [...]


It seems people have been flipping a frenzy over the new mysterious Pearl Jam song that leaked over the internets last week. Mandolins and accordions accompany Eddie Vedder's unmistakable vocals to the beat of what could be described as a tribal drum circle. Oh? Is it a PJ album B-side as so many guessed? Nope! [...]