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Jennifer Landmesser, Yoga in the Dark

Ten years ago Jennifer Landmesser's retinas started mysteriously deteriorating. After years of failed medical treatments and decreasing eyesight, a gluten-free diet finally helped stop what was diagnosed as degenerative retina disease. Now legally blind, Landmesser, a former adrenaline junkie, career paramedic and generally active outdoorsy type, has had to make some major life changes. Good thing [...]

Warrior Pose

This post is by contributor Ben King, an Iraq War veteran who returned home in 2007. With his blog Armor Down, Ben began documenting his journey to finding relief from stress and physical discomfort through mindfulness and yoga. From armoring up his mind and body for war in the army to finding ways to armor [...]


When British comedian Russell Brand isn't keeping us up on the LA yoga protest-liberation scene, or entertaining 100s of yogis plus Demi Moore at his home, he's probably trying to release his Kundalini energy (in a totally nonsexual way) or saying something outrageous and/or hilarious. This time it's the latter, thanks to Tom Cruise. Brand [...]

Swiss Yoga, Holy Cow

Meanwhile in Zurich, Switzerland: The high court has ruled that parents of a kindergartener overreacted when they claimed their son's school yoga class was interfering with their Christian beliefs. See? The Swiss, which we might have assumed would remain rather balanced on the issue, are just like us and go to court over yoga in [...]

Ryan Giggs Man United

Last year, yoga-loving Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs told everyone, "The yoga has definitely helped me. It helps me train every day because it gives me the flexibility and the strength not only to play the game but to train as well." We know, of course, that the 39-year-old Welsh footballer just can't stop talking [...]


YA is sorry. Will you take them back? Ask any ten yoga teachers in New York City how they feel about Yoga Alliance (YA) and you'll find a pretty narrow set of opinions ranging from indifference to frustration. Since its founding in 1999, Yoga Alliance has set baseline standards for teacher trainings and run a profitable registry [...]


by J. Brown Among those interested in yoga philosophy, many consider the notion of a “householder” interpretation to be a watering down of essential teachings. This stems from a classical view of yoga as an inherently ascetic endeavor, requiring a withdrawal from ordinary life in order to attain a state of unindividuated mind that is [...]


Yoga Asana Championship. Three little words that will ruffle many a yogi's crow pose. For all intents and purposes we're glad Rajashree Choudhury wrote this piece to try to clear up a few things around competitive yoga, because we'll be darned if we ever quite get it. As the wife of controversial and real life yoga [...]

Kitty Yoga

Happy March! Two months into the year already - we've only just begun! February is a short month but it packs enough punch we're honestly thrilled to make the crossover. Phew! We can almost taste the gluten-free vegan kale sorbet and hear the faint trippy beats of Moby DJ sets of the yoga festival season [...]