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Yoga Therapy

A new study found that yoga can be just as beneficial to your heart as your jazzerfitcyclezumbathon or any other aerobic activity you put yourself through. The study found that practicing yoga “lowered blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate and other cardiovascular risk factors in increments comparable to those seen with aerobic exercise.” And our hearts grew three [...]


Whether it’s someone close to you, part of your family, a friend, a neighbor, young or old, living or passed on, we all know a veteran (or a few). We also know that not all wounds can be seen on the surface, and in fact, of the over two million American soldiers deployed to Iraq [...]


Yoga, yoga good for your heart, the more you practice the more you…get smart about your health, of course! The first ever yoga study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found yoga to be a safe, effective and relatively cheap therapy for improving the lives of heart patients. The study conducted [...]


Science is a science. Yoga is… A review of more than one hundred studies looking at 16 different different high-quality controlled studies focusing on the effects of yoga on depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, sleep complaints, eating disorders and cognition problems has concluded with positive results. Yay. Yoga gets a lot of hype. Can it live up to it? [...]


Remember all that fuss over yoga ‘wrecking your body’ and such? Ouch! This could easily be dubbed the year of “bend it til it breaks” with much debate and controversy surrounding William J. Broad’s book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards and other scandalous mentionables.

While the bedlam has since died down, yoga injuries are still very much a hot topic and something we should all feel free to discuss. YogaUOnline thinks so and will be hosting a free online telesummit called ‘Yoga Injuries: Facts and Fiction’ featuring some heavy hitters in the yoga and medical fields.


Great news in the ‘another way yoga is awesome’ dept. A recent study finds stroke victims benefit from yoga on a psychological, physical and confidence-boosting level, TIME magazine reports.


There’s a great story out of Boulder, CO about yoga being used as a tool to help kids in the autism spectrum. We’ve seen yoga play a therapeutic role for people living with a variety of conditions from cancer survivors to rehabilitating vets to stressed out teenagers. Yes, yoga is for kids, too!


In the interview below with Eva Norlyk Smith, Managing Editor at YogaUOnline.com, Amy discusses her new book and emerging perspectives in the treatment of depression and anxiety.


“Yoga used as therapy for Fort Gordon soldiers with brain injuries” is the kind of headline that can make our day. In a world where peaceful warrior is still just a nice stretchy yoga pose, we’re happy to see that yoga can still play its role in establishing a state of peace, and in this case rehabilitation.