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Oh my! Is it really Thanksgiving? Are you ready for the best holiday ever? Well you should be! You're yogis! You know how to stay centered, be present, savor the moment, show gratitude, breathe, and for goodness sake enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer. So who says this can't be the most [...]


'Yacht couple Paul and Rachel Chandler: We kept fit by doing yoga and aerobics as the pirates watched us...we’re survivors' [DailyMailUK] Hurray! Paul and Rachel are released from Somali pirate clutches after 388 days! How did they survive? Besides strong will, yoga and aerobics kept the two fit and focused. Talk about taking yoga off [...]


Y-O-G-A Yoga Yoga Yoga! Hi team, you lovely 3% of Americans who practice, and some other probably awesome percentage of yogadorks abroad (sorry, we don't have exact numbers). We're all family right? CyberSangha ho! Now that it's steadily creeping towards Holiday hysteria, we'd like to take this opportunity, a brief time out, to give thanks [...]

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Yesterday the Who's Who of steamed and concerned NY Yogis gathered together in a cramped midtown Manhattan yoga studio to grill hear from freshly appointed Yoga Alliance President John Matthews, an even-tempered gentleman with a slight drawl and southern-bred manners, who had no idea what he was getting himself into. Mr. Matthews stepped up to [...]


Hey East Coasters, have you been pining for a yoga hoedown where you can salute the sun and shake your shakti to various live musical acts in harmonious rhythm? This is your hippie dream come true. Wanderlust will come to Vermont in 2011! Commence the patchouli incense burning now. OK, not everyone in VT is [...]


Blame it on levitation! Yoga still surges ahead in the lingering recession. More studios are popping up every day and most are doing well under the pressures of a shallow-pocketed public still scrounging to save money, or in some cases, stay afloat while looking for a job. They may have passed on take out dinners [...]


Psst...we're over here. We said, are you happy? Hey, are you even paying attention?? According to reports there's a 65% chance you are most likely not! And you're probably not going to be any happier for it. So listen up. Everyone's getting excited from TIME, to the BBC to The New York Times about a [...]


And then the Yoga Guru said... "We need to follow the Chinese example of shooting dead the people found guilty of corruption. India cannot emerge economically till the politicians, bureaucrats and officials responsible for defrauding Indian taxpayers are punished," said Ramdev, addressing supporters at his protest rally at Jantar Mantar in central Delhi, in response [...]


From the YD Crime Blotter Yikes, and now your requisite update on the Graspin' Aspen case: Colorado yoga teacher, Steven Jon Roger, was sentenced to 2 months of jail time, a $5,000 fine (the max) and 120 hours of community service. He must also write apology letters to the two students involved. Roger maintains his [...]


Yes. And if you think horse asana and Lady Gaga's underwear mentioned in the same sentence is weird, you obviously haven't been to any of her concerts! Oh, we kid the Gag and equiyogis. Seriously though, what a funky week for celebriyogi news, even Mr. Ed is taking part. We just hope they'll consider joining [...]


Oh my, is it November? Where has the time gone? Back an hour! I know that much. Have you all been playing nice? Yoga Teacher Training has taken me through the winds of fall into what feels like the descent into a cold, dark December. Are you with me when I plead, 'Dear Hatha gods, [...]


Uh oh...when does celebriyogi stalking go too far? Sneaky (citizen?) yogarazzi snapped a shot of sweatied rocker Gavin Rossdale mid-water break in Bikram class, and PopSugar posted it. Can't this man live through tapas torture in peace? Hey, we appreciate juicy yoga-loving celeb gossip and hottie mcyogabody PDY (public displays of yoga), but dear Krishna [...]


Phew! What a relief, now we have proof Lady Yoga does not wear THIS to class. Here she is panty partying with owner and director of Bikram Yoga Lower East Side Tricia Donegan. Can you really argue with our theory now? Lady Gaga, making yoga studios famous one freaky fashion show at a time. Another [...]


It's that time of the year again! The pre-pre-holidays! Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks a few days. That's why we've got to stop, meditate and listen. Yes, 2010 is rapidly winding down, so in true YogaDork fashion we are launching a challenge! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the next [...]