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The Yogacist

Do you choose a yoga style or does it choose you? Often times we’re asked the questions: what style is best for me? I hate to sit still, can I really do yoga? I don’t have time to take time for myself but I really want to find out what yoga is about.. where should [...]


Dear Yogacist: I have a holiday dilemma. I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years off and on and just recently connected with a teacher who is amazing and has brought my practice to another level. With the holidays coming up and all, I thought that I should show my profound gratitude for my teacher [...]


Dear Yogacist: I just started practicing yoga on the advice of a friend. Admittedly I’m more a gym rat and treadmill fiend so I was hesitant at first but it’s grown on me. The thing is, I take the yoga classes at my gym and they’re basically all taught by the personal trainers there. I’m [...]


Dear Yogacist: I am currently enrolled in a community yoga class held at a local senior center in my neighborhood. Without the prestige of a formal yoga studio, I expected a few quirks – having to set the tables and chairs back up following the session in the classroom where the class is held, hearing [...]


Every Tuesday The Yogacist will answer one of your questions! Here’s our first one… Dear Yogacist: I went to a mellow class today and was really getting into the flow of things.  It was a new teacher, new sequencing and a very relaxing class, except for one thing: several interruptions from a fellow student panting like an obscene [...]


Does this sound familiar? You’re late for yoga, the teacher’s already shut the door and denies your entry. Drat! You paid for class. Should you enter anyway? Or maybe… Sweaty McSteamybod has removed his shirt and is dripping all over your mat during class. Do you confront his royal perspireness? If situations like this have [...]