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Yoga in the Classroom

Saying there’s yoga news out of California is like saying there’s a ripe stench wafting from a sweaty Bikram studio, they just belong together. But this less than favorable story of parents looking to sue over free Ashtanga yoga classes at Encinitas elementary schools is a bit shocking.

Did you catch that? Encinitas. Encinitas of all places! The land of Paramahansa Yogananda where the seedling of yoga in the West was planted, where studios of varying styles flourish today and the site John Friend had chosen for his lost Anusaraland. Do you mean to say, there are people in Encinitas that do not like the idea of yoga? Tell us no!


This is coming up quick so clear your schedules! We’re super excited to announce this scholarship giveaway for kids yoga teacher training with NYC’s Yogi Beans. Because, firstly, we believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the…


Meet the A Team! Ali, Atman and Andres, three pals from West Baltimore bringing yoga to inner city schools, inspiring social change and being overall awesome


Yoga in the Classroom: Good news! More schools are adding yoga and meditation to their curriculum. Two recent stories from UK’s Daily Mail and Wall Street Journal highlight how more and more kidlets are getting a chance to try fun poses, relax and breathe with yoga programs actually supported by the schools’ administrations. (and, uh…taxes) [...]


How cute is that pic! Let’s face it, nobody likes to be super stressed. And it breaks our yogadork hearts to hear about kids having to deal with anxiety and tension at such a young age. They have the rest of their lives for that! Just kidding, of course. We keep hearing news that more [...]


Yoga for good! This event is happening next week, so we need your help! Come out for 108 Sun Salutations with Elena Brower, yummy snacks, raffles, live performances and other fun stuff! YD is joining forces with Jenn Pesce of yogadeals for the Yoga Blogger Team. Join us! Or if you’d prefer, please donate what [...]


Too many kids dropping out of gym class? Change the game! In England, schools are cutting more traditional team sports like rugby and hockey in favor of activities like yoga to get kids moving. And it’s working! A study published by the Department for Education shows that participation in PE is rising. Via BBC News [...]


Well you know it’s true when CNN chimes in! Yoga’s good for kids! Despite some kooky brain education offsprings, yoga really is growing in the kids playground. And now miniyogis are practicing all over the world with programs like Charlie and the Chakra Factory and the Wizard of Ohm and poses renamed to “Because I [...]


File this under category Uh oh. Is Dahn Yoga a cult and is it infiltrating NYC’s public schools?? In our world of yoga(dork) news we’ve reached the conclusion that this malarkey is hardly relevant. Or is it?! When you call it “yoga” you know we’re gonna have something to say. Some of you may be [...]