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Hear ye! Hear ye! It's basketball and yoga! Together at last, like PowerBars and Gatorade. And churning out headlines like: NBA players love yoga without growing ponytails. Thanks YAHOO! Sports! - extra exclamation ours. Turns out yoga is becoming more acceptable for regular dudes, but it's still helpful to keep the fluff talk and granola-munchers [...]


We know dudes do yoga! We're happy to see them, they're happy to see us, and we've seen the pics! But are guys still under-served in the yoga world? Today on MPR, that's Minnesota Public Radio, commentator Peter Smith lamented the 'rigid "guy" mindset' and offered some suggestions for dude-friendly yoga postures, like "searching for [...]


Got a minute? Check out this 60 second rap from uber cute Canadian actress and dedicated yogi Ingrid Nilson. When you've got "Fuck Yoga" leading the pack in yoga raps, here's a refreshing coco water pallet cleanser. We hereby deem Ingrid an honorary member of the #365yoga journey. "Let's live and love and breathe this [...]


Oh what a week of great unrest, cities in turmoil and imminent revolution! Yes, Super Bowl mania is crazy! Seriously though, we have witnessed the power of the human spirit this week and are astounded by the number of people uniting to bring about change in Egypt. Blessings and peace to the east. While we [...]


So on Wednesday's show, Jennifer Aniston gave Oprah a yoga mat with her puppies on it. aww. Happy Birthday Lady O! While we find the exchange quite sweet, albeit somewhat awkward (see video), Oprah and her staff of 378 were on a vegan challenge this week - one liberal hippie thing at a time eh? [...]


Attention sports fans! Grab your team koozie and sports paraphernalia! There's a big 'ol sporting event happening this Sunday, and we hope you're prepared to shout rowdy things at little men running around on the tv screen in between absurdly expensive mini movies selling you things! Super Bowl XLV is upon us! Pittsburgh Steelers vs. [...]


We made it to February! How are all the #365yoga folks doing? New to the journey? No worries, you can hop on this train at any time. In fact, we're here to help get you on board: a little giveaway can't hurt to get your engines revving, right? So here we go, thanks to meSheeky [...]


“No more Road Rage. Become a Road Sage!” Hey, watch it! I'm yoger-in' here. Those of us who practice daily deskasana know sitting for long periods of time often leads to slouchasana, aka schlumpasana aka numb-tush-stiff neck-asana. Oof! But what if instead of typing on a keyboard and staring at a computer screen, you're scanning [...]


So much happened this week! We are left in varying states of discombobulation and bliss. Obama delivered his State of the Union address, the Northeast states got yet another snowpocalyptic wallop, and "fitness superhero" Jack Lalanne left his bodily state to continue fingertip push-ups in the sky. Whew! Oh, and then we were misquoted in [...]


'Energize your mind, body and spirit. Go vegetarian'. No, there's no nakedness! sheesh. Not even one of those green leafy get-ups, which, frankly, we're only just a tad disappointed about. At 92, B.K.S. Iyengar is the latest in a line of PETA supporting yogis. "If animals died to fill my plate, my head and my [...]


Our latest article for YogaCityNYC: So it goes with many a great relationship, when sheen starts to lose luster, and that dreaded shroud of doubt creeps in. A woeful, ‘We just don’t talk anymore’ leads to ‘Where has the romance gone?’ to a resentful ‘You only love me for my money!’ No, we’re not lamenting [...]


Mindful Meditation Increases Brain's Memory, Reduces Stress in 8 Weeks, Study Says


Thanks to Sarah for our 1/12th check in! #365Yoga - How are you doing, Dorks? Can you believe it?  We're nearly 1/12 the way through our #365yoga journey!  How are you doing? Personally, I'm a little fuddled.  I've been doing yoga for years.  I thought I was living my yoga pretty accurately and consistently.  I [...]


There have been many comments on RebelYogagate, and we honor and welcome them all! However, we must share with you our favorite so far (sorry everyone else taking the time to thoughtfully share your voice), because we can really feel the heart. From new YD reader Clem: what kind of imbecile would refer to herself [...]