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Yoga Time Machine

Welcome back. Today we venture in the Yoga Time Machine to the beauterrific year of 1950. Hey ladies, fighting crow’s feet and wrinkle lines? Pucker up for face yoga! It’s always fascinating to take a glimpse back in time at beauty trends, and when they include contorting your face into ridiculous shapes to resist the [...]


Welcome back to our fun new series! This week in Yoga Time Machine: On the 41st anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) we join the ghosts of yoga’s past and travel one more year ahead to 1968, to Beatles era rock n’ roll and yogi flunking! The Fab Four made their infamous [...]


Welcome to the Yoga Time Machine! Featuring yoga news stories from yester years on subjects from the nifty to the bizarre. Today we travel back to the year 1908: “President Winthrop Ellsworth Stone of Purdue University confirmed last night a report that his wife withdrawn from the world, including her husband and family, to pursue [...]

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