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Justin Bieber in Shrugasana, and/or his best Fonzie impression. Aaaayyy! Pardon the series of celebriyogi news this week, but we couldn't resist sharing the image of the Biebs in yoga class with Adam Levine, even if it's a steaming hot spoonful of Hollywood gossip. First thought: aw, Bieber's going to yoga! But, excuse us, it's Justin [...]


photo via: spiralwellness.com   How many times are you in yoga class, you hear a new song and think, whoa who is this? I love this! I must hear it again! The XX? We rest our case. As it turns out you're not the only ones scoring on the new (or sometimes old) tuneful finds, [...]

Adam Levine Holy Yoga

Adam Levine parsva rockasana. Oh, Adam Levine, you are fastly becoming our favorite tattooed celebriyogi rock musician who co-hosts a TV show and has a penchant for speaking his mind about his love for yoga. Look out, Russell Brand. Here's the stuff we know: your yoga boyfriend, Mr. Levine, has been very vocal and rather [...]


Listen up kirtan fans, the voice of your Om Nama Shivayatude, Krishna Das, will be performing live at the Grammys this Sunday, Feb. 10 in the pre-telecast ceremony! OK, so it's not during the primetime show, and no he will not be collaborating with the Bruno Mars, Rihanna and Sting ensemble, sadly. But hey, you [...]


Wanderlust announced their summer festival headliners today, their new besties Lululemon just tweeted. The usual suspects will be teaching and/or performing: Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Schuyler Grant, Elena Brower with some interesting additions like Gurmukh, Rod Stryker and Dharma Mittra (this guy gets around!) and a slew of varied up-and-coming teachers well on their way [...]

Rocking Headstand

If you've ever been too hung up on getting a certain pose or you've ever caught your egomonkeymind giving your body a hard time, read on and maybe be inspired by these amputee yogis, to have gratitude for who you are, what you have and for your yoga practice. We've posted about yoga in the [...]


Good grief on a stick. Put this in the "yoga nightmares file - stuff that sounds ridiculous enough you say psssht that would never happen." So imagine you're chilling out in Savasana at your local studio. There's no one around so you have a nice break to yourself to meditate and relax. Suddenly you sense [...]


What do you do when the lights go out in the middle of a Super Bowl game? Why, yoga of course! While we were all treated to a surprise time out IN THE DARK  last night the players tried to stay in the game by stretching and yoga-ing on the field for the 30+ minute [...]


Fifty years since the cultural revolution of the hippie generation, the inner child has all but disappeared from the self-help lexicon. In much the same way that the sixties message of peace and love has aged into something more like containment and indifference, few today hold much stock in the notion that there is an [...]