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Betsey Johnson's "BJ Kicks A" Fall 2013 collection

A fashion show runway, not the first place that comes to mind when you think of yoga. Or even yoga fashion. But leave it to the creative and technicolored mind of veteran designer Betsey Johnson to bring a wild and wacky yoga spectacle to New York Fashion Week. Debuting her new "active wear" fall line entitled [...]

Your Brain on Thoughts

Practices in cognitive restructuring, like mindfulness meditation and self-compassion exercises, can help relieve stress and anxiety and improve your mood. And so, yoga on. Cognitive restructuring? Sounds a little 1984/The Matrix sci-fi. Get out of our brains! But the truth is we're all guilty of some sort of cognitive distortions at one time or another. Taking [...]

Be My YogaDork

Hello lovers. We may still be in the frosty grips of a wintery February, but there's something about a holiday focused on melty chocolate and ooey gooey sentiments that tends to warm the heart. Either that or we should turn down this electric blanket we got for Christmas from its "oven roaster" setting. In any [...]

Krishna Das performs at the 2013 Grammys

Did you watch the Grammys? Krishna Das didn't win in his category, but he did kirtan the krap out of that Grammy stage in the pre-telecast performance with host David Alan Grier, who kindly introduced KD as "yoga's rockstar" a "worldwide icon" and "the best selling chant artist of all time" with over 300,000 records [...]

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Free class! Every couple of weeks or so we rotate out this free online yoga class hosted by YogaVibes, featuring various teachers and styles of yoga. Check it out. Gooooood morning, yogsters! Been wanting to start your day right with yoga? Here's your 30 minute practice to kickstart your routine and begin your best day ever. Yoga. [...]

Underwater Yoga

Don't let your dreams just float by. Well, whaddya know. Fish pose can be done under water. There's water ballet, water polo, Spandeau Ballet, paddleboard yoga so why not water yoga? And world records to justify its impressive aquatic dazzletude? Meet 70-year-old Y. Narasimha Murthy, the new World Telugu Book of Records holder for performing the most [...]


Greetings, yogadorks! Welcome to the perfect storm. We've got Blizzard Nemo (only 12 more winter storms to go until YOGI!) snowing us in on the Northeast, the Grammys with Krishna Das on Sunday and our totally awesomest yoga playlist cued up to keep us warm until then. Also, chai and snacks. This is a blizzard [...]

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Justin Bieber in Shrugasana, and/or his best Fonzie impression. Aaaayyy! Pardon the series of celebriyogi news this week, but we couldn't resist sharing the image of the Biebs in yoga class with Adam Levine, even if it's a steaming hot spoonful of Hollywood gossip. First thought: aw, Bieber's going to yoga! But, excuse us, it's Justin [...]


photo via: spiralwellness.com   How many times are you in yoga class, you hear a new song and think, whoa who is this? I love this! I must hear it again! The XX? We rest our case. As it turns out you're not the only ones scoring on the new (or sometimes old) tuneful finds, [...]