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Hey, happy February! This calls for Americans to drop what they're doing, take some much needed time out for a few hours, spread their spicy wings, joyfully sip the brews of life and dig down to the 7 layers. Of bean dip. Yes, yes, it is Super Bowl weekend. Alas, traditional yoga might be traded [...]


The Yoga Must Go On. More Russell Brand news, because boy is he a hoot and doggone it, it's been over two days of not hearing about the jokey yoga bloke. The walk-out protest he staged last week over the alleged mistreatment of his guru seemed to have attracted more than a handful of followers. [...]


The mounting pressures on kids these days from social circles and/or social media only compounds the normal, and apparently increasing pressures of schoolwork, extracurricular activities and overbearing/encouraging parents wanting their kids to get into college.* The New York Times has a piece about how some high schools are helping students cope with rising cases of [...]


Click to enlarge. We have the ESPN doing yoga on NFL Countdown, and many other football players enjoying the benefits yoga, including last year's Super Bowl opponents the Giants and the Patriots, both into yoga. How do this year's Super Bowl XVLII stack up? Admittedly, we're not huge football buffs, but we may place our [...]


So many reality shows our heads are spinning, and it's not the yoga! Duck Dynasty is the latest to add in the yoga component, you know, to bring in all the yoga fans watching at home. For those uninitiated, Duck Dynasty is a reality TV series that follows the Robertson family who got wealthy from [...]


The First Lady Michelle Obama may be getting a little extra yoga help if Leah Kalish gets her way. Leah is founder of Move with Me Yoga, a kids yoga and fitness curriculum developer, and she is now 1 of 10 semi-finalists in the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) End Childhood Obesity Innovation Challenge. If she's one of [...]


Uh, well this is not the kind of news you want hear, pretty much ever. A Boston yoga teacher feared for her life after a man she met at a tequila bar harassed her and threatened to kill her, the Boston Globe reports. Christopher Cori, a 20-year-old from Brooklyn, pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal [...]


Rusty the rabble rouser. Last year's celebriyogi mascot Russell Brand made headlines for his turn from sex and drug addiction to devout yogaship, taking on the Westboro Baptist Church with the help of Krishna and, among other fashionable things, for gifting his kundalini yoga teacher a car for Christmas. The ever bashful, attention shy Mr. Brand [...]


Soooo did you know B.K.S. Iyengar had a new book? Did you know it will be his last major book ever? To complete the canon of invaluable yoga texts such as Light on Yoga, Light on Life, Light On Pranayama, and The Tree of Yoga that helped us modern folk understand the ancient teachings, we are [...]