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Some thoughts on yoga from Matthew, age 6 via Yogi Beans. We know the feeling, little dude. ------ Earlier... Michelle Obama Promotes ‘Let’s Move’ Initiative with Namaste School of Yogis Yoga, Therapy Dogs and Recess Help High School Students Cope with Stress and Anxiety Kids Yoga is Awesome  


No long intro necessary, here's Queen Street Yoga doing their best "lip dub" music video to Mc Yogi's "Give Love." We've never been to QSY in Ontario, Canada but it looks like a pretty fun and happening place for all kinds of yogis. Note: If you do visit, love seems to be a prerequisite. ------ [...]


We'll come right out and say it. We're of the walking lot and we don't run races. Heck, let's be honest, we don't run at all unless we're late to yoga class. Bill Gaudette has lived 92 years and he just finished a 10K charity race with a smile on his face in a reported [...]


We're so happy to announce our newest addition to the YD family - Baby Om Tadasana Yogapants! We don't have pics yet, but believe us, he is adorbs! And looks just like his sister Urdvha Hastasana Namaste. Think that's weird? Celebs don't get to be the only ones giving their babies off the wall names. [...]


Oh, college life. It's tough! Thankfully, there are opportunities everywhere to get your yoga in and stay balanced without even having to go to yoga class. Here are just a few College Yoga tips from the old trusty College Humor.     Those were the days! Except we never grew out of that 11-hour Savasana* [...]


Having trouble naming your baby? Step into our office. How about Yoga? Or Prana? Or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana? Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana has a nice ring to it. And when your child asks what their name stands for you can show them the answer! We can all agree that the naming of children has turned into an exercise [...]


As if there's any chance you needed another reason to love the little British lotus flower that is Thom Yorke. He isn't just the talented and boogieing lead singer of Radiohead (Exhibit A; B), he's also a cool and collected boogieing rock star, thanks to yoga (Exhibit C). Known for his forays into computer music, modern [...]

healing hands

Just attempting to write on the topic of trauma is incredibly triggering—at least partially in a good way. The good part of this triggering is that it is bringing more aspects of myself to the fore for healing. Another good part is that my anxiety is real. I feel it. I know it. I trust it. It is mine. I can breathe, focus, attend to it with my breath, and know I am okay. I can practice yoga, and claim for myself once again, my body, mind, and heart from the grip of terror.


We know, more debate over yoga injuries? Yep! Believe it or not, we still have bodies and brains and vulnerabilities, which could lead to possible injury (or not). Though the subject may seem to border on beating a dead-horse-asana it's actually a still very relevant discussion in today's growing yoga world. And we're thankful for [...]