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In the age of prominent gurus being outed one by one as power-crazed, sexual assailants rather than agents of ethics, we've been subjected to stories (and accusations and lawsuits) of them leading students from light to dark, not the other way around. (Sigh...we know.) But when the mighty fall, what (if any) penance should they pay [...]


We've previously posted and duly admired photos of Marilyn Monroe demonstrating her glamorous yoga asana skills. But at the time there wasn't much of a back story. Thanks to yogi Eric Shaw who did a bit of Marilyn-asana research and posted it on his blog, we can put some context to the Hollywood beauty's yoga [...]


Happy April! Were you fooled this week? Or maybe you were the fooler. We played a little prank ourselves, maybe you saw? Edible sticky mat-a-mag revolution. We pity the fool who wouldn't want one of these, seriously. Well this was quite a week. What do Lady Gaga, the Yoga Alliance and Jesus have in common? [...]


From the cute to the clever to the simply kookstown bizarre, here are a few ads from yoga studios trying to get people on the mat all around the world. Via Buzzfeed. Rubber bandhas = Samadhi? Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad getting his yoga on in The Netherlands in someone's dreams. Did you know your spine was [...]


What is it that meditation can't help us do? Or how about another rhetorical question: The brain is a funny thing, isn't it? We try to stuff it with good things, we are unable to undo any unintentional stuffing (for the most part) and then we have to tell it to stop talking to us [...]


Can't a lady walk to yoga class in heels and leave in a Louis Vuitton wheelchair anymore without the snap happy paparazzi? Sheesh. For those of you who've lit your candles and designed your altar of dedication for Lady Gaga's return to health and wearing household cleaning products as clothing, you can rest easy. The little [...]


Lately, there seem to be yogamentaries (yoga-focused documentaries) coming out of our ears and asanas, but we can't say that's necessarily a bad thing. As long as they're good and people watch them. With the approach of this new kickstarter project telling the stories of meditators of all stripes, we think people beyond the yoga [...]


Ready to meet 'Yoga's new Messiah'? Aw man, really NY Observer? That's the headline for the latest article on gurus (sparing us the worn out word 'guru' at least.) It's safe to say we'll make like Tina Turner and tell you, hell, we'll sing it - we don't neeeeed anotherrr heee-roooo... This profile of Jared McCann, [...]


Have you ever been to yoga class hungover? Satya, now, yogis. So there's this yoga studio in Brooklyn that's also a bar. Yes, a bar where people have beer and real cocktails called "teenagers from mars." You can stumble into Friday's "happy hour" yoga class drunk tired from the week, rejuvenate and then go have [...]