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Straight from the Found on the Internets Trove: Oh sure we've got the ancient language of Sanskrit to inform some of us on the meaning behind yoga poses, and then utterly confound the rest of us. Ah-do milkshake what? But what if you just named the poses exactly as they seem? They might go a [...]


It's Jenni Drishti! On day 11ish of the road trip (we lost count somewhere between John Friend's flight of the Divine and the canyon grand crevasse) we arrived in Santa Barbara for a yoga class with Drishti's own Jennifer Rawlings at Yoga Soup, the 2nd coolest named studio we encountered after Cosmic Dog. One of [...]


Following our 4 day space trip orbiting planet Wanderlust, the YD roadster took us southward toward the marvels of the natural world...modern plumbing in the desert! Oh and the Grand Canyon. (though it's pretty amazing they can get running water to all the Del Taco's and Mr. Pickles out here in the middle of cacti [...]


BEEF! Uh oh. Bikram may have his legal team under lockdown once again. The offender? Yoga to the People, the often mat-to-mat packed and sweaty yoga studio touting "no glorified teachers, scripts or pedestals"  with multiple locations around NYC, as well as West Coast. And they wrote it in a letter, to the people. Apparently the beef came [...]


Them bones, them bones... Self-care. Now that's something you don't hear often in the medical world. Just when you thought yoga was only for nimble-bodied hula hoopers and fire twirlers, there's news that the practice can help folks with an old pain the bones: osteporosis. The New York Times reports that yoga therapy can actually prevent [...]


“We probably should be in a beginner’s class, but we decided to give it a try. I’ve noticed a big difference since I began doing it this summer. It helps with flexibility, quickness and durability.” B-baller and 2010 Ivy League player of the year, Ryan Wittman says after taking a yoga class at NYC's 92nd [...]


Ground control to major tom...do we have permission to land? Hello ellooo...elloo... from Wanderlust Festival in Lake Tahoe! We hope this missive is reaching planet Earth. We had every intention of recapping each day as we lived it at Wanderlust as we did in Vermont, but then the mothership came down and swept us up into [...]


We made it to Wanderlust! If you've been following our road trip around about the Pacific Northwest you know we've been roaming like gypsies on too much yerba mate through Portland, Seattle, San Fran, wine country and now Lake Tahoe where we've taken a brief pause for a little yoga and yogi music festivalness. Day [...]


UPDATE 2: Life is a Highway If you haven't heard, we're on a road trip! And not any road trip, the Great American YogaDork Road Trip, and we're posting from the road! (in between driving long hours across the Pacific Northwest, stopping for gas and, uh, necessities, and squeezing in a few hours of sleep). The [...]


Is it hot in here or is it us? Holy ice balls in the sprinkler it's been steamy. If you've been existing on the east coast for the past 5 days or so you know it's been a "summer scorcher" or so it was deemed on TV. Alas, it is still summer. We shall sally forth with [...]

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