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Phew! It's the first week of November and already we've been asked to cast history-making votes. Oh yes, there was a major election too! So here we are preparing for yet another year's big finish. Whether you're running for office, running in the NYC Marathon, 'Running Russell Simmons', or on the run to the sanctity [...]


And here it is.. the moment you could very well have been waiting for all week! The winner to the First Annual YogaDork Halloween Yogi Contest! With a whopping 45% of a Total 581 Votes - whoa! - it's the spooooky Graveyard Jeff in Urdvha Padmasana in Sirsasana! Congratulations! Jeff has won an eKO SuperLite® [...]


Lady Gaga: How to make Bikram yoga even more torturous. Oh we kid the Bikramites. There are so many fun captions! Lady Gaga does her Bikram with her boots on. Lady Gaga levitating on her way into yoga class. Try it, it's fun! Our Lady of Yoga Pop steps out, over mountains apparently, on her [...]


It's Russell Simmons: the meditating mogul! Surrounded by women and Buddhas! We're still trying to decide if this new show about running the RUSH empire is a ghastly mashup of an overly pampered mala-clad celebrity CEO, his fetish for females, self-aggrandizement and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. OR a modern example of how yoga and [...]


It's Election Day! Got out and VOTE! Then come back here and vote for your favorite Halloween Yogi! We asked YD readers to photograph themselves doing yoga in costume, or in a yoga costume during Halloween shenanigans. We have our six finalists who need your votes to win an eKO SuperLite® Travel Mat Courtesy of [...]


A young girl diagnosed with scoliosis is standing a lot taller these days, thanks to yoga! At age 11 Mia Latham, of the UK, was told she had an S-shaped spine and would need an operation to insert metal rods to support her heart and lungs, or would be wheelchair bound. Seeking alternatives to spinal [...]


Been looking for an excuse to break out the cam and shoot your own yoga videos? Here it is. All of November is YogaBear's CinemAsana Film Festival! And it's up to YOU to make it happen. YogaBear is a fabulous non-profit organization taking on a mission to bring yoga to those whose lives have been [...]


Happy Halloween! Tricks or Treats? In yoga we get both, right? Practice can be a real trickster, and dang, it can be scary, too! But, ultimately we enjoy the ooey gooey treats of our efforts. And this kind of sweetness won't give you a belly ache, or diabeetus, and you don't even have to be [...]


It's Exorcist Yoga! Because we just know whenever you watch a scary movie you're thinking, "Hot damn! If only I could be as flexible as that possessed Satanic monster!" Right? It's really impressive! Which is why we're so excited to have come across this freakishly like-minded photo illustration from deathandtaxesmag.com, in review of just how [...]


Boo! It's almost Halloween, are you dressing up? Get your cameras ready because this year YD is joining in on the treats for tricks fun. It's a YogaDork Halloween Costume Contest! (above, zombies doing yoga. below, Bikram doing Bikram) Inspired by the hilarious post from YD pal Shanna, Yoga Inspired Halloween Costumes, we thought it'd [...]


This is your brain. This is your brain on yoga! Meditation to be exact. New, real, comprehensive studies are being done to prove that meditation does indeed actually transform the circuits of the brain to increase functionality, focus, empathy and happiness. How fabulous! Changes have been seen in the limbic system or the brain's emotional [...]


Stories of yoga inspiration! Not hard to come by these days, and that's a wonderfully fabulous thing. Meet Matthew Sanford, he's been paralyzed from the chest down since he was 13 and has spent the past 29 years in a wheelchair. But he's not sitting still. Approximately 20 years ago he discovered yoga and the [...]


Now hear this! Madonna will beat Britney, Russell and Gaga in the race to Pop Star Gym Tycoon status! Who cares if no one else was in the running, she'll best them anyway. It's true, the chiseled madame of reinvention will be opening her own chain of Hard Candy Fitness centers with manager Guy Oseary [...]


Sequencing! For many yogsters it can make or break a yoga class.  For teachers it can be a chance to add personal flare or create a real case of ajita. So how DO I transition from ardha chandrasana to parivrtta trikonasana? or what have you. There's a multitude of styles out there, and more sprouting [...]