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Holy crow is Jim Belushi a yogadork! What do you do when the paparazzi only want to snap shots of the pretty faced Naomi Watts' and Jessica Biel's of the world? Whip out your yoga! And a cigar apparently. Monday on "Lopez Tonight" Mr. Jim revealed his attention-grabbing methods and demonstrated some not-so-secret moves on [...]


Wowy wow. Behold one of the boldest anti-yogevangelist claims yet! We've recently seen public condemning of yoga practice by big bopper Southern Baptist Albert Mohler,  who's convinced that yoga could be breathe its way into replacing Christianity! But holy Jesus ravioli, are we yogadorks actually yoga...demons? Pastor Mark Driscoll, an indisputable megachurch superstar in Seattle, [...]


And then we all got super rich and lived happily ever after in our samadhi huts! Kicking back, sipping nectar of the gods through designer yogi straws, which were churned through mass production and became a runaway hit at $175 a pop. Great success! Or maybe we shunned commercialization in the name of aparigraha and [...]


Yoga does it again! Via CNN: A new study shows that yoga can help fibromyalgia patients relieve symptoms like pain, fatigue and stiffness by 30 percent, while cutting down dependency on prescription drugs, which just on their own have a long list of disturbing side effects. Side effects of yoga? Improved quality of life! The [...]


Uh oh, did we lose yoga? Did it wander off in the supermarket like a wayward child, to be found later in the cereal aisle, digging through a box of Fruit Loops for the promise of a shiny prize? Do we need to grab yoga by its ear and take it back? Yes! According to [...]


Because you can never have too many yoga books, and because there is oh SO MUCH to know about yoga! Let's just start with 27 Things eh? Not a bad place to begin and perfect place to be when you need a primer as a newb, or a helpful reminder as a veteran, of the [...]


News from New Delhi, India: Presenting...Planet Health! A yoga museum? Yes, a yoga museum! It's actually a fully-dressed health museum designed to promote natural ways of healing like yoga and ayurveda, in entertaining digital-interactive form. Because learning about health is boring! Why study lamo texts when you can go explore digitized representations of yoga mudras [...]


"The show @runningrussell and the book remind us of our Atman (higher self) are we sure we like this image?" says @UncleRUSH Via his website GlobalGrind, “The upcoming docu-series “Running Russell Simmons” series offers an exclusive peek at the life of Russell Simmons — entrepreneur, entertainment and fashion icon, philanthropist and yogi –and the powerful [...]

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Oh, I KNOW! It's been a while. How've you been? To catch you up on all the goings on of teacher training these past couple of weeks, I just have one question for you, are you ready to get spiritual? Follow me down the rabbit hole... This training has been a roller coaster ride - [...]


"Sadly...you are not a monster." HA! Your dose of laughter yoga courtesy of Sesame Street. "Look down... back up.. wh..where am I? Oh! I am on a boat!" ------ Earlier... Sesame Street Yoga: What’s Bert’s Favorite Pose? Kermit the Frog a Total YogaDork, Plus Sesame Street Yoga?


Er, nice stick. Here he is, Mr. pro golfer Camilo Villegas, naked as a birdie! Camilo is one of the cover stars for this year's ESPN the Magazine's "Body Issue" where a bunch of athletes dropped trou to bare their assets...cause it's all the rage, don't you know! What do you think, yoga pose? We [...]


It's a new moon! Rejoice! Whatever that means for you, let it mark a new awakening to life, love, happiness, laughter at YogaDawg getting naked for Bud! Seriously, if you've been feeling the tug of cosmic frustration like an astronomical pain the asana, we feel you. Hang in there. Just take a good glance up [...]

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Here we go...More controversy over yoga and religion! And now it's making major headlines, but, nope, this is not new. The NY Daily News has a bit about Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler and his vocal anti-yoga evangelizing, positing that Christianity and yoga are incompatible. This was all brought to light after an interview [...]


September was National Yoga Month! Remember? And the NYM organization put together a mighty video of 25 anointed yoga masters to help promote awareness and also raise money for Yoga-Recess, but had us wondering about these "TITANS", those that were omitted, and how we hear a clap of thunder every time the word is uttered...strange. [...]