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First order of business, rose-colored pop star and aerial artist, Pink, had a baby! Her name is Willow Sage. Congrats! And then she tried to take little Willow to yoga. It seems the two are inseparable, but maybe mama's girl is "trouble" just like her mama. Or perhaps baby Willow just wanted to "get the [...]


It's July, it's summer, it's hot. We know! What else is there to do, but yoga and lounge about? (in your dreams) How about yoga-ing and lounging whilst shopping for new yoga gear on beebliss.com with your shiny new $75 gift card? (er , code, whatever. it's the interweb era) WIN: The lazy hazy days [...]


Not to be outdone by the peace lovin' yoga festivus circuit, the Ashtanga community is joining together for their very own yoga showdown. And none of you yella bellied posers are invited! Just kidding, they didn't actually say that. They did, however, make sure we're clear this is not a "festival" necessitating fire eaters on [...]


Om: A place to lay your mat. Via NYPost: Celebrity yoga guru Tara Stiles, whose clients include Deepak Chopra, has found a downtown Zen palace to call home. Stiles and her husband, Michael Taylor (CEO of social media marketing company Odyl), have bought a one-bedroom, two-bathroom condo at 90 Prince St. for $1.78 million. The [...]


YogaTuning: Wherein the genius of passionate songwriting meets the sanctum of our yoga mats. Shanti, Shanti, Sunshine. ------ Summery YogaPop Edition: "And of course you can't become if you only say what you would have done." Len Ah, poetry. Yoga like it's 1999. ------ Earlier... YogaTuning: These Are Better Days, Baby Heidi Klum Tries Yoga, [...]


Schnitzel sticks. So the USA didn't win the World Cup against Japan in Germany on Sunday, and something called Carmageddon had Los Angelenos stopping dead in their tracks foreseeing the end of the world as we know it, or at least just for the weekend. Alas, we're all still alive, free to clog the highways [...]


Go USA! Attention Soccer Fans and Americans! You may already know the USA has made it into the FIFA Womens World Cup! Yay! The first time since 1999 - woohooo! However, you may be unaware of the fact that Hope Solo, only the best goalkeeper in women's soccer, is a total yogadork! (exclamation=excitement) YD has [...]


Hup two, breathe, three, four... In the Naaavvvvyyy. Yoga is. We keep hearing more stories about yoga in the military -added to basic training, integrated into rehabilitation programs - and it seems they're getting really serious (uh, militant?) about it. Thanks to a tipster who gave us the heads up about this job posting. Not [...]


Breaking! Celebrities are keeping fit! "I learned that even though you aren't always as good as the other people at the poses or you don't look as elegant or can't stretch as far, you just do what you can! It's all about where YOU are in the moment. You don't do this for others or [...]


Curious what style of yoga you're into? Think you already know, but curious to test your bent? Feast your eyes on this phantasmagorical yoga quiz! If there's anything we dig in infographicsland it's a well done flowchart. Click to enlarge. Thanks to Alison Hinks and the awesome machinations of her yoga mind. ----- Earlier... 10 [...]