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Hey Googletons! How about a Yogi Google doodle! Yoogle? We've seen Google doodle their header to celebrate 30 years of Pac-man, the anniversary of Xrays, and to honor maven of modern dance Martha Graham this past Wednesday. But we know those silicon valley nerds are yogadorks at heart. What would it look like if they [...]


Tired of your dead end job? Had it with cube dwelling and stapler-stealers at the 9-5er? Drop your Dolly Parton broken record and become a yoga teacher! U.S.News & World Report shares with us what so many have already realized, yoga teacher training has become the new grad school! "I'm going back to school to [...]


Look out world! Anusara Yoga Daddy John Friend is getting ready to launch the Neverland Ranch of Yoga Compounds - The Center for Anusara Yoga in Encinitas, California, coming Fall 2011! Huzzah! What does this mean? The eagle has landed! Eager travelers to the 8500 square foot center in the magical mysticalness of Encinitas will [...]


Meet our latest musical obsession! Morley is a singer songwriter soulstress with a soothing sensuality oozing with empowered femininity and grace. Yes, lovely! We had the delight of hearing Morley live this past weekend at the REVEAL conference at Urban Zen where she opened and closed the day's event. Morley's music is deeply rooted in [...]

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Cuteness! Time for yoga, but you've got the kids? Everyone yoga! This video of Elena Brower and Ally Hamilton with their little ones is pretty adorable whether you have yogamunchkins or not. Has even we as-of-yet  spawnless yogis getting misty-eyed. Love to yoga mommas. [YogaEarth via MindBodyGreen] The Elena clip is taken from an earlier [...]


If this week were a yoga pose it'd be a goddess inspired salamba sirsasana balanced on a bottle of wine, after a decadent brunch, and with a bouquet of roses on top. Followed by a long, luxurious savasana. It's Mother's Day weekend after all! Sending love to all the mommas and motherly spirits out there, [...]


Psst! We aren't really supposed to be posting these, but when we're hot on the yoga social media political marketing trail, we are incorrigible snoops and ferrets. You're probably aware that the sweat hit the fan when Gaiam's mats were used by CafePress customers to carry certain inflammatory messages. Incendiary, even. Well, we found a [...]


Whew! What a week. Between the Osama newsquakes, naked protests, and royal wedding rollover, we're all topsy-turvy. The flagrantly fired-up may find a home in Glower Yoga — in mathematics, multiplying two negatives creates a positive. Those of us who just want to hole up and hide the day away are better suited to practicing [...]


This is obviously horrid and despicable, and frankly embarrassing. When we posted about the "yoga response" to the news of Osama bin Laden's death and the subsequent aftermath we couldn't have anticipated such a  disgraceful showing. As Carol Horton points out at elephantjournal.com, Gaiam has a deal with cafepress.com which evidently doesn't place restrictions on [...]


A very balanced body with slight oaky finish, subtle hints of goji berry and OM undertones. Could be the wine, or in this case, the yogi winemaker! "I'll always do yoga in the morning," says fifth generation winemaker Karl Wente of Wente Vineyards. There he is, popping sirsasana next to the wine barrels. He's such [...]


Hey, so have you ever been to a yoga fest? Seems this year you can take your pick! phew, we know. Yoga fests are the new yoga retreats. It can get overwhelming and perhaps a bit daunting, so we're pretty excited to offer you a little booster. As a kickoff to the summer festivities and [...]


This week in Naked Yoga Teacher Protests: Monday night a laughter yoga teacher, Charlotte Eaton, from north-west London shed her outer layers and marched across Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seed exhibition at London's Tate Modern. The 100 million sunflower seed installation was to be closed Monday night, but not before Ms. Eaton showed her [...]

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While many celebrate the death of the world's most notorious terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, we can't help notice the hesitance in rejoicing amongst the yoga community. This could have to do with a variety of variables, but, without generalizing, do yogis respond differently? We took part in a Yoga Sutra discussion recently and we offer [...]


This must be kept very hush-hush. It wouldn't be proper for the things you're about to read to get out amongst the general public (read: non-yoga people). YD and I have been rather barmy lately, and for good reason: we were busy throwing a rollicking three-day Bachyogette Party for the now Princess Bride, Kate Middleton. [...]