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The tasteless tweets of both 50 "been hit with a few shells" Cent and Gilbert (The Aflac Duck) Gottfried landed them in hot water this week. Alas, the social mediasphere has a line. Perhaps ol' Bikram can get away with just about anything, but how about all the regular Joe Schmogas? Ever wonder how far [...]


Brilliant! We love fun stuff like this. Because what else were you doing standing on the corner waiting for the light to change? Checking your twitter feed? Holding your breath? Do yoga, slacker! It's about "recycling time" according to designer Li Ming Hsing. A nice break from the standard tadasana we're always standing in. The [...]


Oh, hi! It's 24 year old garbage-chic pop star Ke$ha snapped yoga-ing on the beach in a bikini. Nothing much to see here. Just a little Public Display of Yoga. What? We PDY all the time with a tiny tube top bikini and mesh bottoms. ps. this is Ke$ha. ------ Earlier... Because You Wanted to [...]


Shiva Rea speaks up in response to last week's media tour of Trance Dance slam fest. Choosing facebook to publicly, semi-unofficially respond, Shiva gives her take on her experience at Rishikesh and thoughts on the definition of "skimpy". We're glad she took the time and believe it's fair to hear from the Shakti goddess herself. [...]


Holy smokes, this is just awful news. YD, in bringing you all the yoga news worthy of mention to keep you informed, this is just tragic. Bethesda, MD. Police are still on the search for two masked men who murdered one employee and assaulted another in what is suspected to be a burglary attempt that [...]


Day 70, how're you doing 'dorks? It's two and a half months into the year and t-minus 9 days til Spring, time for a #365yoga giveaway! Need motivation to keep up your daily practice? How about 108 reasons with this beautiful  African Jade Mala from Tiny Devotions! Malas, or prayer beads, are traditionally used for [...]


It's Patanjali's 8-limbed path in beautiful chartastic form! AKA our new wallpaper. Pretty yoga history (ch)art brought to you by the same graphic goddess of ‘An overly brief and incomplete history of yoga’ Flowchart, Alison Hinks. Click the image to enlarge or save the pdf. More about Alison at her blog. ----- Earlier... ‘An overly [...]


You can't keep this Dawg from good zinger brilliance! Exclusively lent to YD. Somewhere in the parallel universe a pair of twins were spewed from the loins of the Cosmic Mother with such force that it ruptured the firmament and caused the twins to be born to two different earth mothers at different times, in [...]


Something new is something old is something new again. Apparently this is part of the 1938 film featuring Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, BKS Iyengar and others practicing yoga with grace and splendor. Behold... [via NY Acro Yoga Queen Mary Aranas] ps. if you haven't spent at least 2 lunch hours huddled round your screen marveling at [...]


Tally yo!(ga) Texas is on the march against state government regulation over yoga teacher training. We received this missive in our inbox yesterday: March 2011 (Austin, TX) - Over 1,500 Texans have signed a petition sponsored by the Texas Yoga Association (TYA) to pass House Bills No. 1839 by Representative Phillips and 2167 by Representative [...]