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In 2009, after a twenty year career in politics and public affairs, I opened a yoga studio in the suburbs of Los Angeles. My idea was to share this thing called Yoga that has been so powerfully transformational in my life with others. And I did.


I’ve become one of those studio owners, common by now, who has decided to close up shop. In a very few days, I’ll be teaching my last class in a space I put countless hours and effort into creating.


It’s already been hard to talk about the results of the election with our children. Now, with white supremacists at the helm, civil rights are in a bad way. As parents, we’re wondering: where can we look for progressive activist role models for our children?


This week was a particularly challenging week for many Americans, and yoga teachers were no exception. The 2016 Election brought no shortage of anxiety to the electorate and a divided nation remains in the wake of one of the most tumultuous campaign seasons of all time.


Your article “Yes You CAN Think Yourself Thin: From resisting that biscuit to learning to love the gym, a life-changing book reveals the new way to hit your perfect weight” not only saddened and disheartened me but, as an eating disorder survivor, deeply triggered me.


I’m going to write about sex. Heaven help us. And about Jivamukti, Holly Faurot, and Ruth Lauer-Manenti. I’m going to suggest that hips are soulful, complicated things.


In 1992, George H.W. Bush committed what was considered a fatal error during a debate with Bill Clinton and Ross Perot. As an audience member asked him a question, he glanced at his watch. The gesture was seen as rude and inexcusable, one more indication that this president, born into wealth, was out of touch and uninterested in the rest of us.


Getting my two kids out of bed in the morning is already like trying to rouse hibernating grizzlies. Convincing them that their wake-up routine is now going to start an hour earlier is going to be nearly impossible. I am not looking forward to this.


Some people’s yoga teaching fees just went up. And others are wondering what “influence” would have landed them on the list. That list being the 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America dropped yesterday by the Associate Editor of Sonima, the blog component of the Sonima Foundation, formerly known as the Jois Foundation, the non-profit [...]