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OK Namaste 1

by Jill Miller The first time I took a live yoga class, at age 12 or 13, I remember hearing some strange, prayer-like, exotic word come out of my teacher’s mouth. Everyone echoed it back, and it made me uncomfortable. It didn’t stop me from going back, but I did kind of feel “left out,” [...]

Bad posture

Hey tadasana slackers, listen up! Better posture can help make you happier and keep you healthier, studies show. Here's some news that may have you thinking twice about slumping in your mountain pose. Maybe you already know? We have this yoga teacher who spends what seems like an eternity in class helping students stand in [...]


Bikram Choudhury has been sued for sex-based discrimination and sexual harassment, YD has learned and we have obtained the court documents. Because of his perpetual state of sued-ness it's easy to brush off yet another lawsuit against Bikram with an eye roll. And we're tired of hearing bad news, too. But this one sounds more [...]


The yoga pants shortage is a crisis that affects us all! Well, mostly upper middle class white ladies, and Lululemon stock holders, but still, it's a national tragedy that every news outlet in the country reported on yesterday. Thank goodness we have Jimmy Kimmel to start us on our path to recovery. "Are you familiar [...]


Did we have the luon pulled over our eyes? The great yoga pants shortage or the botched lululemon see-through yoga pants debacle of 2013, or whatever you want to call it is stretching to new scandalous heights. You see, the Tawianese supplier Lululemon blamed for the extra peekaboo material and hence the $20 million recall [...]


And the latest Lululemon fashion revelation is...see-through yoga pants! It's the new peekaboo line. Expensive yoga clothes maker and lifestyle dictator Lululemon had to recall a ton of yoga pants because they don't provide enough "coverage." And it's not even April Fools yet. Woops. In light of over exposure, the lulus scrambled over the weekend [...]

Savasana Thoughts

Ahh...sacred savasana, the final relaxation pose where you can finally let go. UNLESS. Unless there's some incredibly annoying sound or distraction that inexorably pulls you out of your restful state. Blast! You know what we're talking about. The other day we asked everyone to share their savasana audible gripes and grievances as well as favorite [...]


Season's greenings yogi brethren and sisters! We hope you enjoyed a bit o' luck this weekend whether you're Irish or just leprechaun-friendly. Good for you if you celebrated. Just remember, ahimsa, revelers, ahimsa and hydration. Your liver says thank you, also, "holy crap, I need a good yoga class to twist and wring out, stat!" [...]


The Michigan Wolverines are favored to win against the Nittany Lions in the opening-round Big Ten Tournament game happening this afternoon, but Penn State did yoga the other day, so the ball is up in the air! Penn State's Pat Chambers is a big believer in staying in the moment, he says. A helpful tactic when your season [...]