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All the hemming and hawing over what songs to play in yoga class. Who needs it? Here it is, the only playlist you'll ever really need (sorry kirtan and Krishna Das-ers). The hypnotic groove of The XX "Intro" on a 10-hour loop. The new MTV.  You're welcome. Aw the 10-hour version is gone, but here's [...]


Take me out to the ball game. But first! Yoga practice, boys. Line 'em up. Before all the swing batta battas and peanuts and crackerjacks, the Oakland A's do their pre-season yoga practice. Even manager Bob Melvin joins in as evidenced by this short video clip (Bob is somewhere in the second row). Yoga in [...]

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Bikram Yoga Harlem Shake

Are you Harlem Shake'n to the point of breaking? Not so fast, yoga wants in on the inoculable internet meme. What started as a catchy tune by a DJ named Baauer with a hook tied to an old NY dance move and a funny idea by a bunch of teenagers from Australia with some kooky [...]

Ang Lee accepts Oscar for best director, 2013.

It was a big night for Hollywood last night! And the biggest night it seemed for long-blonde/gray/white-haired hippie dudes. But NOT, as we had bet, for yoga pants. Come on, Jane Fonda. Of course, we're kidding. Though we'd be willing to guess Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence was hiding some kind of yoga pants under that [...]


YD Deals, where Jenn, the yogadealer, helps you save your yoga dough one penny at a time. Some like it hot and some get sweaty, but none like it slippery. While most of us are still daydreaming about warmer temps and sun saluting oceanside, others are opting for hot yoga rooms to keep up their spirits. [...]


Happy Friday! It's the last Friday in February 2013. Holy whole wheat hoagies! March is just around the corner. We hope you're having a sweet year so far. With the launch of our new site (we hope you like it!) and more fun stuff on the horizon for Spring, we can say we're having a [...]


Traversing the interwebs we've encountered some really cute confectionary odes to yoga in the shape of mini cakes that fit in cups. Mmmm. We thought we'd put together a feast for the eyes with this Complete Compilation of Yoga Cupcake Cuteness.* *If we've missed any please share! Send us pics of your own yoga confections. [...]

God created yoga pants

Oh, yoga pants, you are just so comfy and easy to wear! But did you know your stretchy shape is bringing all the boys to the yard? Apparently some men can't get enough of women in yoga pants, hence at least one ridiculous, hypersexualized buns and camel toe fest website, and articles like this one from Nathan [...]

Third graders at Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School do the Triangle pose during one of their bi-weekly yoga classes, Dec. 18, 2012. (photo: Kyla Calvert)

The battle over free yoga taught in an Encinitas school district just went from ugly threat to uglier lawsuit. If you've been following along you know that a small group of conservative parents with evangelical Christian roots were up in arms over a twice-weekly taught yoga class at the ironically named Encinitas Union School District [...]