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A Harvard psychiatrist is working on getting to the bottom of this meditation thing with a new study on the effects it, and yoga, have on our actual genes, brain activity and overall health. So, we don’t need a scientist to tell us how good we feel after practicing yoga or taking time out to meditate, [...]


  If you know us, you know how we love ourselves some infographics. Who doesn’t love information arranged in pretty images and designs? While we know the effects of yoga can’t really be whittled down to a few words and pretty pictures, these things sure do come in handy when inevitably people ask, what’s so great [...]


Hey yogadorks, you may want to stand up for this. We happened upon this cute and fun animation about posture and the hazards of sitting for super long hours a day. (We swear there’s cute and funness in there.) Yep, we’ve talked about how improving your posture can help make you happier and keep you healthier, and [...]


Just about everyone’s heard the saying “fake it til you make it.” But can you fake feeling powerful and confident? Social psychologist Amy Cuddy says yes you can, and in her TED Talk, she explains how “power posing,” as in standing strong in your body and taking up space, even when you feel weak and [...]


A little bone for the yogis in the age old yoga versus exercise debate? A small new study shows 20 minutes of yoga beats out 20 minutes of aerobic exercise for the old thinking noodle. (That’s your brain!) Researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studied “The Acute Effects of Yoga on Executive Function“, or as [...]


Move over jeggings, we’re talking yoga genes. So here’s something interesting. Scientists are peering into the benefits of yoga with a finer lens these days and what they’re finding is really some fascinating and nerdy stuff you might just want to know about. For instance, science says yoga can immediately affect you on a genetic and [...]


What is it that meditation can’t help us do? Or how about another rhetorical question: The brain is a funny thing, isn’t it? We try to stuff it with good things, we are unable to undo any unintentional stuffing (for the most part) and then we have to tell it to stop talking to us [...]


Now there may finally be some scientific grounds for the “hippie liberal” label slung at us yogis by non-practitioners. Hooray? In the never ending search to make sense of our gray noodle bowl, a new research study found that people actually became more liberally minded after meditation or another spiritually oriented exercise. That’s spiritual, not religious. How’s that difference [...]


Hey tadasana slackers, listen up! Better posture can help make you happier and keep you healthier, studies show. Here’s some news that may have you thinking twice about slumping in your mountain pose. Maybe you already know? We have this yoga teacher who spends what seems like an eternity in class helping students stand in [...]