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And now for the latest in Yoga In Advertising: Think fast...no faster! What's the one thing you absolutely crave in yoga class? Coffee! Right? That's what Seattle's Best has us believe in their new cutesy online ad campaign where SB employees pop up in the least likely places to offer folks caught in compromising circumstances [...]


And sometimes Celebriyogis warm our yogadorky hearts! Hollywood starlet, perpetual cutie and habitual under-the-radar indie actress, Michelle Williams is speaking out on how yoga practice helped her become a better person and mother. So inspired, Williams has announced she's opening a Boston area center, Yoga for Single Moms. Ms. Williams explains in Feb's issue of [...]


Wanderlust Thrice! The Yoga and Music Fest is becoming a series with California, Vermont and now a third location announced for Miami in March, 2011 to kick it all off. Hey mami, that's coming up soon! It looks fun, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't disappointed Flo Rida didn't make the bill. [...]

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To hell with convention, New York Magazine has a feature this week on all the bent up, twisted out yoga trends happening in this fabulous Big Apple-asana. Some include newfangled toys like hoops, slack-lines, poles and whatchamacallit apparatus. Scroll down for more. Adi Carter, slack-line yoga instructor for Yoga Slackers (yogaslackers.com) “You feel the Upavishta [...]


Ah yes, another one of those weeks. The sky is falling! No, wait, it's just thousands of birds! No, it's another blizzard! Er, actually it's raining good intentions for #365yoga! Yes, that's it. Indeed, we're in for quite an interesting year from the get-go; the first full week of January and we're already debating our [...]


Yowsers no trousers! Hey Maroon 5 fans, or man fans for that matter, lead singer Adam Levine wants to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers and will bear his naked bod to do so! The Maroon 5 frontman teamed up with Everyman, a Brit org campaigning to stamp out male cancer. Photos are featured [...]


If birds dropping from the sky and dead fish washing ashore by the thousands weren't signs of the impending Apocalypse, baby swinging yoga has confirmed our doom! Baby-swinging wah? Yes, videos have surfaced of a Russian video entitled "Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina." Many thought it was fake, including Gawker sleuths, but upon further research [...]


It's that time of year again...the beginning! A new opportunity! Do you have 2011 New Year Resolutions/Intentions/Dogged Dedications/Persistent Promises? Aw, come on, we could all think about what we can do better in the new year, for ourselves, for others, for the world around us. Consider this: What if you practiced yoga, every day for [...]


And it is with a tearful yogi towel we bid adieu to dear friend and YD pal Roseanne's blog, It's All Yoga, Baby.  As of today it is retired! Of course we are super sad to see her step down from yoga watchdog empress, but we are also thrilled that she is reembarking on her [...]


Did we not warn you all about the breakdancing yogis? It was written in the stars! Or is that, the graffiti? Anyways, here we are, a full on yoga and breakdancing combo called Breakti. What makes this different from other hybrids, in our opinion, is that yoga is very much an essential element throughout the [...]


We're so excited about this giveaway from we've had LL Cool J "Mama Said Knock You Out" on repeat the last 4 hours!* That's not true, Beastie Boys got some fair spins. (*Def Jam reference, people) "So whatcha whatcha watcha want?" A new book by super mogul-rific yogapreneur Russell Simmons? You're in luck! He has [...]


News flash: Wesley Snipes, Hollywood actor who's kung fu'd across the big screen is the same Wesley Snipes currently serving a 3 year sentence for tax evasion, is the same Wesley Snipes teaching yoga in the clinker to fellow jail mates. According to TMZ, so you know: ... Snipes is teaching yoga to some of [...]


Happy 2011! We made it! Read this yogadork's tale of victory over 108 New Year's Day Sun Salutations. Full post featured at YogaCityNYC: Why do 108 Sun Salutations on January 1st, the day after one of the biggest celebratory nights of the year? The challenge! Yes, of course! If you can last through 108 rounds [...]


Holy ravioli, 2010 is almost over! Whew, what a year. So much has happened in this here yogadorkland we live in. Sure there are lots of 'best of' posts to be found round this time, but we figured why not close out the year with a good old fashioned YD poll? And so we hand it over [...]