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Oh, hi! Perhaps you've seen the latest article in The New York Times, "Rebel Yoga" profiling NYC's sanskrit-eschewing studio owner, model cum yogi/Deepak teacher, overall pleasant person, Tara Stiles, where YD got a special "Critics" corner quote. Heyyy! While we at YD feel it was accurate, let's hang on 5 breaths, before we get our [...]


Whoa! We're thinking this week should be brought to you by an after school special and a bar of soap. Sudsy amuse bouche, anyone? Good grief! Pardon the expression, but we're going to need a shit ton of yoga to wipe all this naughty fuckery from our soiled, sullied minds. Good thing we have the [...]


Hey ladies, is this you? The "Type 'A' Yoga Girl" jetting off to class like it was your job? This, just the latest in YogaPop, PEMCO's new slew of cheeky ads for their "We're A Lot Like You" campaign, where they point out the quirky habits of those darned adorably stereotypical Northwesterners. Other profiles include [...]


Oh you are going to love this one. The February issue of DETAILS mag has an enlightening article entitled "The Overheated, Oversexed Cult of Bikram Choudhury". Immediate reaction: Uh ohh! Wow, it's been a while since we got any juiciness from the yogapreneuring king of sweat-asana. Last we heard the Yoga Don was sipping chai [...]


Two faces only a non-judging, compassionate yogi could love! We were holding this one for a rainy day. Perhaps the macho man's response to I Need A Yogi for a Homey? It's kinda catchy, with the whole F-bomb hook, and the playful flute is a nice touch. So yeah...Warning: NSFW. Offensive, sure, but you can't [...]


The week in which we all discovered we are not who we thought we were at all! Drat! And here we were believing Capricorns had all the fun, when lo and behold Sagittarius will have to be the new merrymaking cardholder of life. If you haven't heard, apparently astronomers have recalculated the ancient Babylonian astrology [...]


Via MSNBC Photoblog: School children attend a mass yoga session during a camp in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad January 11, 2011, at the 21st International Kite Festival in India. At least 6,000 children participated, organizers said. Kinda creepy and beautiful at the same time. Also, we don't see any stickies on those socks. ------ [...]


Uh oh. We saw this coming! Gap Inc. is setting its sights on conquering Lulumania! That monster clothing chain we oft love to hate, hate to love, acquired fitness clothing co. Athleta two years ago-ish (for $150 million), causing a bit of an 'oh dear' across the market. Until now, Athleta was strictly online retail [...]


We know it. Yoga is for everybody, right? Every Body. But, wait! Quick, just imagine for a second the picture of the "perfect" yogi? Who do you see? Is he/she fit, slender and pretty? Are they ready for their close-up for the cover of Yoga Journal? In a culture consumed by body image and fitness [...]


Yogi, wha? Hey ladies! Meet Nikki "2K" Muller and her yogi homey DJ Tanner. If you're into spreading consciousness in the belly laughasana region, and don't mind a little "perv"ottansana, we recommend you do NOT miss this hot video. We're digging the rise of these saucy lady yogis. **Possibly NSFW, if you work in an [...]


And now for the latest in Yoga In Advertising: Think fast...no faster! What's the one thing you absolutely crave in yoga class? Coffee! Right? That's what Seattle's Best has us believe in their new cutesy online ad campaign where SB employees pop up in the least likely places to offer folks caught in compromising circumstances [...]


And sometimes Celebriyogis warm our yogadorky hearts! Hollywood starlet, perpetual cutie and habitual under-the-radar indie actress, Michelle Williams is speaking out on how yoga practice helped her become a better person and mother. So inspired, Williams has announced she's opening a Boston area center, Yoga for Single Moms. Ms. Williams explains in Feb's issue of [...]


Wanderlust Thrice! The Yoga and Music Fest is becoming a series with California, Vermont and now a third location announced for Miami in March, 2011 to kick it all off. Hey mami, that's coming up soon! It looks fun, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't disappointed Flo Rida didn't make the bill. [...]

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To hell with convention, New York Magazine has a feature this week on all the bent up, twisted out yoga trends happening in this fabulous Big Apple-asana. Some include newfangled toys like hoops, slack-lines, poles and whatchamacallit apparatus. Scroll down for more. Adi Carter, slack-line yoga instructor for Yoga Slackers (yogaslackers.com) “You feel the Upavishta [...]