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Yoga Pants

Yoga pants ban? Nevah! Ever since yoga pants became an utterly ubiquitous staple in every female’s wardrobe, especially teenagers, school administrators have been wringing their hands over the tight pants dilemma, and many have actually been moved to ban them. The yoga pants bans, however, often have little support and barely any founding – the [...]


Taking the yoga pants “hotness” to a creepy new level, a bar in D.C. is throwing a “Yoga Pants Party” wherein one lucky individual could take home the title of “hottest yoga pants” and a $500 prize. (Thanks the brotastic BroBible for the tip.) Not a bad haul for being comfortable and not having to change your [...]

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So you want to wear yoga pants to work but they just aren’t classy and/or boring workplace-y enough? Do you wear yoga pants to the office anyway and ignore the sideways glances and requests from HR to stop wearing neon tie-dye and taking up so much space in the elevator doing your Warrior poses? This [...]


Yogsters and yoga pants wearers can now add H&M to the long list of others when it comes to stretchy bottom options. The international hipster-chic clothing chain, which not too long ago opened up online retail for the first time, could become a real contender in hugging your beautiful, huggable thighs. A new and expanded [...]


All in all we’re just see-through yogis, living in a see-through world. Are we THAT transparent? Well, yes and no. If you’re talking about yoga pants and the vantage point of the teacher then, um, yes, she/he can see through the threads of your stretchy pants about 80 percent of the time, or at least [...]


What happens when two baseball teams playing each other in the World Series both have classy branded yoga pants AND yoga classes inside their stadiums? A right yoga rivalry! It’s true, both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox have offered yoga in their home stadiums and shwaggy yoga pants. BUT, will that have [...]


While yoga becomes increasingly welcome into the realm of academia, yoga pants are still the target of many a school administrator across the country looking to ban the stretchy leg-snugglers as “inappropriate” student attire. When students of North Haven High School in Connecticut heard a rumor about a yoga pants ban, they banned together in [...]


Ryan Gosling continues his campaign for Mr. Yoga McDreamy Pants. As if to say, Hey girl, don’t you worry about what anyone else thinks, if you like to wear yoga pants all day, to yoga class, to run errands, to the spa with me later because you deserve it baby, that is your right to [...]


Oh, yoga pants, you are just so comfy and easy to wear! But did you know your stretchy shape is bringing all the boys to the yard? Apparently some men can’t get enough of women in yoga pants, hence at least one ridiculous, hypersexualized buns and camel toe fest website, and articles like this one from Nathan [...]