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Yoga with your cats?! How could we not share? Our favorite is Purrior II to Reverse Purrior. Cute! Though we don’t recommend you try this at home unless you want kitty to help you locate aka scratch your third eye. Rowwwwhhrrr. Meoooowwwooohhhm. —— Earlier… Cat Yoga With the Internet’s Feline Expert – Video Cutest Pic of [...]


TWIY = This Week In Yoga. Want this little old roundup sent to your email without lifting a pinkie? Sign up here! As if the new moon and solar eclipse weren’t enough to rock the cosmic boat this week, some heavy hitting news broke through our naturally meditative state and shattered the facade of stillness. [...]

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This one’s for all the yoga moms. We hinted in last week’s newsletter about a little YD tank giveaway. We’re starting today! And we’re giving away a print of The Yoga Poster, too! The other day we received a lovely email from Karoline of TYP who was feeling a little extra lovey this year about her [...]


YD’s Who Said It? where we post a yogadorky quote and you guess the person who said it. This edition is brought to you by your late 90s guilty pop pleasures and all the hairbrushes that were privileged to be your microphone. One of these blonde bombshells will be following in the footsteps of Sin City greats [...]


This just in…Two women filed separate lawsuits earlier this week claiming they were raped by Bikram Choudhury and that Bikram’s inside circle actively recruits women for him. We know, there are so many Bikram-related lawsuits it’s hard to keep track. This is where it gets real. “Jane Doe No. 2 sued Choudhury and Bikram Yoga [...]


  This Yoga After 50 New York Times piece that’s been floating around the past few days had us immediately thinking, Yoga after 50? Was there ever a question? In fact, the very image of Sally O’Malley’s springy, “I’m 50! 50 years old!” came to mind. Because, of course, that’s what fit and lively 50+ [...]


Free class! This free online yoga class hosted by YogaVibes. Check it out. It’s about that time! To bring forth the rhythm and the….oh, nevermind. We know you’ll find some good vibrations with this new free online class from Joan Hyman. STOP…Crow Time! (ok, we’re done.) // Description: A core class leading to bakasana (crow pose) on [...]


For when yoga makes you feel like a guinea pig! (Or you want to smile at the utter adorableness of guinea pigs doing yoga.) Adorable illustrations by Leslie DeSantis. Find them at her etsy shop When Guinea Pigs Fly. —— Earlier… Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Loves Your Yoga Pants Style Cute Meditation Music Video Yoga [...]


Woops. Lululemon Athletica Inc. has been sued by Hallandale Beach Police Officers and Firefighters’ Personnel Retirement Fund in Florida, the Associated Press reported. Great, what did lulu do now, try to get retired first responders to put out their PR fires? Not exactly. The suing party are Lululemon shareholders and they are not cool with the board [...]