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Happy Birthday, Elvis! A hunk a hunk a burnin yoga. OMG. This is YogaPop retro style. This is Elvis Presley in the smash hit "Yoga Is As Yoga Does" written by Gerald Nelson and Fred Burch for the 1967 film Easy Come, Easy Go. Sure the movie's tagline is "Skindiving for treasure, adventure and fun!!!" and comes [...]


Holy cow pose! It's 2013. We made it. Time to clean the slate and get cracking on all the good intentions and resolevolutions. Yep, starting the new year with a new word. What's up '13. In case you've been holiday-ing away from the internets (bless your heart!) we've been celebrating the end of 2012 and [...]

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With resolutions and intentions abound, a new year can be full of unbridled potential! Sounds good, right? Sometimes it's not so easy to keep up with all those great ideas at the dawn of the year. Thank goodness we have yoga to help us press the reset button on our intentions. And thank goodness for [...]


If you missed it yesterday, this is the ABC story Fox News pounced on for their Yoga vs. Sports male genitalia measuring debate (pardon the reference, but it's true). This piece is about the growth of kids yoga and it's actually awesome. We can't dance around it, kids today are super busy and they get stressed, [...]


Spurred on by the story and awesome images of The Kolbergs, a Jewish family doing their yoga in ultra-orthodox Israel, Reuters published a slideshow of devout Hasidic Jewish men practicing in a studio in Ramat Beit Shemesh, about 12 miles from Jerusalem. Among them, Iyengar Yoga teacher Avraham Kolberg. Here we are offered insight beyond [...]


Let's just start by staying this is a stupid argument with moot points. Nevertheless, Fox News is a force and when they start bringing on a "motivational speaker" hawking a book entitled 'Grow a Pair' to debate the merits of yoga and how America is getting wussier, we can't just sit idly by in sukhasana. As [...]


Cute! Another funny from YogaTrail. Do these hunks really all do yoga? Our fact checking dept decided to take a deeper look into these superhero yogis. Here's what we know: 'Iron Man' Robert Downey, Jr: Yep, super yogi. Chris Evans aka 'Captain America' has made it his New Year's resolution to do more yoga for "like a [...]


It's a 2012 Year in Review! It's been a rocking, rollicking year chock full of funny yoga videos, infographics, considerable news, inspirations, revelations and scandals. It's true, you can't have a 2012 year in review without scandals. But from the unrest we rise, better equipped to face another year of yoga with open arms and [...]

Why 108

It's been a tradition in some yoga circles to practice 108 Sun Salutations, often times to signify something special like kicking off the start of a new year, letting go of the old one or celebrating the solstice. Whether you’ve got blisters on your toes from 108 Salutes or are just curious, here are a [...]