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"Mentally, all I'm projecting is positive. All I can see is being healthy and happy, and an amazing show," says brit poptastic Robbie Williams, about to set out on a reunion tour with 90s band Take That. Remember them? Maybe this time they're "back for good"! (surely, we're the first to crack that one) Taking [...]

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Speaking of overly briefness, here's a 5-minute video on the story of modern Hatha yoga. Sure it's not the most in-depth chronicling, nor the most thrilling recount (especially when it gets all A Current Affair reenactment) but we kind of dig these historical pop in your back pocket nuggets. Can you guess who the guru [...]


We were impressed by this 'overly brief and incomplete history of yoga' chart before, but creator Alison Hinks has made some updates. Enjoy the little less-brief, tad more completeness!* Click the image to enlarge or click here for pdf Originally at Alison Hinks Yoga. Yes you may bug her for the poster size. *this is [...]


Guest Post From Christa in New York: Curating a Creative Life “Figure out your service on this planet. Figure out how that service nourishes the Earth and go do that.” ~ Elena Brower On Monday night, through a tip from the always-in-the-know Yogadork and by the grace of Mike Kim, I was able to attend [...]


by J. Brown I have this tendency to be overly provocative, sometimes to a fault. I have managed to temper this but, as discussed last month, changing old patterns requires continued attention. The title of this post is a perfect example. You see, I really wanted to call it “F*** Union with the Divine” but [...]


Happy Birthday Bob Dylan! The forever on tour, traveling folk troubadour is celebrating his born day today and we wanted to honor our favorite Minnesotan songwriter with a little Dylan-inspired yoga sequence. Is he a yogadork? Oh, he is in our hearts for sure! How else wold he stay "forever young"? Heh. House of the [...]


In honor of Judgment Day and the world ending and all we're doing the recap a wee bit early. Ya know, just in case. Gotta get your yoga news in time! Whether you're reading this pre or post rapture, we hope you've at least taken the time to enjoy a jolly belly laugh-asana at this [...]

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Welcome to the Yoga Time Machine! Featuring yoga news stories from yester years on subjects from the nifty to the bizarre. Today we travel back to the year 1908: "President Winthrop Ellsworth Stone of Purdue University confirmed last night a report that his wife withdrawn from the world, including her husband and family, to pursue [...]

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Like many yogis, you probably have a shelf full of dusty yoga DVDs — the well-worn favorites and the 'What was I thinking?!'s. We understand. Everybody loves a down home practice, but sadly these rejected titles will never make it to grace the bottom of the DVD clearance bin (can't imagine why). Alas, some truly [...]


Hey hey! Ya know, there are some days when we talk about yoga and neuroscience, or stoking yogis and pot, and then there are some days when Miley Cyrus dons a lacy Gaga meets Stevie Nicks undergarment getup and poses in Natarajasana, Lord of the Dance pose. Ah, and here we are. Catching flak recently [...]


What's up this weekend NYC? Come out for a workshop on Organic Yoga for the Urban Gardener and cultivate your own growth through asana and discussion with Master Iyengar Teacher Kofi Busia. Also, YD readers, be sure to mention us and you'll receive 10% off, or 15% when you bring a friend! (both of you [...]


Didn't make the NY Yoga Journal Conference? Sorry we missed ya! Kasey Luber was strutting around with her camera capturing the wonder of it all. Lucky for you! Check out some clips below of the conference that was at once full of yoga masters, seekers, eager shoppers, even more eager salesyogis, ugly carpeting, uglier lighting, [...]


ATTENTION Planking, the once-entertaining, ridiculous yet funny internet trend now turned deadly pasttime has been all over the news. Deadly? It's all planking pranks and hilarious photos until someone goes over the edge, literally.  An ambitious, and albeit drunken, planker fell to his death trying to plank on a balcony railing 7-stories up last weekend. Pretty terrible! But all this anti-plank news has [...]


Happy May 17th, 2011! Do you know what today is? Buddha's Birthday! We are so thrilled to have the incomparable yoga crone Cora Wen give us the lowdown. Today is Buddha’s Birthday. The full moon in May is one of the most auspicious and significant days In the Buddhist tradition. On the night of the  full moon, people [...]

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