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Hey hey it's September! It's Yoga Month! Joy! Elation! Sorry, just trying extra hard here, we know a lot of folks are going back to school, returning from vaca etc. Got to keep the spirits up! The team at Yoga Month HQ this year are bringing the big guns, the TITANS to be exact, to [...]


Via Well+Good NYC Naked bums for our animal chums! NYC yoga teachers go au naturale in support of PETA. Sadly, all we're missing are Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. ----- Earlier... Tara Stiles Launches ‘Slim, Calm, Sexy’ Yoga to Acclaim, Insult, Revolt (see marketing) Caption This: BKS Iyengar Blesses Bikram Choudhury in India? [...]


Now YOU can be sexy is just 15 minutes a day! Whoa, hold the twinkies, are you talking about yoga? This is the marketing message of Tara Stiles' new book Slim, Calm, Sexy, three little words that unlock a whole smorgasbord of emotions, connotations and a motherload of self-consciousness, maybe even worse than camel toe. [...]


So Bikram and Iyengar walk into a bar...well, sorta. My, Bikram, what a bulbous shiny dome you have, perfect for 'circus' tricks like headstand! Let me get you a strap, for your ego, er...elbows. The above photo has us tickled with befuddlement. This was not photoshopped! Via facebook: Bikram receiving a blessing from BKS Iyengar! [...]


The past 2 weeks have been a blur! And that's partially due to a potent cocktail of yoga yoga yoga, dog days of almost-fall weather, and the flu that put me flat on my back for 3 days earlier this week. No need to be alarmed! Just a little break from the rabbit race for [...]


Holy cowboy! It's dueling funny yoga videos! First Star Wars Yoga, and now these buckaroos have come to rule the roost. It's Cowboy Yoga! Let Connie and his pardner teach you how to get your ass-in-a correct position. It's a little slow going, but these western yoga wranglers know to take their time to git-er-done. [...]


Remember Star Wars Yoga? Now there's an instructional video! Dork out. Connect to The Force... How did we not get invited to this class? Via Techland ------ Earlier... Yoda Goes Yogi: Introducing Star Wars Yoga Hipster Yoga: A How-To Guide, Thank Goodness


Were you sad over the Central Park Yoga wash-out? Pissed about being stuck in the long lines? Annoyed by the in-your-face brand marketing transcending the yoga message? We don't blame you, it was a bummer! But when Yoga @ the Great Lawn was the largest, shortest yoga class on record due to inclement weather, the [...]

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Can you believe it's almost the end of unofficial summer? It's back to school time already! Well we can't provide you with a new pair of shoes for your first day, or you know, for work or whatever you do, but hey we can help you with your back to school book list. Everybody needs [...]


Breaking news! Could it be true? Has LiLo signed on for Bikram yoga teacher training? After serving just 13 days of a 90 day jail sentence and only 22 days of a court-ordered 90 day drug rehab stay - time flies! - Lindsay Lohan has been released back into the world! Prepping for a new [...]


Speaking of Kim Kardashian's posterior...(ahem) we know you're curious how she keeps her shape right? Glory be! It's yoga! Here she is in all her tangerine glory, the 29-year-old demonstrating yoga moves in her backyard for the UK's Daily Mail, you know, as celebrities do. Turns out Ms. K does yoga, watches what she eats [...]


Yoga is for everyone; not just stinky white people. Yoga is for black people too. WARNING: As offensive and immature as you might expect from Funny or Die -- child's pose is renamed the "R Kelly" pose, etc. Possibly NSFW. (FYI, Shakti-Shakti Lionhead Park aka Deborah S. Craig is an actress) Earlier... NSFW Hot Yoga [...]


The Washington Post has joined in on the 'Yoga Wars' debate (who named it this anyway?) It's been said the battles began when sweaty star Bikram Choudhury moved to patent his sequence of 26 poses back in '04. Since then we've been hearing more and more about India reclaiming their ancient heritage by documenting yoga, [...]


What's cooler than yoga-ing in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium accompanied by musical stylings from Wade Morissette (Alanis' yogatastic twin brother) for the largest yoga class in Texas? How bout all of that PLUS helping to fight against breast cancer? About 400 people showed up for an event in Dallas this past Saturday that reportedly raised [...]