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by J. Brown Ever heard the one about the Dalai Lama and the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything. This has always been my favorite joke. Recently, I was made aware of how, like a lot of effective humor, the punchline is based on a not so funny premise. As an astute Shakespearean [...]


Goodness. Oh dear. Pardon us, uh...we're just trying to clear something up here. Oh, is that right? Hm, is that a fact? Well, then. We suppose it's true, September is here! And the summer, sadly, unofficially over. Aw, don't get all misty-eyed and hissy now. Who doesn't love crisp sweaters, crisper air, and hot apple [...]


The YogaDork has landed! As promised, the Springer-esque Final Thoughts. The Long and Winding Road...Life in the Fast Lane...Life is a Highway...you get the picture. YD has been ramblin', man! So YD went on a roadtrip, a crazy tour over the course of 13 days visiting Yoga Americana West Coast style. It was a fantastic [...]


Because this is adorable and hilarious and because it's a long weekend. Your dose of Yoga ha ha. Thanks to Roseanne for the find! Kitty gets stuck in compromising yoga position. Transition from prasarita paddottanasana to tripod headstead is always a bitch for us too! Poor kitty cat. Via Icanhascheezburger, of course. ------ Earlier... Top [...]


Everyone's like WHOA he's doing YOGA! And then he stood on his head and started chanting The Bhagavad Gita in its entirety! Well, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz's 10 month old, Egypt, is certainly sitting in a Baby Buddha-fied lotus, and is as cute as a pouty-lipped cherub. According to uber proud papa via twitter, [...]


Some of you have hit the snooze button on this already, but, wait! Hear us out. Could 30 Rock's "Jack" and Beetlejuice's breakout star Alec Baldwin become mayor of the greatest city in the world? There's been talk. Subjectivity and hometown pride aside, this could spell some big changes for the Big Apple. First off, [...]


Happy September! Not only does the ninth month on the calendar mean back to school and shorter days, it's National Yoga Month! What does that mean? According to the Yoga Health Foundation it means a week of free classes for newbie students and Luna Bar sponsored events throughout the month in your nearby studios (and [...]


After the cops busted up the first plan to invade Grand Central for safety reasons, or whatever, the Storm Yogis have regrouped and once again have cast a promise of enormity and spectacle! And peace in the form of a mass mob practicing yoga in unison set to the backdrop of this crazy mother-lovin' city [...]


Need a moment? This is like those Twix ads except it's zero calories and you won't get chocolate all over your face. mmm...chocolate. If you're looking for extra patience in line at the grocery store, communicating with your darling children or have ever seriously considered tossing your computer out the window if the rainbow wheel [...]


Gawker complains it's "dumb and obnoxious", calling out the homeless 'joke' at the end of the performance, continuing that "Lululemonheads like these have ruined [yoga] for the next several decades." Huffington Post likens it to the "endearingly bizarre people" you see on the subways on a regular basis. it's all yoga, baby's Roseanne admitted to [...]