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Have you heard all the ruckus about sexy naked yoga ads? It's a fracas of bodily proportions! The debate's been raging for a week, so if you're sick and tired of it by now we understand. Who wants to talk about body image, sexuality and yoga? Ptew! What started as a murmur was brought to [...]


Week 5 already! And our group has hit a stride. We seem to have attraversiamo'd from a crew of perfect strangers to a living breathing organism made up of 18 unique constituents and one unified energy. This tends to happen more quickly when you spend every training Sunday sitting in a circle swapping energetic vrttis [...]


A short recap this week of all that happened in the world of yoga so that you busy bees can just whip through the news all at once and make it to another showing of Eat, Pray, Love!  If you're still curious about the film, we saw it, and have a handy 5-point review. ps. [...]

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And here comes the bad news: BEWARE yoga can hurt you! While any physical activity, like say walking for example, can sometimes put you at risk of hurting yourself, yoga has the special added bonus of some semi-awkward poses and an onslaught of enthusiastic yoga teachers who may or may not be thoroughly trained and [...]


OMG we saw Eat, Pray, Love! And we didn't even need the Zirconmania mala beads or EPL-inspired Lancome lip gloss. What we did need at the end was a big plate of spaghetti. Overall, eavesdropped exit reviews were positive, but seeing a movie late-night the day before it comes out means the crowd is in [...]


The long awaited, heavily marketed, remarkably tchotchked Eat, Pray, Love movie is out tomorrow. Hallelujah! Will we love it? hate it? want to make out with James Franco and marry Javier Bardem? Maybe! Will it have us wishing to drop everything and jaunt off to the east for a year full of soul-searching and spaghetti [...]


in which we asked: Did Julia Roberts just launch the next biggest trend in Hollywood since Scientology and Kabbalah? Are we all destined to be Hindu converts? Suhag Shukla, co-founder of the Hindu American Foundation, responds with an editorial in the Washington Post/Newsweek the same venue where Deepak and Aseem duked out their beef. According [...]


A dangerous catch-22! It's great for relieving stress, but where does yoga turn into yoga rage? Rob Corddry puts his life on the line to find out...in a unitard. thanks to elephant journal for the keen eye, and incessant obsession with 'The Daily Show', only one of the many reasons why we love them. This [...]


Take a guess! In a time when luxury vacations include jetting off for Eat, Pray, Love-inspired world tours, what do YOU think a weekend retreat at an impossibly fancy hotel and spa with Jen Aniston's yoga guru is worth? You may have to sell a kidney. Via SocialWorkout: Holy hot towels. Then again, can you [...]


Celebriyogi Buzz: Quick, what's better than yoga? Yoga and CAKE? Yes, please! 'Heroes' actress, Ali Larter was snapped by the paps - did we decide on "yogarazzi"? - emerging from yoga class last Sunday in LA, looking fabulously preggers, and carrying TWO yoga mats and piece of drool-worthy cake. What is that, carrot? Geez, somebody [...]

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From the creative and curious mind of Dan Borris, who brought us the popular Yoga Dogs Calendar (and Yoga Cats), comes a new litter of oddly cute yoga-posing puppies, cats and kittens. Here's your first look and laughter yoga break for the day. woo! Mr. Borris is a photographer from San Antonio, Texas who saw [...]


Julia Roberts went to India and all she got was a little 'Pray' action for her starring role in a soon to be summer blockbuster and a conversion to Hinduism! What? In the same interview for the September Elle magazine where America's sweetheart eschews botox because she wants her kids to recognize her happy vs [...]


Question: How is it that when you have a few days off you're even more tired than when you power through a 3-week yoga teacher training-athon? Krishna? Bueller? Sweet mother of pearl, we had the weekend off! So why is my frontal lobe on the fritz? Oh, of course, it is the common condition known [...]


After last week's turn of yogic bedlam, we've been operating on a cocktail of exhaustion fumes and settling dust, but we must march on! If you've ever heard the story of Virabhadra you know he is one mean battling machine. Though really it doesn't take a scholar to recognize that the yoga poses named after [...]