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OK, so this is likely a piece of tabloidy celebrity gossip rubbish but is it so wrong we want to believe it’s true? This tale comes to us via the National Enquirer by way of Gossip Cop, so, uh…yeah, we feel a little dirty sharing, but it’s hilarious and mayyybe a teeny, tiny, itty bitty [...]

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by J. Brown Hype surrounding meditation abounds. Wherever you look, someone is extolling the virtues of meditation while unwittingly sabotaging its occurrence. The intent is to help people better manage stress and enjoy more fulfilling lives. But what many refer to as meditation is often nothing of the sort and, with all the grandiose claims [...]


Happy May! Do you feel different? You LOOK different. Did you get a haircut? A new pair of yoga pants? A five minute shoulderstand? Just kidding, we can’t see you! But we hear you, ya know what we mean? Righto. It’s full swing spring and we couldn’t be happier to announce a fresh and shiny [...]


Ryan Gosling continues his campaign for Mr. Yoga McDreamy Pants. As if to say, Hey girl, don’t you worry about what anyone else thinks, if you like to wear yoga pants all day, to yoga class, to run errands, to the spa with me later because you deserve it baby, that is your right to [...]


This mini yoga series on U.S. News has us heartily encouraged. We posted earlier about Ryan McGraw, an inspiring yoga teacher living with cerebral palsy, reminding us that yoga is adaptable and available to everybody, yoga “molds” be damned. Here we have another Ryan. He’s Ryan Gambrell, a 29-year-old San Diego resident who stays active [...]


Because if there’s one thing we’ve always told our gamer friends Grand Theft Auto needs more of, it’s yoga! We’re not big gamers here, but we’ve spent enough time watching friends navigate the chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto, and in between all the carjacking, manic gun chases and high speed pursuits we honestly never once dreamed of [...]

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Ah, the marriage of classic progressive rock, psychedelic art and modern yoga. A match made in acid trip heaven! It’s not necessarily stoner yoga, but you’ll likely feel like you’re high at Pink Floyd laser yoga class, a sensory stimulating experience dreamed up by Portland, Oregon-based Chris Calarco, who’s also previously shared the transcendental gifts of Madonna, [...]


Call me crazy, but I get skeeved out over rolling my yoga mat. The mechanics seems natural, but, to me, the practice is ick. Not that I’m suggesting your yoga studios are anything but sparkling clean. I would never! And sure your feet carry enough tootsie tartar on their own (and I’m really not a [...]


Practicing challenging inversions often becomes a goal in and of itself. But inversions aren’t just about ‘getting’ the pose, says yoga teacher and author Judith Hanson Lasater, P.T., Ph.D. in this interview with Eva Norlyk Smith of YogaUOnline.com. Inversions can reveal deeper aspects of our practice to us and open new dimensions of introspective experience. Eva [...]