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Free Online Yoga Class – I.AM.YOU. with Lauren Imparato

Free class! Every couple of weeks or so we rotate out this free online yoga class hosted by YogaVibes, featuring various teachers and styles of yoga. Check it out.

I am you, you are me, we are yogis who need to get in a little home practice. This free class taught by NYC’s Lauren Imparato is designed as an energetic wake up call for your abs and back. Set your alarms, yogis.


I.AM.YOU. Abs and Back with Lauren Imparato

Link breath with creative and athletic movements in a 30-minute version of Lauren’s signature class with a focus on strengthening the abs and back. This online yoga class is athletic vinyasa that is creative and funky while being strongly rooted in tradition. Lauren provides alternative poses throughout, making it a great prenatal class too! Please refer to Lauren’s studio website, www.iamyoustudio.com, to find music suggestions to go along with her classes, as well as break-downs of common poses. (32 mins.)