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We’ve Noticed This Is A Thing

Salty dog gets a whole new meaning. Say hello to halotherapy, the latest trend in yoga. No, it’s nothing to do with angels, but for allergy sufferers, it’s touted to be heavenly. Halotherapy, which is the fancy name for salt therapy (halos means salt in Greek, by the way), is actually pretty old, like millenia [...]

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Question of the day: Do yoga classes separated by gender help or hinder yoga’s accessibility? In other words, is the “Broga”-fication of yoga making it more approachable to guys or is it just another douchey construct further enforcing a false definition of male vs female yoga? A writer for Bustle, a women’s interest website, might [...]


Stand back, SUP Yoga, there’s a new super cool yoga trend in town. In fact, it’s so cool it’s freezing. It’s snow pile yoga! That’s yoga on top of the ginormous piles of snow/dirt/garbage, you know the ones the snow plows create on the side of roads and parking lots. Why not make the best of [...]


Yoga, yoga everywhere. Can you guess which state has the most yoga studios? No doubt yoga has blown up like crazy in the U.S. over the past several years – it’s been ranked as a Top 20 Lasting Fitness Trend and even kids are practicing more yoga than ever before. It’s true, yoga is a [...]


Yoga and kids, like crayons to coloring books, or is that Elsa to Frozen, or strategy to League of Legends? We’re such olds these days. Anyway, yoga and kids go great together! And even more kids are practicing yoga today, according to a new study. Published in National Health Statistics Reports, the study surveyed 17,321 adults [...]


We’ve joked about snowga before; it’s been such a snowy winter, what else are we to do? But the snowga is real. For the uninitiated, or living in warmer climes, snowga = yoga + snow. Because neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night stay these yogis from the swift completion of their [...]


It’s time to face your yoga. Literally. We’re hearing about face gyms popping up and you know what that means: we must brace ourselves for the face yoga craze. Yes, we said face gym. And this could potentially lead to the next biggest thing in yoga outside of secret underground meditation sessions and detox/retox brewery-asana. [...]


Sound the trumpets and ring the bells, yoga has won! Tell ’em what they’ve won, Johnny. As it turns out, in the superlatives of the grand yearbook of modern exercise, yoga is the least likely to become a fizzle away fad when it comes to fitness trends. As in, plenty of exercise methods come and go [...]


Underwater yoga: is this becoming a thing? Pranayama techniques just got real. Here are some photos of Scott Cole, a yoga teacher and general fitness coach practicing his best seaweed poses. The best part? These photos are taken in his friend’s private home in LA. Must be nice! We’re just hoping it doesn’t normally double [...]