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What do you buy someone who has all the yoga gear? It all started out as a hunt for unique gift for his yoga-loving wife. And then everyone wanted one. And so...YogaCoaster was born. Luckily, you don't have to be a professional stonesmith to enjoy these beauties or gift them to a friend. The creator of [...]


Everyone loves a special delivery. When that special delivery arrives at your door full of wellness goodies every month without fail...that's a real treat. Actually, Yogi Surprise likes to fancy themselves a "retreat in a box" and we have to say, while it's not exactly like strolling along the white sands of Bora Bora, it comes [...]

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Not all yoga props are created equal. You have blocks (or bricks) and now you have eggs. No it's not Easter, or breakfast. That's egg-shaped yoga blocks from Three Minute Egg and they're the ergonomic alternative to your common rectangle, aka the One-Stop Yoga Prop. Made out of a patented 100% biodegradable foam and 100% Made in [...]


So you can't quite afford a yoga retreat in Brazil, at least you can enjoy the pants. Brazilian-made Miado Athletic is all about comfort, super fun designs, and high-quality materials. Their yoga pants have special features like secret hidden pockets and are made from Brazilian Supplex, a wonderfully soft fabric that you will want to [...]


Take some time for yourself this winter and enjoy an all-inclusive getaway to Costa Rica with YogaWorks director of Restorative Therapeutics, Jillian Pransky, MARCH 7-14, 2015. Pravassa Wellness Travel is offering friends of YogaDork a $200 savings to join in. Watch the sun set over the ocean and enjoy nightly beach bonfires. Experience a traditional [...]


This may (not) come as a surprise, but around these parts we wear little more than yoga pants and comfy, cozy, cute shirts whenever possible. (We know, you're not surprised.) Lucky for us, our latest 'Dorkasana' shirts designed by the fabulous Emily Laflin totally fit the bill. We debuted this adorkable design at the end [...]


It's a well-known fact, women have a gazillion more options when it comes to comfortable, breathable, functional yogawear, areweright? Pro-skateboarder Chris Miller and Joe Kudla had had it up to here with the lack of quality men's yoga clothing so they went ahead and created their own solution with the freshly launched Vuori Clothing line. Inspired [...]


Living your yoga can often be harder than it seems, no? It's sometimes easy to forget that the items we choose to practice on also play a role in our yogadork lives. Luckily for us, Kharma Khare makes the yoga mat decision super simple. Made from 100% reincarnated, recycled car tires and sustainable rubber, Kharma [...]

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We never thought we'd find something more comfortable than yoga pants, but these super cozy bamboo harem pants from One Tribe Apparel are seriously making us question our choices in stretchy pants. Hand-stitched and made from sustainable and crazy soft bamboo, these pants are not only extremely comfortable, they come in some really cool patterns [...]