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Yoga for Coffee Lovers! (and tea lovers, too). adorableness by haroldsplanet.com ps. this is exactly what we look like every morning. ------ Earlier... Cat Yoga With the Internet’s Feline Expert – Video The Complete Yoga Cupcake Cuteness – Photos Doggie Says Do Your Yoga Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Mocks Yoga Pants Shortage Crisis – Video


 Meanwhile, in Kenya, thousands of women, men and children participate in 350 free weekly yoga classes as part of the growing boom of yoga in Africa. The Africa Yoga Project, founded by Paige Elenson in 2007 started small, but has now expanded to over 80 trained yoga teachers from local areas providing classes to the [...]


Surely we've all heard enough about the lulu naked truths, but as we like to say, those asking are we still talking about this? are often the folks who ask are we there yet? and can't hang still in savasana for more than 30 seconds. So quick to move on to our next vritti, we are. Anyway...that said, this [...]


Brit actress Kate Beckinsale stays healthy with yoga and all she wants to do is help her pal Chelsea Handler reap the benefits, too. What with all the toxic living, drugs and, uh...penises. Chelsea Handler fans and Chelsea Lately viewers know that the late night talk show host does not shy away from self-deprecating and [...]


YD Deals, where Jenn, the yogadealer, helps you save your yoga dough one penny at a time. “You can’t take life too seriously or it will take you.” As if the mantra of the two entrepeneurial yogis who founded YogaGlyphs wasn’t enough to intrigue us, they  have created fun and functional yoga threads that are equal parts fun and [...]


Would you mind bending over so we can tell if you need a refund or just your dignity back? So unless you were living under a pile of yoga props for the past week, you probably heard about the major crisis involving Lululemon's see-through yoga pants, their massive recall and subsequent proverbial shit hitting the [...]


Happy Spring! Why, with all the ruckus and hell raising this week, the little seeds and bulbs are probably afraid to blossom. You know that means a helluva lot more sun salutations this weekend, right? Disappear dark clouds! As yoga folks we practice how to live with both the light and the dark, the good and [...]

OK Namaste 1

by Jill Miller The first time I took a live yoga class, at age 12 or 13, I remember hearing some strange, prayer-like, exotic word come out of my teacher’s mouth. Everyone echoed it back, and it made me uncomfortable. It didn’t stop me from going back, but I did kind of feel “left out,” [...]

Bad posture

Hey tadasana slackers, listen up! Better posture can help make you happier and keep you healthier, studies show. Here's some news that may have you thinking twice about slumping in your mountain pose. Maybe you already know? We have this yoga teacher who spends what seems like an eternity in class helping students stand in [...]