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It's that time again! We're wrapping up 2012, tying it up with a big, pretty ribbon of giveaways to kick off a joyfully yogadorky 2013. Next up! We know from experience it's sometimes hard to drop everything you're doing and shuffle your way into the yoga studio, no matter how pure your intentions. Luckily, we [...]


While 2011 was no doubt a contender for world's greatest yoga video efforts, 2012 might win for its utter, exposed cheekiness (Vag-chakras, yoga bitches, yoga boners, sexy lingerie yoga parodies? Need we say more?). Without further ado, the products of yoga culture taking a jab at yoga culture, which just goes to show, well...you tell [...]


About 200 members of a Laughter Yoga club in Hanoi, Vietnam donned their Santa suits on December 23 and took to Ly Thai To park to laugh themselves all the way to 2013. Laughter Yoga: like that super eccentric cousin who's always saying bizarre things that are baffling at the time, but seem to make perfect [...]

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Notorious celebriyogi Russell Brand is making headlines again, this time for his generosity. In a gesture that admittedly seems more Hollywood than Mysore, Brand gifted his yoga teacher Tej Kaur Khalsa her very own OmMobile*, a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, which cost him $33,000. Not a bad holiday bonus! And finally we have [...]


Air Travel Yoga: 5 Stress Relief Tips When Traveling By Airplane


It was the best of times, it was the end of times. But if you're reading this email, then the world didn't end! Huzzah! Or perhaps we're all now living in an alternate universe, where parents try to ban yoga in school and yoga moguls try to copyright poses. Oh wait...hrm. As we know in [...]


Tis the season of giveaways on YD! We're thrilled to celebrate the end of 2012 and ring in the New Year with another round of holiday gift giving. Cheers! First up...   THE YOGA POSTER Consider it your yogadork map. Created by yogi couple Karoline and Frank Neville-Hamilton by virtue of kickstarter and the generosity of funders, this (or THE) [...]


hideous, unsightly cozy, fun or sprightly however unfolds your festive sweater holiday yogadork wishes you merry cheer! namaste


Around this time last year we reported on a big old lawsuit pinning Bikram against several yoga studios claiming copyright infringement. Just last week, news came that Greg Gumucio of Yoga To The People, one of the studios in the million dollar lawsuit, had settled, agreeing to stop teaching the sequence by February 2013. Yesterday, [...]