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Oops! The other day John Friend announced his new style and brand, Shri Daiva Yoga. Someone should have told him to secure the URL www.shridaivayoga.com.* Yikes. (possibly NSFW) *for the record, we had nothing to do with this and don't know who did it. ------ Earlier... Hyatt Boycott Doesn’t Stop Yoga Journal SF Conference, Should Yogis [...]


image: IAYB An uprising is afoot over Yoga Journal holding their San Francisco conference at the Hyatt Regency despite a years-long union activists' boycott "demanding fair treatment of hotel workers, higher wages, better benefits, safer workloads, and the right to unionize freely." The boycott launched in June 2010 has made little progress with Yoga Journal who holds their [...]


"I recommend hot yoga. When you're mounting an armed insurrection you want your chakras to be open and your butt high and tight." Stephen Colbert took on the extremely divisive topic of gun control last night. This is Colbert in response to Tennessee CEO James Yeager who ranted online about gun restrictions sparking a civil [...]


This email plopped in our inbox last night and honestly our eyes glazed over, crossed and then contorted into some new fancy acro yoga move. We've been keeping those interested informed about John Friend, the yoga guru ensconced in his own divine light post scandal, and his latest news of reinvention, with a tap dancing tip toe [...]


The latest discussion in 'yoga kills' comes from the penman of the Great Yoga Scare himself, William J. Broad. As you may recall, when his New York Times article came out in early 2012 a virtual riot ensued. The infamous article was adapted from his book which also highlights but is not limited to, injuries [...]


Hi! Total Wheel of Fortune nerds here. Did you watch Friday night? When it came time for the bonus round we were like, "Yoga Mat! It's Yoga Mat!" we squealed at the TV. Tell us what we've won, Pat! Alas, contestant Regis must not be down in his dog quite yet because he didn't get [...]


Though we have crossed the threshold into a fresh year, so far free from guru-related scandal, many are still feeling the rippling effects of all the shit that went down last year. Pardon, but really, it was shit. Though we might not want to talk about it, it's kind of a big deal and may [...]


It's no Oscar, but here she is, mother of three with yet another entry for the Cutie Patootie Hollywood Yoga Mommy award looking sunny after class in Santa Monica Thursday, giving Drew Barrymore a run for her money. How does 36-year-old, longtime yogi Reese eat her compulsory LA acai berry bowl? Witherspoon. We're here all [...]


It was one of the biggest and most inspirational stories of 2012. And the video of Arthur Boorman's amazing transformation from partially disabled, depressed and overweight Gulf War vet who could hardly walk to a fit and fiercely optimistic yoga teacher who lost 140 lbs and gained his life back went viral more than once and became [...]