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First off, happy Guru Purnima (Guru Full Moon)! Today's the day in the Indian tradition to acknowledge and celebrate your Guru. As if you needed a certain day, you may take it upon yourself to show your teacher(s) your appreciation. Jai Guru. And so it is with gratitude and reverence that I relate to you [...]


When you have a yoga news week with headlines trumpeting opera, prison, kitty cats, and drunken yogi vengeance, you have to wonder, how close are we to the yogapocalypse?? be like the buddha cat... Lesson #1: Upon tossing back a few adult beverages, do not attempt to go to yoga class. When drunk enough to [...]


Cats relaxing to yoga meditation music is srlsy awesome, but this gem has got to be the mightiest cryptonite for the blues we've encountered since yoga! Presenting our new favoritest video ever of the week: Pug Sings Batman Theme! Warning: side effects may include twitching in outer corners of the mouth, chronic clicks of the [...]


We asked YD readers to contribute questions for Stefanie Syman, author of The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga in America, and she answered them! Even the sub-sub-questions. Huge thank you to readers for Qs and Stefanie for As. Read on for her insightful comments on the yoga industry, commoditization and deepening your practice in a [...]


This week in Yoga Crime: Beware of disgruntled spray-paint wielding (possibly drunk) yogis! The latest from Sacramento is reports of Zuda Yoga Studio being vandalized with lots of colorfully crude graffiti, toilet paper and piles of garbage. Also a broken window and a "glue-like substance" stuck in the door handles! No it wasn't Lady Gaga [...]


OK now she's just getting vociferous about her newly unleashed #yogadorkness, tossing out updates all over twitter and her facebook page to 13.1 million of her closest friends. We were hot on the trail of Gaga's Cleveland yoga escapades last week and now the unabashed pop diva is letting her yoga flag fly proud on the tweets! [...]


It's Wednesday! Need help getting over that hump? How about news on cats and yoga! Imbued with the pioneering spirit of an animal loving ingenue, veterinary student nurse Ms. Sian Barr in Powys, Wales took it upon herself to launch a study on how to calm the nerves of our little feline friends. Because hairballs [...]


Here's a little early-almost-mid-week pick-me-up, and egregious use of hyphens, to boot. Not doing anything exciting this weekend? Sign on to be inspired by 91-year-young Tao "There is Nothing You Cannot Do" Porchon-Lynch this Saturday, at Strala in NYC where the yoga hero will be teaching a 3-hour workshop on the integration and importance of [...]


Hey! Get that FULL MIND & BODY workout...with Spinning and Yoga! Awesome! Be sure to pull that belly button in nice and tight. Uh oh. Today on the CBS Early Show morning risers were treated to a blast of cardio spinning (awesome!) combined with yoga (beautiful!) from SoulCycle. Love to burn those calories and fat, [...]


Not too long ago we saw Indian prisoners rewarded with early release for a regular incarcerated yoga practice. But now taxpayers in The UK are getting quite infuriated over footing the bill for life-sentence serving outlaws and criminals to find their inner chi.  Naturally, families of victims are even more aghast at the idea. "You [...]


Here's a new one for you - yoga for opera singerrrrs! (we're working on the vibrato). Opera divas: now with more to sing about, flaunt, stomp their feet in a huff over, and other caricature diva-ish things. Opera students at the University of Minnesota Duluth are getting a lesson in core strength and breathing exercises [...]


Greetings! It is I, a most grateful and rightly tuckered out yogadork. Between a Bobby Clennell workshop on Weds (fantastic senior Iyengar teacher and author!) and commencement of the 300-hr training yesterday and today, I'm pooped! However, I shall deliver as promised: this is the very first installment of what will be a 6-month journey [...]


Right, so this week happened. You were all here to witness it!  But did you miss out on yoga news listening to all the deplorably explicit Mel Gibson rage tapes? Good grief. We won't even get into how much that man needs a good slap of the pranayama stick. Anyway, we hope you've had a chance [...]


Ay caramba! What a way to end the week! Tonight on "20/20": Did Standish, Maine yoga teacher Linda Dolloff stage a home invasion, beat her husband Jeff to near-death with a baseball bat and shoot herself in the abdomen in a further cover-up effort? Yes indeed! Say investigators and the jury who found her guilty. The [...]