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These are some wonderfully beautiful photos of yoga in Kenya. We've seen by now how yoga has affected people the world over, from the east to the west and back again, with non-profit organizations and yoga teachers alike helping it to make stops along the way.


Could B.K.S. Iyengar win the Nobel Peace Prize? He should, says a novelist and correspondent for Bloomberg's World View in New Delhi as well as the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States who have initiated a worldwide effort to nominate him. But what does yoga have to do with peace, anyway? According to Chandrahas Choudhury, [...]


Quick, how many pregnant women does it take to break a yoga world record? If you said 500, you win! Where did this record-making yoga event take place? If you said China you get super extra bonus points. That's right, 500 women who are preggers gathered together in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen to practice [...]

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Olympic gymnast Alexei Nemov squats for his ride.

Free subway rides for 30 squats? We're fit New Yorkers, sign us up! Apparently it's one of those things, only in Moscow? It's true, a vending machine at the Vystavochnaya station will give you a single-ride ticket if you stand in front of it and perform 30 squats. It's part of a promotion by Russia's Olympic Committee [...]


It's not enough to just say yoga can affect people of all races, religions and regions looking to find peace inside, even when there may not be peace outside. These photos of Palestinian women practicing yoga are a visual representation of it. An article in the Wall street Journal from September 20 profiles groups of women who [...]


Protestors in Istanbul, Turkey have been occupying Gezi Park for six days now. To continue the peaceful demonstrations, yogis have joined the cause holding classes in the park. The mass media is finally catching up with them. Here's footage from Taksim Square displaying about 100 people joining together in their yoga practice, a "new form [...]

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An incredible thing is happening in Turkey right now. A peaceful protest to protect a park from being demolished and rebuilt into a shopping mall in the center of Istanbul has devolved into a clash of citizens and government that has seen thousands of people come to join the occupation in solidarity, some injured from [...]


 Meanwhile, in Kenya, thousands of women, men and children participate in 350 free weekly yoga classes as part of the growing boom of yoga in Africa. The Africa Yoga Project, founded by Paige Elenson in 2007 started small, but has now expanded to over 80 trained yoga teachers from local areas providing classes to the [...]

Swiss Yoga, Holy Cow

Meanwhile in Zurich, Switzerland: The high court has ruled that parents of a kindergartener overreacted when they claimed their son's school yoga class was interfering with their Christian beliefs. See? The Swiss, which we might have assumed would remain rather balanced on the issue, are just like us and go to court over yoga in [...]

Ethiopian Refugee Women Practicing Yoga

Above: A group of about a dozen women practice yoga together Gorom Refugee Camp, near the South Sudan capital, Juba. The free daily yoga classes began when Sara Gottfredsen, an associate protection officer with the UN Refugee Agency, and other UNHCR staff took yoga classes from teacher Naomi Swain in Juba. Using a curriculum from Mandala [...]