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Savasana Thoughts

Ahh...sacred savasana, the final relaxation pose where you can finally let go. UNLESS. Unless there's some incredibly annoying sound or distraction that inexorably pulls you out of your restful state. Blast! You know what we're talking about. The other day we asked everyone to share their savasana audible gripes and grievances as well as favorite [...]


Season's greenings yogi brethren and sisters! We hope you enjoyed a bit o' luck this weekend whether you're Irish or just leprechaun-friendly. Good for you if you celebrated. Just remember, ahimsa, revelers, ahimsa and hydration. Your liver says thank you, also, "holy crap, I need a good yoga class to twist and wring out, stat!" [...]


The Michigan Wolverines are favored to win against the Nittany Lions in the opening-round Big Ten Tournament game happening this afternoon, but Penn State did yoga the other day, so the ball is up in the air! Penn State's Pat Chambers is a big believer in staying in the moment, he says. A helpful tactic when your season [...]


If you ask us, yoga has the power to positively affect everyone. But when it comes to grand scale, to mass poverty and disease-ridden communities, what difference can yoga make? This is what a team of documentary filmmakers and yogis are asking for this new project 'Township Yogi.' Can people use yoga to help the [...]


These kinds of stories make our little hearts do a hop, skip and a beat. And they say yoga isn't cardio. Fran Miller is about to turn 91 years old and she will likely celebrate it with her regular routine of teaching three yoga classes a week in the San Fernando Valley, because she's an [...]


Former pro wrestler turned yogapreneur/motivational coach Diamond Dallas Page is on a mission: to help all of his aging wrestling buddies get back on their feet again. Literally. Sure it looks like all fun and games on TV for those bulky folks in spandex, but however many times you roll your eyes at the over [...]


Great balls of fire, it's International Women's Day! Give the ladies in your life some love. Progress, people. It's what we all want. Sometimes it's slower than we'd like, and sometimes it's been festering there under the surface ready to go and all we really had to do was stand up straight, look it right [...]


Holy crap. This is incredibly exciting and so very pee-our-pants worthy because it's been a long time coming. But it's International Women's Day (happy!), and we thought it was as perfect a time as any to go ahead. We are so pleased and over the new moon to announce the pre-announcement of the pre-release of [...]

Jennifer Landmesser, Yoga in the Dark

Ten years ago Jennifer Landmesser's retinas started mysteriously deteriorating. After years of failed medical treatments and decreasing eyesight, a gluten-free diet finally helped stop what was diagnosed as degenerative retina disease. Now legally blind, Landmesser, a former adrenaline junkie, career paramedic and generally active outdoorsy type, has had to make some major life changes. Good thing [...]