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Free Online Yoga Class – Seeds of Intention with Danielle Vardakas

Free class! Every couple of weeks or so we rotate out this free online yoga class hosted by YogaVibes, featuring various teachers and styles of yoga. Check it out.


Seeds of Intention: Shortened Practice with Danielle Vardakas

This online yoga practice was designed for busy days. As a working mother, Danielle understands that there are days that your asana practice is crammed into strange times when you are short on free moments. We can still enhance ourselves spiritually and physically on these days by doing a shortened practice in the early or late hours, during a lunch break in the office or at baby’s nap time. This shortened session is a well rounded practice including Sun Salutations, Warrior variations, balance, core work, and heart and hip opening. Enjoy your practice every day and grow your seeds of intention. (39 mins.)