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Annnnd, then there was Denise Richards doing yoga on the beach, in the Bahamas! You know Denise, ex-Mrs. Charlie Sheen, the former half of the winning couple, the mother of two little Tiger Blood spawn.  Well she's conveniently ducking the Violent Tornado of Truth and finding shelter on her yoga mat in the tropics, where [...]


Yoga in the Classroom: Good news! More schools are adding yoga and meditation to their curriculum. Two recent stories from UK's Daily Mail and Wall Street Journal highlight how more and more kidlets are getting a chance to try fun poses, relax and breathe with yoga programs actually supported by the schools' administrations. (and, uh...taxes) [...]


What would you do for $1000? Lose weight? With yoga?! It's Brooklyn's version of "The Biggest Loser" an eight-week "body transformation" challenge sponsored by Namaste Yoga of Kensington. If you make it through multiple calorie-crushing classes (including yoga, kick boxing and belly dancing), several weigh-ins, and a before and after photo test you could win [...]


Do you have a bigger body? Are you intimidated to practice yoga because of it? It's true in the culture of fitness, and by association, yoga, we're often surrounded by images of sleekly slim yogis flexing their lanky limbs on the mats next to us, leading the classes, or plastered in front of us in [...]


Most American yoga studios offer donation classes, either as an ongoing method of giving back to the community or as an event-specific relief effort. There’s no doubt that it’s a wonderful practice; giving away instruction and giving away money are both laudable, valuable gestures. It was in light of this established standard that the idea [...]


Grab your feather boa and face glitter, we're headed to glamsville yogsters! Think you're too young? Too old? Too beautiful to do this pose? Think again! We don't care if you're a pop prince or piddle paddle pedestrians, we're headed to the big time now. And if you're not gonna ride with us, we hear [...]


Russell Brand, funny brit known for his raucous humor and freaking out pretty popstars with yoga antics behind the scenes, is still too shy to show us his chops on live television. Friday on 'Live with Regis and Kelly', Trudie Styler brought her own brand of yoga to the set, but Russell refused to join [...]


It's Sharath Jois, grandson of the late Sri K. Pattabhi, LIVE in NYC! Well, it's not LIVE anymore, but you can still watch the class, if you're into that sort of thing. Sharath led the first-ever Ashtanga yoga worldwide broadcast Friday morning April 8th at 6:30am EDT. There will be a second broadcast next Friday [...]


originally published at YogacityNYC.com We joke about America's Next Top Yogi, but we're starting to believe it! Want your first class ticket to the yoga-colored spotlight? How about a prime teaching spot on the bill of one of the biggest yoga and music festivals in the country! Recently the team behind the Wanderlust Festival, the [...]


This Week In YogaPop: The Model Meltdown If you look closely, yoga is everywhere, in every thing, within all the glorious details. Last night, in the most spiritual show on television — uh, America's Next Top Model, of course — Child's Pose had a cameo. You can stop squealing now. I know, I know, Balasana [...]


Meet Jean Wharf. She was ticketed, booted, then denied reboarding by a transit cop on the SkyTrain in Vancouver, BC. Why? For wearing a "F*uck Yoga" pin of course! Because the cop loves yoga and he was mad miffed! No, that's not true. Wharf, 21, did indeed wear the pin and refused to take it [...]


living yoga everyday I wish I could say that I have a set routine for living out a yogic lifestyle. Every single day while there are definite constants, as a parent and full time yoga teacher, there are far more variables to contend with. When I focus on what I can accomplish within reason, I'm [...]


Good news all ye meditaters! Not only will you have a calmer, clearer mind, you'll have less pain. Or so a study on the effects of meditation and pain relieving suggests. The study, conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, took 15 healthy volunteers completely new to meditation and had them attend [...]


Ah yes, Russell Brand, the cockneyed comedian, Katy Perry-loving yogi! No yogarazzi spreads a la Carmen Electra quite yet, but Mr. Brand is flashing his flexi skills for the bros of hit Nickelodeon show "Big Time Rush" a show about the making of a boy band. (WARNING: do not click on that link unless you [...]