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And then gangsta rappers did ghetto yoga... Deemed by many in the game as the creator of gangsta rap, 45 year old Jesse "Schoolly D" Weaver Jr. gets dirty in his lyrics and ghetto in his yoga. YO, wha? What was the Philly legend doing during the earthquake? He "just got finished yoga." An interview [...]


Yoga Bitch could be viewed as an oxymoron. Or, it could be viewed as that insufferable sweat-wicking wench who keeps stealing your favorite spot in class. She knows you like to be by the window and the hand-carved Ganesh. Remover of obstacles my... But we can also see it as this empowering superheroine character, standing [...]


It's a "scientific conference grant" from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and it enables scientists from all over the world to attend the Symposium on Yoga Research at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health coming up September 23-25. Science and Yoga, kissing in a tree! This news closely follows the [...]


Hello, I love you. Do you meditate? That's what you say to everyone you meet, no? Try it! OR, you could simply say it without uttering a thing. Just grab your meditation cushion and show everyone how it's done. Don't have a meditation cushion? Why, you're in luck! We're giving one away! WIN: Meditation cushion, [...]


Today's Yoga Clothing Stock Tip via Financial Post: “We do not dispute that Lululemon is one of the best growth stories in our coverage universe,” analyst Edward Yruma wrote in a note to clients, changing the recommendation on the stock to underweight from hold. “However we remain concerned that its high-end consumer base ($99 yoga [...]


UPDATE 8/24: POSTPONED DUE TO POPO (official response below) Psssst. What are YOU doing Wednesday August 24th between 6 and 7pm? Perhaps strolling the cavernous halls of Grand Central ready to drop into your best corpse pose? We hear from unnamed sources that there will be others ready to play dead as well! It's another [...]


"Life is like photography. You use the negative to develop." —Swami Beyondananda. A good friend of ours posted this quote on his facebook page recently. What a lovely sentiment! But, Swami Beyond-ananda? Our pal is a bright, positive soul, and a newbie yogi so we figured, hey he must be doing his research and found [...]


by Nancy Alder Courtesy Random House and Suzanne Morrison Every time a new yoga book comes out that involves travel to a foreign land, it is hard not to say "been there done that" and instantly jump back to the pages of Eat, Pray, Love.  A first glance at the new yoga memoir, Yoga Bitch: One Woman's [...]


By Jill Miller, Creator of Yoga Tune Up Pain, numbness, tingling? Do any of these describe the feelings you have when you come out of an asana? Please heed these warnings! Not all yoga poses are safe for all people. Just follow expert yoga teacher Patricia Sullivan’s story in the October 2010 issue of Yoga [...]


Mick Jagger starts singing in sanskrit, down dogging on stage and leading Rolling Stones fans in the Guyatri Mantra. Then Roseanne Barr takes up veganism, meditation and launches a children's cooking/yoga DVD series. This isn't some hippy fantasyland, this could soon be our reality! Maybe. Roseanne Barr is the latest boomer celeb to hit the [...]