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The great “Lion of Pune” B.K.S. Iyengar turns 92 today! Happy Birthday Guruji! Here he is with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, November 20, 2010, meeting together to discuss the mind and culitvating happiness, where he said: "...the moment the intellect of the heart and mind meets through complete understanding of body and mind cleansing, that is when [...]


Uh oh, is this bigger celebriyogi news than Lady Gaga's frilly panties in Bikram class? This is HUGE. Not only is there news that Brad and Angelina will finally tie the knot after 5 years and 6 kids, but they will do it Hindu style! Step aside cupcakes as wedding cake, there's a new nuptial [...]


It's holiday time! So what better opportunity is there to feel like a kid again? Oh come on, it wasn't that long ago. Besides, we all get a bit childlike on the yoga mat, right?  One of our favorite teachers always says 'we are all little kids having an adult experience.'  WIN: So, now that that's settled, [...]


'Scuse me...is this thing on? Happy December 10th, 2010! This week was rapt with higher mind stuff, deep dishes of consciousness over spirituality, saucy yoga comedy and keeping your paws to yourself. Imagine that. Power Paso Doble! Good Touch, Bad Touch: Adjusting vs. Groping on the Yoga Mat Pass the pisser: Abigoliah Schamaun: Taking the [...]

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Well since we're discussing lofty subjects like spirituality and consciousness, you know, like we do here on YD, let us ask the big daddy Q: How do YOU define spirituality? What does it mean to you? Is it intertwined with yoga? Just something to ponder, and for many, especially meaningful to reflect upon during this [...]


Ack! Remember this pic? It's infamous! Though there are some discrepancies over it's authenticity, there's no question the subject of good touch bad touch in yoga adjustments is tricky business. If you've been following the Graspin' Aspen case in CO you know it could warrant jail time and sex offender status. Or how about this [...]


Meet Abigoliah  - the yoga comic! What, did you think yoga wasn't funny? Hold onto your egos. When it comes to stand-up comedians, yoga teacher doesn't immediately come to mind as a day job, but for Abigoliah Schamaun, standing on stage in front of a sweaty, demanding sometimes raucous crowd is the norm - and [...]


Deepak Chopra, Andrew Cohen, Arianna Huffington: Wake Up to Individual Entanglement How do we define spirituality? Are you deeply at ease with who you are? Do you look into the nature of what it means to be alive and think, 'life is GOOD?' Just some of the heavy questions looming in the ether at Sunday [...]


As doctors, healers and delegates from all over the world gather together for the 4th annual World Ayurveda Congress & Expo in Bangalore this Thursday, December 9th, we have to wonder, should we be preparing ayurvedadork.com? Ayurveda, literally "science of life" in sanskrit, grew its roots thousands of years ago in, seeping into the Western [...]


Inhale. Exhale. Hey stressballs! It's easy to get wrapped up in everyone's asana, but what's really the link to stress relief and relaxation? Why, something so mundane every human being does it without even thinking: breathing! NPR has a story on just how important 'being good' at breathing is to your overall health and happiness. [...]


Who Owns Yoga? Who Buys Yoga? Wait, Is Yoga On Sale? Catch up folks... It's officially "the holidays!" Happy times. 'Tis the season to be giving, sharing and debating the origins of yoga. Mazel Tov! Namaste! Hallelujah! Ah yes, we have come to December, the season of light and deep dish discounts on gifts for [...]

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Check out the official music video from Jai Uttal's "Down On My Knees" from album Thunder Love. Excellent work by director NotThisBody cargo.notthisbody.com ------ Earlier... Conscious Hip-Hop Schooled with ‘Practice’, New Track from Yogi Rapper Dylpostino and JetTricks Download New Hip Hop Single “Yoga” by Emcee Jesse Abraham Celebs Sing for Yoga Revolution, CD Series [...]


'Facial Yoga A Growing Anti-Aging Trend!' To which we say, oh really CBS? Apparently people are wiggling their face around in ridiculous ways and finding tighter more youthful looking skin. “I have no wrinkles on my forehead, no botox,” Cynthia Rowland  [creator of Facial Magic]said. “Look at this – my forehead doesn’t even move because [...]


YD's latest article for YogaCityNYC! ---- Ad industry folks: Are you tired of trying to network at all those late-night boozie schmooze fests? Looking for something to finally relieve stress AND make you more productive? You need YIA: Yoga In Advertising! “Set the pathway for union between the self and potentiality!” No really, this is [...]

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