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After the cops busted up the first plan to invade Grand Central for safety reasons, or whatever, the Storm Yogis have regrouped and once again have cast a promise of enormity and spectacle! And peace in the form of a mass mob practicing yoga in unison set to the backdrop of this crazy mother-lovin' city [...]


Need a moment? This is like those Twix ads except it's zero calories and you won't get chocolate all over your face. mmm...chocolate. If you're looking for extra patience in line at the grocery store, communicating with your darling children or have ever seriously considered tossing your computer out the window if the rainbow wheel [...]


Gawker complains it's "dumb and obnoxious", calling out the homeless 'joke' at the end of the performance, continuing that "Lululemonheads like these have ruined [yoga] for the next several decades." Huffington Post likens it to the "endearingly bizarre people" you see on the subways on a regular basis. it's all yoga, baby's Roseanne admitted to [...]


Hey did you feel that? Feel what? Knock knock. Who's there? Quaker. Quaker, who? Quaker hurricane, it's all good! We're Yogis :) Ok, ok west coasters, we know you're used to the whole earth moving under your feet thing, but we east siders prefer our ground to stand still. Cue Carol King. Thanks to a [...]

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And then gangsta rappers did ghetto yoga... Deemed by many in the game as the creator of gangsta rap, 45 year old Jesse "Schoolly D" Weaver Jr. gets dirty in his lyrics and ghetto in his yoga. YO, wha? What was the Philly legend doing during the earthquake? He "just got finished yoga." An interview [...]


Yoga Bitch could be viewed as an oxymoron. Or, it could be viewed as that insufferable sweat-wicking wench who keeps stealing your favorite spot in class. She knows you like to be by the window and the hand-carved Ganesh. Remover of obstacles my... But we can also see it as this empowering superheroine character, standing [...]


It's a "scientific conference grant" from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and it enables scientists from all over the world to attend the Symposium on Yoga Research at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health coming up September 23-25. Science and Yoga, kissing in a tree! This news closely follows the [...]


Hello, I love you. Do you meditate? That's what you say to everyone you meet, no? Try it! OR, you could simply say it without uttering a thing. Just grab your meditation cushion and show everyone how it's done. Don't have a meditation cushion? Why, you're in luck! We're giving one away! WIN: Meditation cushion, [...]


Today's Yoga Clothing Stock Tip via Financial Post: “We do not dispute that Lululemon is one of the best growth stories in our coverage universe,” analyst Edward Yruma wrote in a note to clients, changing the recommendation on the stock to underweight from hold. “However we remain concerned that its high-end consumer base ($99 yoga [...]


UPDATE 8/24: POSTPONED DUE TO POPO (official response below) Psssst. What are YOU doing Wednesday August 24th between 6 and 7pm? Perhaps strolling the cavernous halls of Grand Central ready to drop into your best corpse pose? We hear from unnamed sources that there will be others ready to play dead as well! It's another [...]