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by J. Brown I have only been in one fight. It was in the third grade. I don’t recall what the impetus was but it ended up in war of words between me and another boy on the basketball court. I remember deciding to hit him but when I went to strike my arm went [...]


Oh dear, just a few days until THE END. Of the Harry Potter sensational series that is! The final episode shall arrive in theaters this weekend, but 'tis never the end to the magic! If HP is as great as every wide-eyed kid absorbed in the hype, mystical creatures and wizardry thinks it is we [...]

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It's summer! You know how we know? Our skin has taken on consistent spritzer mode and our face has that familiar hot-yoga flushed, shiny sweat gleam. ALL THE TIME. Beauteous! But we shall take measures to mightily conquer the heat and quench our thirst! What's the perfect summertime refresher and replenesher? Coconut water! And we're [...]


When we stumbled across this kick-ass side-by-side comp of Star Wars and Harry Potter, we couldn't resist creating a yogic spin. And with all the "Friend" references, Anusara was parallelerrific. Now, whether you think yoga is kula, clique, or cult, you can still have a laugh whilst drinking Master Guru Yoda's Kool-Aid of Oneness. Fear [...]


UPDATE 7/17/11: This is really happening! The route so far brings us to the Pacific West Coast to start - Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, CA Coast, Carson City, Vegas, Grand Canyon, who knows in between. Where should we stop? Where can we yoga, crash, refuel? We still need your help! It's the summer of love! [...]


Tech is booming once again and so is the number of folks wishing they could work at an office with Foosball tables, indoor treehouses, beer on tap and air guitar contests. Such is the life in startup city where investors are billionaires, Ashton Kutcher and MC Hammer, and co-founders, shy of 30, make it a [...]


YD recently had a chat with Yoga Tune Up® creator and YogaDork Ed faculty expert, Jill Miller, on her favorite and not-so-favorite poses, post-yoga snacks and after 25 years of practice what makes her a yogadork. Read on! YD: What was one pose you were originally not so fond of but have now grown to [...]


"Probably a lot more yoga, a lot more golf. If there’s a long lockout, this will probably give a kind of preseason type retirement situation, if you look at it that way too. Those are maybe some of the things, maybe play tennis, but pretty much just work out and get ready for the season." [...]

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Happy Independence Day, America! And every one else! Can't we all celebrate independence and freedom? Why of course we can. Freedom from anxiety, freedom from stress, from fear, from attachment. Freedom from being annoyed by thrifters, bless their hearts, taking too long in the supermarket checkout line because the hot dogs they picked up aren't [...]

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Breaking! Cher and Prince have mated and conceived a spawn of yoga! Here she is, the black widow of yoga pop, Lady Gaga visiting Pure Yoga in Taipai, Taiwan the other day in what is obviously the most appropriate Gaga-ish yoga attire we've ever seen. Finally! We knew those Bikram undies wouldn't last. And it's [...]