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Yoga and Healthcare

Meet The Koronas, all-American husband and wife duo living near the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border and living all too close to the threat of heart disease. While Frank and Kathy Korona have lost many members of their family to complications of heart disease, they’re determined to fight their way to health and recharge their ‘ol tickers. How? Through a plant-based, meatless diet, meditation and regular exercise, under the coverage of Medicare.


Who deserves yoga more: a cancer survivor, a war veteran or someone grieving the loss of a loved one? If you asked Christa Avampato, founder of Compass Yoga, without hesitation she’d say all three, and continue with a list of people with diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, back conditions, hip replacements, depression, dementia and then some.


Them bones, them bones… Self-care. Now that’s something you don’t hear often in the medical world. Just when you thought yoga was only for nimble-bodied hula hoopers and fire twirlers, there’s news that the practice can help folks with an old pain the bones: osteporosis. The New York Times reports that yoga therapy can actually prevent [...]


It’s about that time again…election time! And that jolly bunch of folks on capital hill are chomping at the bit to secure the 37 Senate seats up for grabs this November. Naturally, this calls for action! Press conferences! Funny politician-isms like describing things that “give taxpayers the blues.”  According to GOP Senators Tom Coburn of Oklahoma [...]


Wow, Heather Graham looks great! Even in eka pada koundinyasana, and especially next to representations of health insurance fat cats made to look even more grotesque stuffing their pie holes and guzzling champagne…ick. This is a new ad from MoveOn.org and in this race Heather shows fierce competition against colossal private insurance as the Public [...]


We were just discussing the merits of doctors suggesting yoga to their patients. Granted, that was in TV-land, so let’s change that dial to something we like to call real life. It’s harder than it looks, and it’s even harder when this living thing involves coping with an often debilitating disease like cancer. Not only [...]


We’re going to preface this by saying HEY READ THIS! The Washington Post‘s story on ‘Yoga Accessibility‘ is probably one of the most important articles we’ve seen about yoga in a while. And we recommend that you clip and save, or interweby bookmark this one for future reference as well as pass around to your [...]


There’s all this talk making the usual media rounds of alternative therapies vs. conventional, traditional, board-certified yadda yadda, but the conversation just seems to go round in circles. Today we aim to stop the insanity with one simple word, INTEGRATIVE, meaning complementary, meaning there isn’t a cure-all so quit it! An article in yesterday’s Washington [...]

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Thanks to YogaBear for alerting us to this… We’ve been yapping lately about Yoga going mainstream, mostly in pop culture. Now we’re talking health…making us insane in the membrane. Read on… First the good news: TIME magazine published an article yesterday highlighting the burgeoning field of Yoga Therapy –  the frontier of psychotherapy+yoga combo. Admittedly, [...]