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Yoga Valentines

In no particular order of importance, 10 reasons your yoga mat is the perfect valentine!  1.  You can walk all over it and it’s still going to be there for you. 2.  It doesn’t care about your stinky breath, stinky sweat or stinky feet. 3.  It is incredibly supportive and not afraid to be a [...]


Currently cruising the heartbreak express to Mopesville? Read this helpful and cheeky guide to curing a broken heart with yoga. Your Guide to Curing a Broken Heart with Yoga follow closely… 1. When you wake up in the morning and the first thing you feel is a sense of loss and directionless despair, get ye to [...]

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Happy love day! Whether your valentine is your sweetie partner or your sweaty yoga mat we send you virtual hearts and hugs and chocolates by way of the yoga love poem. As part of our yoga lover’s giveaway we asked everyone to make up their own poem based on the good old fashioned lines “roses [...]

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