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“What is Yoga?” Or how about, “What is religion?” These are the questions waiting to be answered at the trial of the yogallennium where parents are suing their children’s school over free yoga classes claiming it is unconstitutional religious indoctrination. Oh, the growing pains of society. Opening remarks on Monday came from San Diego Superior Court [...]


The following is an excerpt from Teaching People, Not Poses: 12 Principles for Teaching Yoga With Integrity by Jay Fields. Stay tuned for the giveaway! 2. Practice. You gotta’ practice. Period. That’s kinda it. But I’ll expound a bit. I remember a few years ago going to a class with a teacher I had never met. [...]


Sure, infographics tend to simplify things, that’s part of their appeal. We like this one about meditation and education because we keep reading and hearing about how meditation and yoga have helped kids do better in school, and in life. This just illustrates that! Click to enlarge. Infographic: Maili Holiman via edutopia.org —— Earlier… Study: Meditation [...]


Today’s the day. Civil rights case pitting Sedlock v. Baird, parents v. school, religion v. yoga, goes on trial today in Encinitas, CA. The Sedlocks, parents of a child in the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) who have evangelical Christian roots and support, claim that free twice-weekly 30-minute yoga classes threaten religious freedom and, in fact, equal religious indoctrination, [...]


As life would have it, this week was brushed with bittersweetness. Mid-May always ushers in the sense of ending – like graduations and season or series finales (byebye The Office! tear) – AND the promise of new beginnings (SYTYCD! we’re super fans) and new adventures as we wait for unofficial summer to start. When it comes [...]


YD Deals, where Jenn, the yogadealer, helps you save your yoga dough one penny at a time. Saucha (aka cleanliness) is a piece of the ancient yogic texts that is alive and thriving in the 2013 yogasphere. And for those of us NYC yogis who are not only seeking to be free in spirit and stinkiness, [...]


What is Yoga? An ancient, healing practice? A good stretch and stress reliever? Something cool celebrities do? The reason we live in yoga pants? Maybe all that and more? How can we make sense of thousands of years of yoga in a contemporary world of uber-commercialization? So many questions! Political science professor-turned-yoga teacher (and prominent [...]


And then there was Fat Yoga. It’s the name and the cause of a new studio in Portland, OR. (And Stumptown seriously only gets number 8 on the Top 10 Us Yoga Cities? pssht.) Yep, the studio is called Fat Yoga, and owner Anna Ipox is not shy about it. “I say I’m fat cause, guess [...]


The following is an excerpt from Yoga Ph.D.: Integrating the Life of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Body by Carol A. Horton. Stay tuned for the giveaway! From Meditation to Commodification: Promise & Perils of American Yoga Although it was years ago now, I distinctly remember the first time I experienced the intensity [...]