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Yoga, meet Fame. Yoga Fame, meet your new student Ben Dover! Newsweek has an article entitled "Bow Down To the Yoga Teacher" about prostrating not to the divine, or self, but to the magical all-powerful guru leading the class, on a pedestal, real or metaphorical. These stories of bowing down to a revered, or inspiring, [...]


Two yoga instructors joined the protests inside Wisconsin's capitol building Saturday. (AP) We snagged this photo and caption posted at Gawker. No they're not all adho mukha-ing, but it seems yoga teachers* have joined the some 70,000 union workers, school teachers, students, firefighters, nurses, Green Bay Packers and reportedly now Tom Morello from Rage Against [...]


Oh this is just cruel, but too hilarious! Glee star Cory Monteith (Finn) and Ellen Degeneres play a prank on an unsuspecting yoga teacher, from Friday's show, February 18th. We'd think this was especially mean-spirited if we didn't know what a yogadork Ellen is and how we're sure that yoga teacher was paid handsomely for [...]


"I am on the drunk diet. I live my life as I want to, and creatively," Lady Gaga tells SiriusXM. "I like to drink whiskey and stuff while I am working. But the deal is I've got to work out every day, and I work out hung over if I am hung over. "It's about [...]


Happy Friday! Happy Full Moon! A time for clarity, a time for lotus flowers to unfurl and blossom out of the muck! Did we mention the sun was shining? Oh glory be. Love Day happened, Mother Nature turned up the thermostat and all of a sudden February is busting out all over. Before we get [...]


BRAND LOYALTY: It's almost like having a personality. 4000 Years of Yoga and we finally figured out how to cash in. Yeowch! Love it or hate it, presenting the most scathing lulu parody we've seen as of late, brought to you by less-than-miffed-by-corporate-yoga-brands the seacowcoalition, a bunch of grad students in Australia Canada we're told. [...]


Well hello there, Happy Friday! Radiohead have dropped their new album The King of Limbs on us a day early and we are treated to the first video for "Lotus Flower" where Thom Yorke is a dancing fool! Rejoice! Kings of limbs indeed. Some are saying this is Thom on a yoga high! Ha. Is [...]


Yoga, the new choice in hobnobbing! The New York Post has a piece on the practice of workplace yoga outings replacing a stereotypical round of golf, or brewskies, for intra-office pow-wowing. Cute! It's wonderful to share yoga with others, and when it's you and your co-workers, or BOSS, chillaxing (or sweating profusely?) together, that sounds like the perfect opportunity for brown-nosing, er bonding.


Presenting 'An overly brief and incomplete history of yoga' in flowchart form! Oh, how we love charts, especially flowy ones about yoga history. Via an overly generous and amply free time-blessed Alison Hinks. Brief? Incomplete? We think she did a pretty bangin' job. And we love how it breaks into some modern day yogis. Which [...]


And now for your latest Yoga in Advertising update: Holy creepster mini 3D yogi alert! What's better than yoga video games or a plain old at-home practice by yourself? Why, a tiny yoga teacher on your mobile phone emerging from the screen for "real" 3-dimensional action. Or at least that's what a new ad from [...]


As if Valentine's Day weren't enough to get you and your honey bound up together in some sort of twisted lotus posture, it's being reported that yoga can actually aid in your fertility. Score! Well, we already know it helps the sex drive. Really though, infertility can actually be a very serious matter to a [...]


Revolution is afoot! In actuality, it's happening all the time - evolve and revolve - but as we approach a new dawn in the era of modern day yoga, the spirited yogadorks have spoken and are moved to unite in peaceful protest. Against what? And whom? Why, the powers that be. YD pal and intrepid [...]


Hey-o! Who brought all the dudes to the party? Yes, we have dubbed this as Impromptu Dude Yoga Week, let's hear it for the boys! And what's balance in yoga, and/or life, without a little sun and moon, a little yang to the yin, anima, animus rajas-tamas-sattvic-alidocious. Perhaps that commenter was right, the times they [...]


Impromptu Yoga Dude Week continues! From our resident Yoga Dude himself, Neal Pollack, a response to Bikram Choudhury: Cult Rock Star, Yogapreneur, Magic Genie Sex Machine, and the media's overt obsession with yoga-as-sex-orgy scandalocity. "The author manages to combine the sex and the Stupid Body Tricks into a pungent men’s magazine dream-stew of yoga quasi-libel. [...]