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Uh oh. Is yoga threatening Christian faith? And the debate marches on! This time Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, faces off with Stefanie Syman, author of The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga in America, on his online talk show. The interview (listen here) is actually a very civil and [...]


OK, ok it's been a few weeks. Cut me some slack! Do you think I'm made of YTT updates? ;) Besides, it's taken that long to let this pickled pepper stew. I won't try to be a scholar here, cause I'm not. I can't even say the title of this post 3 times fast! (try [...]


And so you ask, what's a Monday without a little Martha Stewart yoga? To which we say, just another day of living! Thanks to all that is good we get a snippet, albeit brief, of the domestic maven, Lady Martha Stewart, and her yoga partner, American design queen, Donna Karan. The clip is from Sunday [...]


Are you ready for the weekend? Big plans? Live it up, it's the last weekend of summer 2010! (technically) Whether you're saluting the sun 108 times for charity or approaching 108 views of the Yoga Bear video, we hope you have a good one. We couldn't bear it if you didn't. Of course the cutest, [...]


Did you enjoy the 'Real Yogi Bear' pics? Incredible yogadorableness! We found a few youtube videos of stretching bears too - they love it! And now somehow channel 9 news has video of what we're led to believe are the bears from the Finland Zoo, or at least A zoo, doing yoga. Seeing them in [...]

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Hey, 'scuse us, did you know it was yoga month? Yes yes! Have you been celebrating? Practicing under TITAN tutelage? If you're looking for a way to give back there are two biggie events happening this weekend. First, in conjunction with Yoga Month is the Global Mala for Peace Project, September 18th-19th, an idea and [...]

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When you think of Russia, what's the first thing that pops into your head? Yoga, right? We knew it! Well, when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev refers to himself as an “ardent yoga practitioner,” meets with BKS Iyengar on the Guru's return to the country after a 20 year absence, and former first lady Naina Yeltsina [...]


She won't steal your pic-a-nic basket, but she could steal your heart. awww. Did we need this today or what? Meet Santra, the Yoga Bear who mesmerized Finland's Ahtari Zoo goers with a 15 minute yoga practice! Says astounded bystander Meta Penca who snapped the shots, via UK's Daily Mail: 'It was exactly the same [...]


Huge news yoga fans. If you've been following the story, Steven Jon Roger, of Aspen CO has been found guilty on two counts of unlawful sexual contact and must register as a sex offender. Via Aspen Daily News: A jury of four men and two women convicted former yoga instructor Steven Roger on Tuesday night [...]


Cheers to YogaDawg for harvesting this nugget...of, uh, vegetable yoga? This commercial for salad dressing is cute and funny! It's also strangely erotic. But maybe that's just us. ahem. ------ Earlier... Yoga Sells: Yoga’s Best TV Commercials ‘Party Down’ Summons Power of Yoga for Pee Revenge, Hilariously (video) NASCAR Stars Crash Yoga Class (video)


Lady Gaga is on a yoga tour de force! Literally. Forget the concerts, LG is sweeping the nation one yoga studio at a time, and she could be stopping at yours! She may even tweet about it, or mention it on stage. Ever since we got the exclusive photo of Ms. YoGaga in Cleveland, we've [...]


Let's hear it for short weeks! Did you go back to school? Back to work? Back to yoga? In any case, welcome back. Here we are in September, it's time to roll! If you were thinking roll a joint, then you must've been keeping up with the yoga news this week. Light 'em up, it's [...]


We warned you of this. Here it is, "Don't Say Goodbye" the Bappi Lahiri tribute to Michael Jackson featuring Rajashree Choudhury! Oh, and reportedly co-produced by none other than Bikram Choudhury himself. It's like yoga to your ears, tapas style! And believe us when we say, the video will bring you to tears. So there [...]


You're going to love this one. Get your yoga high...with marijuana! And, meditation too, of course. Some folks, we know, already get recreational with  'enhanced inhales' to deepen their yogic experience, but how about a class that actually requires that you light up? It's true! On the long list of yoga mashups comes the most [...]