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Meet your next guru: she's bright, she's wise, she's got all the dexterity and exuberance of a child. She's 11 years old! Amandine Lerner was introduced to yoga last summer and now she's a registered yoga teacher (by the Yoga Alliance, ahem). She did go through 200 hr training though, which was made possible thanks [...]


As we've witnessed with the inspired #365yoga blogs, sometimes living your yoga takes a little writing it down. So we're just beside ourselves on the mat with joy to present this giveaway for a yoga book that's not only about a yoga journey, but about journaling the process along the way. In his new book, [...]


We're so cramped by all those hoarding shows, it's refreshing to see tight living flipped on its head! "By choosing a studio that measures just 12 feet by 7 feet, Felice Cohen can afford to live in Manhattan's Upper West Side where apartments rent for an average of $3,600 per month. She pays just over [...]


We're all super stars! And some of us get badges! Oh yes, you know who the real sheriffs are in town, don't you. The beholders of cuteness! We hope you caught the grand master Yoga Kitty video, and our take 'Cops' and the yoga therein, otherwise you have no flapjackin' idea what we're talking about. [...]


On this, the Day of Fools, let us pay homage to a show full of them — the greatest real reality series of our time: 'Cops'. The yogic parallels are uncanny and the bad boys and girls are plentiful. Everybody knows that yoga naw give you no break, hey hey! { hide + seek } [...]


Oh yes! Because it's Friday, because it's April 1st, because it's SNOWING in NYC, and because maybe we could all use a little down dog with a paper towel tube! Presenting your 3 minutes of the most wonderfully fluffy kitty yoga diversion. Enjoy! Love, YD Major props to the production crew :) ------ Earlier... Cutest [...]


Greetings fellow #yogadork crew and the amazing #365yoga sangha!  Can you believe we have reached a quarter of the way into 2011 already? Thought it might be time to check in with my peeps and see how your yoga is so far this year and report how my progress has been. I started this adventure [...]


Here we go yoginis and blokes! The Yoga Journal Cover Model Talent Contest (ed. note: word from YJ there's no guarantee of cover) is in voting phase! We put out the call for everyone to submit their photos and represent. Now it's time to show your support and vote for your favorites! Sure, there are [...]


Cute! Even in socks and Crocs Alicia Silverstone is adorable! Yes, we said it. Spied recently by the yogarazzi post-yoga class in West Hollywood, Lady A is expecting her first babe with hubs Christopher Jarecki, and looking just about ready to pop. She's all about the laid back yoga mama style, letting the belly dip, [...]


Alyssa Milano, a healthy baby mama celebriyogi! Milano, who can't seem to shake her Who's the Boss? 'Samantha Micelli' (but really, it's a classic) is snapped preggo and post-yoga in Cali, where else! Alyssa, 38, all shiny and glowy, is expecting her first child with hubby David Bugliari, and according to gossip sources made an [...]

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Hey it's a new yogamentary! On women! Shocker, right? Women practice yoga? Really though, Yogawoman is a film on how yoga, and the subculture surrounding it, has been embraced, bolstered and transformed by women the world over. It's as much about female empowerment as it is about yoga practice. Some critics are already disagreeing over [...]


Uh oh. Remember Ogden the Inappropriate Yoga Guy? He's not having a hard time reminding you. The inappropriate one is back with a ditzy diddy entitled video "Fit 'N Ass." Not exactly his funniest nor most solid work, but somehow those shiny blue spandex shorts never get old. What's your take? Funny or flop? Here [...]


In like a lion, out like a lamb, is that how March is supposed to go? Whomever made up that old saying never met the likes of YD! It's been yet another wild week where "I teach yoga" means fightin' words in Texas, sssnakes will trigger your terror kundalini and 10 new yoga styles are [...]

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92-year-old Yoga Guru, and recent animal rights activist, B.K.S. Iyengar has sent a letter to fashion icon Donna Karan urging her to stop using fur. The letter has Iyengar asking Karan to quit using "furs, which are violently removed from the living animals, so that those animals which have the right to live, live in [...]