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By Tiffany Kell So if you want to make gains in flexibility, there’s an obvious option, right? You take up yoga. Well, maybe. Me and yoga? We’re complicated. When I started Project Bendypants, I committed to taking two classes of yoga a week, in addition to my regular daily home practice. I thought hey, yoga [...]


By Jillian Pransky “We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This past weekend I led a spring yoga retreat at Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz, NY. With morning temperatures at a frigid 29 degrees, the only sign of spring was no snow on the ground and a radiant, [...]


Sometimes when you’re running to yoga, you miss it. That’s what we’d subtitle this short comedic film called ‘Yoga Bag’, if we were asked to do so. Of course we weren’t, but that hasn’t stopped us yet! So we won’t give too much more away except that the film is written, directed and produced by [...]


Another day, another day on Earth. Look at you, you pretty little blue dot, you! It’s Earth day, and for many of us who you still inhabit this planet, whereas you haven’t yet reached the samadhi state of levitation and you’re not Ziggy Stardust, it can also be known as Home Appreciation Day. Don’t worry, you [...]

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What a week, huh? Happy 4/21. We were so overwhelmed by this past week’s intense events and occurrences, we decided to wait for it to be (almost) over before sending out our regular TWIY. Being here in NYC, close to Boston, far from Texas and even farther from China we send collective positive thoughts and well [...]


For all the indie rock nerds out there, you’ll be pleased to know it’s not just Radiohead’s Thom Yorke who chooses to unwind with a little yoga. My Morning Jacket’s Jim James is all about getting his yoga retreat on to unplug. On tour now to promote his debut solo album, “Regions of Light and Sound [...]


Hold onto your school lunches, a trial date has been set for the civil rights case pitting parents against the Encinitas Union School District over free yoga classes. Their time in court will come May 20. As a refresher, a lawsuit, Sedlock vs. Baird (school superintendant), was filed earlier this year by two parents claiming the Ashtanga yoga [...]


When he’s not making silly videos about yoga, singer Jason Mraz tries to transcend…the snooze button. Did 2 hours of transcendent, restorative yin yoga this morning. Only bummer is my snooze alarm kept going off. — Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz) April 17, 2013   —— Earlier… Jason Mraz On Love and Breakup Yoga College Yoga Poses [...]


Some of you may recognize actress Isla Fisher as the rambunctious flirt in Wedding Crashers or maybe you know her as Mrs. Borat. (That’s Sacha Baron Cohen’s wife in real life). Or maybe you’ll see her for the first time alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Baz Lurhmann’s take on The Great Gatsby. In any case, Isla [...]